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2010 PCA: Day 2, level 10 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 2, level 10 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 600-1,200-100

3pm: Finished
That's the end of the level. We're going to go right ahead and start level 11. (Well, the 620 remaining players are.)

2.55pm: Another faller on table of doom
Lukas Nemec's time alongside Chorny, Minieri, Aguiar, Bansi, Bonomo, etc. is over. Chorny did it, limping under-the-gun then calling Nemec's all in shove. Chorny's A♥Q♦ eventually made a flush, but was never actually behind Nemec's K♠J♠.

2.50pm: The Orel Hershiser show
The roving television cameras got as far as Orel Hershiser's table, but were persuaded to stay there by the former baseball great providing what in the media industry is referred to as "good copy".

"This is my fiancee," declared Hershiser as a woman (his fiancee) dropped by for a chat. "But I haven't told my son that yet. Ooops. When does this air?" he asked the cameraman. "Perhaps I'll call him, but no I can't! No cellphones at the table."

"Is that your mistress?" asked Freddy Deeb, who must have come in at the end of the conversation.

"No! That's my fiancee."


Orel Hershiser

A bit more banter ensued, with Hershiser than deciding to introduce the rest of the table to the viewers out there in television land. "We got Kevin here," said Hershiser, pointing to Kevin Schaffel. "He final tabled the World Series. We got Chad Brown here (pointing to, you guessed it, Chad Brown). He's talking about back-to-back tournament wins. And we got Freddy here, calling people down with ace high."

Hershiser continued his one-man show, while Deeb focused on his chips. He had 1,300 at one point today and now has 70,000.

2.45pm: Phillips sets off a runaway train
Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips set off a minor monster of a hand by making it 3,000 pre-flop, called in two spots by Christophe Gross and Anthony Nardi. All checked the Q♦2♠Q♠ flop, but it all kicked off on the T♥ turn.

Gross made it 5,100, Nardi called, but Phillips made it 15,000. Now Gross pushed all in for around 40,000 - called all-in for around 28,000 in an "oh well" fashion by Nardi. Phillips seemed to like his hand but let it go. On their backs:

Gross: K♥J♥
Nardi: A♦Q♥

The 7♣ river changed nothing, and Nardi raked in a tidy pot, leaving Gross on the ropes with just 12,000 or so.

2:40pm: Team on Team action
We walked up to a table and looked at Fatima de Melo and Vanessa Rousso staring at each other across a [7s[5♥T♥ board. De Melo had led for 8,000. Rousso looked at her, then made it 18,000. A couple of players in between them folded, then De Melo looked back with steam in her eyes. The bet was now 38,000. She left herself only 22,000 behind.

Rousso's brain went to work. She spoke out loud, calling out every possible hand De Melo might have had. Finally, Rousso said, "So...you have a flush draw."

De Melo batted her eyes. "I can't tell you yet. You know that."

Rousso nodded. She looked troubled, as if she had gotten into a situation from which she couldn't extricate herself. Finally, with a flick of a well-manicured fingernail, she sent her cards into the muck.

"You analyzed me," De Melo said, and raked the chips.

2:35pm: Deeb doubles
Freddy Deeb just managed to double his short stack. He was fortunate enough to pick up A♠A♣ versus Chad Brown A♦K♥. Deeb will still need a lot of help. He's not yet managed to climb back to his 30,000 starting stack

2.35pm: Funny?
It's definitely some kind of sick joke that selects Dario Minieri, Praz Bansi, Glen Chorny, Justin Bonomo and Jonathan Aguiar to sit on the same table. There are 700 players still in this tournament, so the chances are, well, slim.

Similarly Minieri's chip stack, at least after a recent accident against Bansi. The Brit made it 2,600 from the cut off and Minieri called on the button. Bonomo also called from the big blind.

The flop came A♠Q♦4♥ and Bonomo checked. Bansi bet 5,000 and Minieri called, which was enough to get rid of Bonomo. The turn was 9♣ and Bansi checked, which prompted a 11,300 bet from Minieri. Bansi called.

The river was A♦ and Bansi checked again. Minieri bet 34,600 - about a third of his stack - and Bansi agonised for a couple of minutes (the equivalent of about three hours to other players). Eventually, after a firm stare at the Italian, Bansi called and Minieri said: "You got me."

Bansi showed Q♠5♠ and Minieri mucked. The Italian has about 60,000 left. Bansi more than double that.


Dario Minieri on day two at 2010 PCA

2.32pm: More for De Melo
Fatima de Melo just boosted her stack a little, taking it to 65,000. She opened for 7,000 which Tom Chambers called for a flop of 8♣K♦4♥. Chambers checked before De Melo made it 9,000. That was enough to take the pot.

2.28pm: Lodden loaded
Alan Sass opened for 2,500 which Johnny Lodden, a new man, called from the button. On the flop of T♦2♣8♣ Sass made it another 3,100. Lodden immediately bumped this up to 10,100. Too rich for Sass who passed. Lodden, who started with 12,400, now has around 100,000.

2.25pm: What a time to get aces
Freddy Deeb is sitting with just a handful of chips as I approach his table. It's his big blind - 1,200 - chips, which leaves him just 1,400 behind. Under the gun, PokerStars qualifier Philippe Dauteuil makes it 2,500 and it is folded around to Deeb. An automatic, even crying all-in call, you may think?

Nope, Deeb looks disgusted with his hand, and folds 6♣2♣ face up. "I can't play that," he said. "Last seven hands I have had nothing, nothing at all. Best hand I've had is 7-3 offsuit."

Next hand, Deeb is in the small blind, and once he'd pushed that in he has just 700 left. Surely this would be it?

Sure enough, it's folded around to him and in the money goes. "Look, I've raised you," he told Dauteuil. "But only by 100 chips."

Obviously Dauteuil calls, but it seems Deeb has found a monster right at the death. "Look what I have found here," he said, turning over A♠A♦ to laughs from the table.

Dauteuil had 5♠J♦, and the flop presented some trickiness for Deeb, coming 5♣Q♦7♥, but the Q♥ turn was harmless and the J♣ river meaningless as Deeb had the higher two pair.

That good timing put Deeb up to the dizzying heights of around 3,000. "I needed that," he laughed.

2.23pm: Postponement for the six-max
This afternoon's scheduled 2pm start for the $1,000 six-max no limit event has been delayed for two hours because of a long, snaking line of players still waiting patiently for registration. It's busy here, I tell you.

2:21pm: Live from Rousso's fingertips
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso reports: "New table #27. Still got about 130K after one small pot with @Jeffmadsenobv, new table with fellow pokerstars pro Fatima de Melo."

2:20pm: No more ElkY
After struggling with his short-ish stack in Level 9, ElkY has succumbed to the pressure of the mounting blinds. His stay at Daniel Negreanu's table has ended. Look for him in side events to come.

2.15pm: Nassau, Europe
The PCA is the crossroads of the EPT, NAPT and the LAPT. But table 21 definitely has a European slant with the stalwarts of the tour Andrea Benelli, Peter Trapley and Joao Barbosa all seated there. In a series of three hands, all of them picked up the blinds and antes: Benelli made it 2,300 from the cut off and everyone folded; Trapley made it 3,000 from the cut off and everyone folded, and then Barbosa raised to 2,500 from the button to pick up his share.

2.05pm: Bansi bounced
Praz Bansi has found Dario Minieri to be snapping at his toes, raising him out of pots and reducing his stack by a few thousand. Glen Chorny just did the same.

Chorny opened for 3,000 which Bansi called in the small blind for a flop of 4♣Q♣6♣. Both checked that and the K♦ turn, before an 8♦ river card. Bansi checked to Chorny who threw in 3,600. Bansi eventually called but mucked when Chorny showed him K♠J♥.
Bansi is down to 100,000 while Chorny sits with a little over 105,000.

2:00pm: Still free-rolling
Matthew Quetel, the man who is in for some scant amount of FPPs in a PokerStars mega path freeroll, is still rolling along on Day 2. After an open-raise to 3,000, Quetel made it 10,000 to play. His opponent pushed all0j for another 15,000 and Quetel snap-called with A♥K♠. His opponent held a measly T♣7♣ and never caught up.

1.55pm: Video interlude
Our PokerStars qualifier and pros can enjoy the PokerStars Players' Lounge here at the PCA. It's a great place to relax, unless you get involved in a fierce game of giant Jenga. Here's Team PokerStars Pros Vanessa Rousso and Gavin Griffin doing just that...

Watch PCA 2010: Jenga Challenge with Vanessa Rousso vs Gavin Griffin on PokerStars.tv

1:51pm: Lodden needs no stinkin' showdowns
Johnny Lodden just came in for 3,200 and was re-raised for another 5,000. He made the call and saw a 7♥T♥9♦ flop. Lodden check-called a 11,300 bet. Both he and his opponent checked the A♦ turn. When the river came 6♠, Lodden led at the pot for 25,000. His opponent looked tortured, and, ultimately folded.

1:46pm: Tweets from the break

@DarusSuharto: 1st break,,, at $104k. Table will break soon.

@RealKidPoker: Played a fantastic first level. Went from 124k to 131k with no cards at all. Bluffed off 15k in one pot, but played it just fine.

@barrygreenstein: 150 players out already. 700 left. Avg is 65k. Won QQ >1010 to get to 125k, then lost with flush. Now 105k.

@realcharder30: 11k sigh

1:45pm: Reprieve from the cull...over
We lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 players in the first level of Day 2. Players have had a 15 minute break to catch their breath. We're now headed back into carnage.

Oh, and Duthie is outfitted for battle, it appears.

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