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2010 PCA: Day 2, level 9 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 2, level 9 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below. Click through to the chip count page for selected notable chip counts, updated regularly throughout the day.

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Blinds: 500-1,000-100

1.36pm: McEvoy rising
As players headed for their first 15-minute break of the day, Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy pops by our PokerStars Blog headquarters to report he is up to 35,200, a nice improvement on his starting stack of just less than 20,000.

If anyone knows how to play the short stack successfully, it's young Mr McEvoy.

1.40pm: Brenes busted
Humberto Brenes is out. He came across to media row to tell us how it happened: ace-jack on a jack high board, all in. Two clubs were also out there and when a third came on the turn, his opponent's 9♣7♣ had hit its outs.

_MG_6772_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Humberto Brenes and son

1.37pm: Demidov doubles
Ivan Demidov just doubled up, all in for 11,000. Well not all in, he kept 100 behind but that went in on the flop. Anibal Tecla called the bet pre-flop then the all-in on the flop of 7♠9♣A♠. Tecla showed T♦T♥ to Demidov's T♠K♠ and the A♦ turn and J♦ river keep the Russian alive.

1.35pm: The ElkY and Negreanu show
Pity the players on this table who have two of the most feared tournament players to contend with - Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu and ElkY. Luckily for them (maybe), ElkY is short-stacked, but that's not stopping him getting busy. Negreanu is just being, well, busy too.

These four consecutive hands illustrate the point...

Hand 1
ElkY, down to 16,000, makes his intentions clear by opening for 7,500. Anyone calling knows it will be for the rest of the Frenchman's stack, and no-one fancies their chances.
ElkY mucks, but as he does so his cards hit the dealer's hands and flip over, revealing 9♣9♥.

"Ah, now my game plan is revealed," he sighed.

"Yes, now we all know how to play you," joked Negreanu, his head buried in a massage pillow as his back is pounded by a rather attractive lady.


Daniel Negreanu and ElkY

Hand 2
Russell Chabaud opens for 2,400 but Negreanu re-raises to 12,800 - and that's enough to take it down.

Hand 3
This time PokerStars qualifier Scott Wade chances his arm by opening to 2,300. But again he is met by a Negreanu re-raise to 8,800. Again the Team Pro takes it down.

Hand 4
Double up for ElkY. Neil Patel, a PokerStars qualifier from the USA, opens for 3,000, and ElkY pushes all in for 13,300. Insta call:

ElkY: J♣J♥
Patel: T♣T♠

The board changed nothing, coming 9♥A♦2♥9♥9♣, giving ElkY the bigger full house. That puts him on a slightly more dangerous stack of around 35,000.

_MG_6708_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier

1.29pm: SPA trying
Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose is trying to work his way back up. On a A♦J♦6♣ flop he bets 3,700, leaving just 16,000 behind. But it gets through, and the Canadian edges to more than 22,000.

1.26pm: Schaffel still here
Kevin Schaffel, the PokerStars player who played at the WSOP final table (finishing 8th for $1.3million), though he was on for a needed double up, but ran into a chop. On the A♦Q♣Q♥3♠ board, he faced a 7,000 bet, moved all in for around 30,000, and got called.

There was a collective sigh of anti climax from the table, which includes Chad Brown and Freddy Deeb, as both players turned over K-Q. The A♦ river changed nothing and the dealer split the pot.

1:25pm: Chiren80 eliminated
Fan favorite Chiren80, aka Bachir Boumaaza, just had a chance to get back in the game. He got pocket kings all-in preflop against ace-queen and ace-six. The flop brought one queen, the turn brought another, and Chiren80 is gone. "I would've tripled up," he said. "But I don't mind. That's poker."

1.20pm: Team Pro update dump
There have been wildly fluctuating fortunes for Team PokerStars Pro this afternoon. Like this:

Ben Kang and Jan Heitmann are out.

_MG_6758_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ben Kang

_MG_6686_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Jan Heitmann

Florian Langmann is up to 160,000. Here's how: Langmann made it 2,500 from the hijack and the small blind re-raised to 7,500. Langmann, never scared of a four-bet, made it 17,000, call. The flop came Q♦4♥6♠, and after his opponent checked, Langmann bet 15,000. His opponent moved all in for 55,000 and Langmann snapped him off with Q♣Q♥ for flopped top set against A♦K♠.

Humberto Brenes is crippled and has only about 10,000 remaining. He had on a board of and was up against pocket fours.

Peter Eastgate has also lost most of his stack. Once up to 80,000, he now has about 30,000. Two hands did the damage: ace-king running into aces and queens running into kings.

1.15pm: Kneading Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu, a man who never looks like he needs a massage, is getting a massage. He just tangled in a pot against Russell Chabaud. Negreanu opened for 2,200 under the gun which Chabaud called from the cut off. The flop came 9♣2♦J♦ which was checked. The turn 6♠ got Negreanu betting 4,200. Chabaud called for a 4♠ river card. Another 10,800 from Negreanu that sent Chabaud into the tank. He emerged calling. Negreanu flipped over Q♣T♣ to Chabaud's Q♦9♥. A slight knock - the Team PokerStars Pro now down to 115,000.

1.12pm: Oh *** ****'s ****
Danny Johnson just busted in agony. "F*** ** ****," he yelled, then "**** **** ****," before composing himself. "I mean 'good game guys'."

The victor in this hand, Kyriacos Dionysiou, said something like "Come on!" or "get in!" as he stacked his new chips, the recipient of some rivered luck.

On a flop of he'd moved in for around 60,000 with and was called by Johnson with . Needless to say the turn was a but the river a .

We play on.

1.10pm: Saunders ruing a poor start
Dean Saunders started yesterday sitting opposite Nelly, reason enough to consider that a good start to the day. It's not been so bright this morning, however, as two premium hands hand, outrun by inferior holdings, has sliced his stack down to about 7,000. "Ace-king against jack-nine that lost," Saunders said. "Then aces against tens, a ten on the turn."

1.05pm: Fair enough
There's a lot of World Series experience on table 66, where the the 1996 champion Huck Seed and the 2007 runner-up Paul Wasicka share the felt. Also there, though, is Ryan Fair, who picked up close to a quarter million dollars in Vegas last year for his 31st place finish.

And Fair got the better of his more famous adversaries in a recent pot. Fair made it 2,600 from UTG+1 and Wasicka called on the button. Seed came along from the big blind. The flop came 3♠5♦9♣ and Seed and Fair both checked, which tempted Wasicka to bet 4,200. Seed called - about 30 percent of his small stack - and Fair now raised, making it 11,600.

Wasicka couldn't fold quick enough, and Seed didn't want to call off the remainder of his chips either. Fair took it down.

1:03pm: Kitai lets it go
Table 19 is an interesting collection, home as it is to Davidi Kitai, Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann, and qualifier Tamas Lendvai, the Hungarian who makes a habit of getting into EPT events. On this hand Kitai, who was searching for an early double up, raised under the gun to 2,500 but ran in to US PokerStars qualifier Matt Juttelstad on the button. He was in no mood to mess around and re-popped to 6,700.

Heitmann and Lendvai - both in the blinds - folded, and Kitai took some time to consider his remaining 28,000 stack before deciding he could find a better spot, and folding.

1:02pm: Not this time, Victor
Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin started today with 61,000 and a mission to build. He was willing to take a peek at this one, but aggression forced him out. PokerStars qualifier Marcel Schreiner had opened for 2,700, called by Ramdin on the button, but the small blind, Oleg Titov, another qualifier from Russia, moved all in for his last 30,000.
That was too much for both Schreiner and Ramdin, and Titov inched up to 37,000.

1pm: Early leak for Luske
Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske lost an early pot against PokerStars qualifier Thomas Mühlöcker. The latter made it 2,000 from early position and only the Dutchman called from the small blind. On the 2♠9♠6♥ flop, Luske checked then called Mühlöcker's 3,000 bet. Both then checked the K♠ turn, but on the 7♥ river Luske led out with 3,000 - call.

Mühlöcker: 6♣6♠ for the flopped set
Luske: 8♥8♣

The Dutchman drops a little to 45,000, Mühlöcker climbs to the same stack.

12:55pm: Severe flop for Seiver
It was a 2,500 raise with A♦5♣ from Scott Seiver and a call from his for, Mike Adamo. The flop came down 8-9-T with two clubs. A bet and a call took them to an ace on the turn. That seemed like a good thing for Seiver, and it might have been, but for Adamo holding six-seven for the flopped straight. Seiver is out.

12:51pm: Baseball on baseball action
You may or may not know, Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown plays a bit of baseball in his spare time. His games are often with and against former pro players. Brown likely feels pretty comfortable today with his table. He's sitting two sits away from Orel Hershiser. (He's also sitting with Freddy Deeb, but we're not sure the latter plays much ball).

12:50pm: Jeff Williams eliminated
The seat once occupied by Jeff Williams is now empty. His tablemates pronounced the time of death at around 12:47pm.

12:46pm: Clean up on aisle 2
Someone said, "William Thorson looks really tired."

I said, "Well, at least he has his Red Bull."

The dealer said, "Towel on 65 please!"

Thorson needs a new Red Bull.

12:45pm: Lodden loading up
And another double up for Lodden. Alan Sass opened for 2,200 under the gun. Lodden then raised from middle position to 6,300. Sass then re-raised before Lodden announced all in. A flash call and the cards were turned over. A♣Q♥ for Sass, K♣K♥ for Lodden. The board ran: 4♣J♦6♥9♥J♥. Lodden is now up to 54,000. Word is he intends to reach 80,000 by the break. According to his plan he now intends to fold for a while.

12:43pm: Wayne Bentley, looking the same
What does chip leader Wayne Bentley look like on Day 2? A lot like he looked on Day 1A.


12.35pm: Lodden and Rousso on the up
Johnny Lodden is finding it very tough to get himself knocked out, despite continually shoving with a short stack late last night, and now doing the same this morning. He moved all in for a stack of about ten big blinds with and was called by queens. "Straight on the turn," he said.


Johnny Lodden

Vanessa Rousso is also doing her own reporting, this time on Twitter. "Great start for Day 2 in the PCA. Made a queen high flush and added 50K to my stack! got about 135K now!" said @VanessaRousso.

12.32pm: Dubois gets Lieu day
Liz Lieu's stack just moved up to the 100,000 mark after she just busted Maxime Dubois minutes into the day. Dubois was in the small blind when the action was folded to him. He made it 4,000 to Lieu in the big blind who raised to 10,000. Dubois then moved all-in for a little short of 25,000. Lieu called but needed help. Q♠K♣ for Dubois, T♦7♦ for Lieu. The board ran: A♦Q♦J♥J♦A♥. Lieu banged the table with her fist, not a big fist, and help in a scream for joy. Dubois meanwhile is out.

12.30pm: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Dario Minieiri
Anyone starved of action should simply watch table 56, where Dario Minieri sits with Justin Bonomo and Jonathan Aguiar. The latter is a short stack, so staying out of the early skirmishes, but Minieri and Bonomo both have chips, which mean they're being set to work.

Minieri raised to 2,400 in the cut off and Bonomo, in the small blind, raised to 8,200. Minieri folded.


Dario Minieri, left, and Justin Bonomo

On the next hand, Minieri raised to 2,400 again and this time Adam Finn moved all in for his last 9,300 from the small blind. Mineiri called and the Italian's A♣3♦ prevailed against Finn's 3♥3♣. The flop, turn and river was dealt so quickly - in keeping with all action on the table - that I'm not even certain whether an ace flopped or whether a counterfeiting two-pair did. Either way, Minieri took the chips and Finn is out.

On the next hand, Minieri raised to 2,400 and that took blinds and antes (including Aguiar's big blind) and on the next hand, Minieri finally folded one pre-flop to end that short spell of relentless aggression.

Minieri has about 120,000; Bonomo the same.

12:24pm: Bye bye, Brokos
We had hoped to tell a great comeback story about Andrew Brokos, a PokerStars qualifier who started today with less than 16,000 chips. He ended up with a sick table draw, featuring Phil Ivey and Nam Le. Brokos was primed for the early double up when he got all-in with big slick against ace-queen. It didn't end well and it's off to the side events for Brokos.


12:21pm: Jeff Williams gets early double
Jeff Williams, onetime winner of the EPT Grand Final, doubled his short stack on the very first hand of Day 2 when his A♣8♥ turned an ace aginast T♠T♦. He's now up close to his Day 1 starting stack of 30,000.

12:20pm: Underway
After a brief break to sort out logistics, we're underway.

12pm: Order of business
Today we'll play six levels, each lasting 75 minutes. There's a 15 minute break at the end of each. That will get us finished at around 9pm local time.

12pm: Day two
Off we go then. Something we can now say with absolute confidence is that the winner of the 2010 PCA is sitting in the room. The two day one fields have consolidated and this poker tournament is taking shape - read Brad Willis' teaser for the day. (It contains a picture of a bowl of fruit, which is good for you.)

Click through for today's seat draw.

The full payout information will be forthcoming within the first couple of hours, and that will be with you shortly. Most eyes will be on Wayne Bentley. He's our leader now, and whether he remains there will be decided over the coming hours.

2010PCA_10KMainEvent_Day1A_JoeGiron_IJ70629 - Copy.jpg

Wayne Bentley

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