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2010 PCA: Day 3, level 15 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 2, level 15 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 2,000-4,000-400

1.21pm: Level over
That's the end of the level. We'll now have a 15-minute break and there are 236 players coming back for the next level, and we will probably reach the bubble in the coming 75 minutes.

1.20pm: Bentley slowed down by Jeans
Wayne Bentley has just had to make a huge laydown, faced with the aggression of Jens "jeans" Kyllonen. The board was all the way to the river: 2♦8♣8♥Q♠5♣ and Bentley bet about 50,000 into an already sizeable pot. Kyllonen moved all in, for 184,700 and Bentley eventually laid it down, leaving none of us any the wiser.

1.17pm: Levi not leaving
Nicolas Levi just moved all-in as the end of the level approaches. It was from the small blind after a cut off raise by countryman Ludovic Lacay who doubled up through Levi earlier in the level. Lacay was in no mood to share the wealth and passed. Elsewhere Orel Hershiser did the same, no takers for the signed baseball just yet.

1:16pm: Danny down, Brite brighter
Just as we were writing up that last hand with Geoff Brite, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu went out...at Brite's hand. Negreanu pushed for 35,000 with A♥9♣ and Brite called with 3♦3♥. The board ran out all babies and Kid Poker is on the rail just short of the money.


Daniel Negreanu

1.10pm: Faded Levi
Here's a succinct hand: A blind versus blind match up resulted in an all-in pre-flop pot for more than 360,000 chips. In the small blind sat Geoff Brite. In the big blind, Nicolas Levi. In Brite's hand? Pocket kings. In Levi's pocket, big slick. Nothing bad happened for Brite. Meanwhile, Levi needs to start winning again.

1.05pm: The show within the show
We really might as well place a reporter beside the Ivey/Bansi table today solely to report on those two. They're at one another's throat almost continually, with Bansi now taking back some of the chips surrendered earlier. Ivey made it 11,000 from mid-position; Bansi made it 30,000 from two seats to Ivey's left, and Ivey called. (All others wisely got out the way.) They both checked the flop of T♠3♠6♠ and Ivey check-folded when Bansi bet about 50,000 at the A♣ turn.


Phil Ivey, foreground, and Praz Bansi

1pm: More ambrosia for Paul-Ambrose
The Bahamian air is good to Steve Paul-Ambrose and the former champion has been breathing in big lungfuls today. After doubling his short stack early, he has just eliminated Luca Gianni in what was another near double up for the Team PokerStars Pro from Canada. There was about 30,000 in the pot pre-flop and the two of them saw a board of 8♦9♣4♦. Paul-Ambrose bet 12,500; Gianni raised to 30,000 and Paul-Ambrose asked for a count. He found out that he had the bigger stack and moved all in; Gianni snap-called for his last 100,000-odd.

Paul-Ambrose: J♣T♣
Gianni: 9♥9♠

Paul-Ambrose tapped the table, but knew he had plenty of outs. The 6♣ on the turn game him some more, and the 7♣ filled both the straight and the flush to oust the flopped set of nines. "Easy game," said Paul-Ambrose with a definite hint of apology as he shook Gianni's hand. Paul-Ambrose is now on about 240,000.

1pm: Bansi charge
Phil Ivey opened for 11,000 from the cut off. Waiting for him on the button was Praz Bansi, who called. The flop came 7♥T♦K♦. Ivey bet 16,000 before Bansi raised another 26,000 on top. Then Ivey re-raised adding 50,000 on top of that. The rest of the table watched with equal measures of intrigue and relief. A player arrived to sit between them. "How d'ya like your seat buddy?" asked a passer-by.

Bansi checked his cards again and moved all-in. Ivey called.

Bansi: A♦7♦
Ivey: 7♠7♣

Bansi needed a diamond on the turn, but got a 8♥. Then he needed a diamond on the river but got a K♣. A huge hand that doubles Ivey to around the 630k mark, after Bansi shipped over 277,000. The 630k figure is about the same as what the Englishman now has.

12:56pm: Game, set, Duthie
John Duthie came in for a raise and, after some thought, called a small raise for 15,000 more. When the flop came out T♥[9♥7♦, Duthie led at the pot for 15 and his opponent moved all in for around 80,000. Duthis snap-called with 7♣7♥. His opponent held two red jacks and never caught up. Duthie is now on around 370,000.


John Duthie on day three of 2010 PCA

12:49pm: WhereKid?
David Baker, he of the worst seat draw on Day 3 (in a Phil Ivey - Praz Bansi sandwich) , is gone and presumed KIA.

12.45pm: Liebert dishing out the lessons
There's a vicious looking lineup on table 10, where Jonathan "FatalError" Aguiar, Soren "kongsgaard" Kongsgaard, Mike "SirWatts" Watson and Amnon Filipi are all camped. But they're all getting a lesson at the moment from Kathy Liebert, who is also lurking in their midst. "I just got burned by Kathy!" said Aguiar after being re-raised out of a pot pre-flop.

And the next hand, Liebert did the same, this time to Kongsgaard. The Dane made it 10,500 from late position, Liebert made it 38,000 from the cut off and although Watson thought about a move, he folded, as did Kongsgaard.

Next up, Aguiar opened for 10,300 from the hijack and Liebert made it 30,000 from the button. Fold from everyone else. And then Liebert opened the next pot, making it 13,000 from the cut off, and everyone folded, including Filippi in the big blind. Don't mess, boys.

12.40pm: French connection
With 43 minutes in the level Praz Bansi is still stacking chips while elsewhere others are trying to nurse just a handful. One such player is Ludovic Lacay. He just moved all-in for 43,200 with J♠8♠ and was called by his friend and countryman Nicolas Levi with A♣T♣. The board ran 8♦5♠6♥2♥Q♣, good for Lacay.

12:33pm: Early doubles
A couple of early double-ups to report. Dan Shak just doubled his stack when his pocket kings held up all-in. A couple of tables away, Steve Paul-Ambrose's queen-jack managed to out-run Hafiz Khan's ace-jack.


Steve Paul-Ambrose

12.25pm: One of two sets back Ramdin
Victor Ramdin re-raised to 23,000 after an opponent in seat 3 made it 9,200. But then Randy Hanley, a PokerStars qualifier moved all in for around 270,000. Seat three folded, but Ramdin dwelled for a minute or so before mucking.

"Good fold. I had one of the two best hands you can get," said Hanley.

12.24pm: Double up for Medina
Luis Medina, the Team PokerStars Pro from Portugal who started today bottom of the chip counts with 27,000, secured an early double up. On a 6♦J♥9♠2♦3♥ board he was all in with J♠T♠, enough to beat his opponent's A-K.


Luis Medina

12.22pm: Ladies and gentlemen, it's Praz Bansi
A huge bag of chips, fortified with heavy sticky tape to prevent an unfortunate bursting incident, sits alone on the table without an owner as play around it gets under way.

This monster of a stack can only belong to one man, and sure enough our overnight chip leader, the Brit Praz Bansi arrives to join the action. He's in seat eight, two to the left of Phil Ivey, who eyes him up as Banzi makes a hole in the bag... just enough to spill out a chunk of yellow chips, which he then uses to open bet 30,000, enough to take down his first pot of the day.


Praz Bansi

He then made a bigger hole in his bag, and tipped all his chips out in front of him - a huge mound that would take him ten minutes to get into any sort of order.

12.20pm: Boeree falls in the first
Liv Boeree is one of the early fallers - and she's understandably not best pleased about the circumstances. Bernhard Braumandl opened from early position, making it 9,000, and Boeree made it 27,000 from the cut off. Francisco Hernandez called Boeree's raise in the small blind and Braumandl got out the way. The flop was Q♣4♣J♦ and Hernandez checked. Boeree counted out a bet of 40,000 and Hernandez moved all in, covering Boeree. She peeked down at two aces and insta-called, but was dismayed to be shown Hernandez's pocket queens. Turn and river were blanks and Boeree busted in the first level.

12:15pm: The biggest match-up
And now that everyone has taken their seats, we have found the most interesting match of the day. That's chip leader Praz Bansi up against Phil Ivey. Keep your eye on this one.

12:09pm: Big match-ups>
Play is now underway. We didn't receive an overnight seat draw, but here are a few key match-ups we saw in our first walk of the floor.

Owen Crowe v. Jeff Madsen v. James Mackey
Wayne Bentley v. Dennis Phillips
Dario Minieri v. Kevin MacPhee
Steve Paul-Ambrose v. Hafiz Khan
Carter Phillips v. Carlos Mortensen
Amnon Filippi v. Kathy Liebert
Johnny Lodden v. Alex Brenes
Luis Medina v. Alan Smurfit v. Ted Lawson

11:46am: Race for the money
With around 280 players left in the field, we are very near the 224-player mark. That's when we hit the money. Expect the next couple hours to be fairly interesting, probably more than the weather report introduction to the day. Praz Bansi leads the field going into Day 3. We'll be here until the last river falls.


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