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2010 PCA: Day 3, level 19 updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 3, level 19 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below. Click through to the chip count page for selected notable chip counts, updated regularly throughout the day.

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Blinds: 5,000-10,000-1,000

8:03pm: Level ends
We're finished with Level 19. One more to go before we break.

7:59pm: What does Johnny Lodden think? He thinks he wins
It was a raise to 25,000 from Johnny Lodden, which he figured would do the job from the hijack. Then, the button raised to 94,000. Lodden, as he is wont to do, thought. Finally, he pushed all-in for 246,000 more and got the call. Up against Dimitri Hefter's A♣T♣, Lodden's A♠Q♥ held all the way on the 3♠5♦6♣7♠K♥ board. Lodden now sits on nearly 700,000, just about average as we head into the last level of the night.


7.50pm: Filippi takes one from Khan
Amnon Filippi raised to 24,000 from under-the-gun and Hafiz Khan made it 46,000 from the button. Filippi called. The flop was 4♣A♦3♦ and they both checked. The turn was 3♣ and they both checked that too. The river was T♠ and this time Filippi bet, making it 56,000. Khan called but mucked when Filippi showed A♣T♣. Khan is down to about 380,000 now; Filippi still hovering around 700,000.

7.40pm: Gimbel again
Justin Bonomo opened for 25,000, called by Harrison Gimbel for a flop of Q♥4♥6♦. Bonomo check-called the 41,000 from Gimbel on the 2♠ turn, then checked the 3♥ river. Now Gimbel made it 70,000, red chips everywhere. Bonomo tanked a little and called, mucking straight away when Gimbel showed his winning Q♠J♠.


Harrison Gimbel

7:34pm: Harrison Gimbel, sicko caller
We missed all the action leading up to it, but as his table was ready to break, Harrison Gimbel (the man who used six-four to beat out Barry Greestein's aces yesterday...all-in pre-flop) was looking at a board just about every kind of overcard to his pocket sevens as you could imagine (except a queen and a nine). As everyone at the felt waited to break off to new pastures, Gimbel thought, and thought, and thought as his opponent's 250,000 all-in bet sat there waiting for something to happen. Finally, Gimbel announced, "Call." His opponent turned over a queen and a nine. No good.

"Pocket sevens!" someone exclaimed.

At that very moment, Gimbel got his new seat card: Table 7, Seat 7.

"You should change your screen name," a dealer quipped, as Gimbel walked humbly with his 1.6 million in chips to his new seat.

7.30pm: Dyer downed
Greg Dyer is out and relating his elimination to Mike "Timex" McDonald who has come to join him in the line for the payout table. As Dyer describes it, an aggressive player opens from the cut off and Barry Shulman raises to 75,000 from the small blind. Dyer, with ace-six off suit and about 410,000 in the big blind, four-bets to 150,000 ("intending to fold to a shove"). The cut off folds, but Shulman calls and checks the jack-high board. Dyer moves all in, and Shulman calls with jack-eight suited. There's no ace on turn or river and Dyer is out - sickened.

7.25pm: Abel-Knebel
Johnny Lodden opened from the cut off, was called by Dmitri Hefger on the button and three-bet by Paul Knebel on the big blind. Lodden folded but Hefger called for a flop of T♥4♥J♦. Then the money went in, aces for Knebel and jack-ten for Hefger which was counterfeited on the 4♠ turn. A 5♦ on the river to boost Knebel.

7.20pm: Madsen on the move
It's not been a good day for Spanish speakers with the departure of several Latin Americans. And now a man wearing a Spain soccer jersey (name to follow, but let's call him Iniesta) has just doubled up Jeff Madsen. Iniesta made it 25,000 to go from late position and Madsen called from his left. They were temporarily joined by the small blind, but action on the flop of 4♠T♥7♦ left it heads up. Iniesta bet 58,000 and Madsen called.

The turn was 6♣ and Iniesta checked. Madsen bet 80,000 and Iniesta moved all in, comfortably covering Madsen. The American insta-called for his 300,000 stack and showed 7♠7♣ for the flopped set. Iniesta's 6♥4♥ was done. Madsen is now back in this one.

7:10pm: Ivey crippled on river, out
Phil Ivey just got it all in versus Bill Gazes pre-flop. Ivey held A♠Q♣ to Gazes K♠J♥. The board ran out babies until the K♣ on the river. Ivey had Gazes covered by two 1,000 chips and held them up defiantly. Nonetheless, he was out on the very next hand.


Phil Ivey ships his chips to Bill Gazes

7.05pm: Bansi gets Gottner
Praz Bansi is bothering two million now having just accounted for Nico Gottner, from Chile. Gottner had about 440,000 and against Bansi's monster stack and pocket queens. All the money understandably went in on a board of queen-six-seven. Bansi re-assumes his chip lead.

Gottner didn't know it, but he only had to last one more hand before the table, where he'd been the meat in a Bansi-Ivey sandwich, was broken.

7pm: Dean done
Dean Saunders is out, his aces cracked in brutal fashion. He raised with aces pre-flop and was called by Cesar Garcia for a flop of 7♠T♥7♥. When Garcia checked Saunders made it 40,000 which Garcia made 60,000 more. Saunders moved all-in and was called in a flash, Garcia showing A♥7♦. From a once mighty stack to busted - Saunders out and not happy.

6:54pm: Pocket queens
Out of the hundred or so people left in the field, only two of the players are women. Liz Lieu and Amanda Baker remain as the only thing making the PCA pretty. They also happen to be sitting at the same table. Here's to hoping they stick around for a while. Based on their performance thus far, we can count on them giving the field a run for its money.

Back from the break
And we're back in action and so will the amFAR charity event - soon at least. Shiny celebrities and their paler poker pro tablemates will be underway soon and you can watch it all on EPTLive and in seven languages. Pick one and watch the beautiful people for yourself.

Steve Paul-Ambrose

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