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2010 PCA: Level 2 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1A, level 2 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Previous coverage: Level 1

Blinds: 75-150

2.10pm: Greenstein tweeting
Barry Greenstein, or @barrygreenstein as he's known to pals on Twitter, has just sent out this message. "Started with 30k. Got to 38k. Was outplayed in 13k pot. Then picked up Aces against Queens and dbled to 65k." From that, I can deduce that the Team PokerStars Pro has about 65,000 at the first break.


Barry Greenstein

2.05pm: Negreanu wrong on this one
Pierre Neuville, the likable player from Belgium who was runner up at EPT Vilamoura in November, bet 1,850 on a 3♣4♥2♣A♥9♦ board. To his left, and the only other player in the hand, was Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. He studied Neuville hard, looking at his head, then body, for any sign of weakness. If he saw one, it was a wrong read, as he made the call only to be shown 5♦7♥ for the straight. Negreanu slips to 35,000. Neuville nudges back up to 28,000.

2pm: Moneymaker makes FatalError
Chris Moneymaker is down to about 8,700. The circumstances of this demise are unknown, but Jonathan "FatalError" Aguiar, also on the table, is up to about 48,000, which might be related.

1.57pm: How does all this work?
If you're wondering how a huge event like this takes shape, here's your guide to running a live event...

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1.55pm: Another notable addition
The table featuring Jeff Williams, Kevin Schaffel and Valdemar Kwayser now also features Gavin Smith. That's a tough one. Also there, sandwiched between Williams and Smith, is Pier Paolo Ruscalla, and the Italian just took down a pot from Williams. The two of them were alone to a flop of 4♣8♦9♥ and Williams check called Ruscalla's bet of 600, and then check-called again on the turn of 2♠, this time a bet of 1,200. The river was 6♦ and both checked. Ruscalla showed two red jacks and Williams mucked.


Valdemar Kwayser, left, and Jeff Williams

1.50pm: Chanting to the river
"Come on... come on." This is Dmitry Stelmak on table nine. He was all in with aces and was called by Joerg Niepenberg with pocket kings. Stelmak wasn't convinced his luck would hold. "Come on... come on," he chanted, the same way you would when desperate, and at the back of the line for the restrooms. The board came: 4♣T♦7♥J♣2♣. "Yes!" Stelmakdoubled up. Niepenberg, who'd said nothing, is out.

1.45pm: Buchman heading right way
Eric Buchman, the PokerStars player who made a tidy $2.5million for his fourth place at the World Series of Poker, is here in the Bahamas looking for another  big payday. Yes, it's very early days, but Buchman is starting confidently. On a 5♥3♥2♠K♦7♠ board, he faced a bet of 2,400 from PokerStars qualifier Lukas Nemec. Quickly, he pushed out a re-raise to 6,600, which sent Nemec, from the Czech Republic, into the tank. When he emerged, he decided to call, but was faced with the bad news - Buchman had A♠4♠ for the straight, way ahead of his own rivered set of sevens.

1:40pm: Bad reputation or bad representation?
To anyone watching, it was surely an aces versus kings debacle. Though we hadn't seen the cards, the three-betting, four-betting, all-in preflop for what amounted to a 60,000 chip pot simply screamed monster versus monster, Godzilla versus King Kong, me versus my mother-in-law.

The final call came from Iceland's Garðar Geir Hauksson.

Rob Woodcock, a familiar face on the LAPT, asked in disbelief, "You call?"

"Yeah," Hauksson said and turned up K♥K♠.

So we waited to see Woodcock's aces. And he Woodcock obliged...turning up 9♠4♥.

Obviously, the wrong cards had been tabled. Something was wrong.

But, no. It was right. Repped aces didn't fly at table 36.

Woodcock is now down to 15,000, while Hauksson is up over 60,000.

1.35pm: Master Minieri
Dario Minieri has arrived. Flip flops, baggy shorts and a sex wax t-shirt. He wasted no time is re-raising pre-flop to take a few chips and did the same again a hand or two later. A few tables along Pierre Neuville (runner-up at EPT Vilamoura) and Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu (runner-up in the $100 Winnin' o' the Green event in 1999) fought out a hand from the blinds. Not much in the middle but on a board of 3♦A♣4♦T♦2♥ Neuville's Q♠K♦ were topped by Negreanu's 5♦K♣.

1:20pm: Half a champion, or, a champion halved
We've just run in to our latest LAPT champion, Amer Sulaiman. we met him in November when he took down the LAPT Season 3 opener in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica. Moments ago, we picked up a pot between our champion and PokerStars qualifier Chris Tipper.

With about 10,000 in the pot and a board reading 2♣9♠J♦, Tipper checked to Sulaiman. After a long think, Sulaiman bet 6,150. Before Sulaiman's chips had fully come to rest, Tipper had shoved in enough chips to cover Sulaiman's entire stack. It took three minutes, but Sulaiman folded. He is now down to half his starting stack and will looking to rebuild the 15,000 sitting in front of him to something that looks more like the 30,000 he started with.

1:07pm: Level up (and so are the blinds)
We're now moving up to level 2, 75-150 blinds. We have also been promised a more robust and stable internet system within the half hour. So, yay for that.


Last year's winner, Poorya Nazari

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