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2010 PCA: Level 31 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 6, level 30 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Howard Swains and Brad Willis.

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Level 30: 80,000-160,000-20,000

5.20pm: Big stacks tangle
This could have got way more ugly than it did. Tyler Reiman raised to 360,000 under-the-gun and Harrison Gimbel called on the button. The flop was A♥T♣T♥ and they both checked. The turn was J♠ and Reiman checked. Gimbel bet 400,000, which Reiman called. The river was J♦ and the pattern repeated: Reiman checked, Gimbel bet 600,000 and Reiman called. Gimbel showed A♣T♦ for the flopped full house. Reiman mucked.

That's the last action of that level, and we push on into level 32.

5.10pm: Balance
Players just took a 10 minute break as the table was balanced. You missed nothing.

5pm: Four-handed counts
Tyler Reiman - 23,825,000
Harrison Gimbel - 13,940,000
Barry Shulman - 4,155,000
Ben Zamani - 3,785,000

All of them will win a minimum of $1,000,000.

4.55pm: Ryan D'Angelo out in fifth, earning $700,000
Ryan D'Angelo has lost two massive, massive pots with pocket jacks today. The first, in the opening level, cut his chip lead in half. The second, moments ago, has sent him to the rail.

Ben Zamani opened and Ty Reiman bumped it up to 995,000. Ryan D'Angelo moved all in over the top for a total of 6,750,000. Zamani folded, but Reiman called and they were racing:

Reiman: A♠K♥
D'Angelo: J♥J♠

The flop was good for D'Angelo: 4♣9♥3♣. But the turn gave a few more outs to Reiman. It came the 5♥. He now needed any ace, king or deuce on the river and -- ping! -- the river was the K♦, disastrous for D'Angelo. He's gone.

The story in pictures:

_MG_0015_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ryan D'Angelo calls "One time!"

_MG_0027_Neil Stoddart.jpg

D'Angelo awaits his fate

_MG_0030_Neil Stoddart.jpg

D'Angelo sees the king on the river

4:42pm: Two pair and two pair
It was a four-way limped pot, starting off with Barry Shulman limping under the gun, Ben Zamani calling, and Ryan D'Angelo and Harrison Gimbel calling in blinds.It was three checks to Zamani who bet 230,000. Only Gimbel called. On the 8♠ turn, Gimbel checked, Zamani bet 560,000, and Gimbel raised to 1.4 million. Zamani struggled, but then called. On the J♥ river, Zamani bet one million and Gimbel called.

Zamani: J♣8♥
Gimbel: A♦T♦

Gimbel's two pair bested Zamani's and that's a big one for the 19-year old.

4.35pm: Video, video
You think all this text is boring, huh? Well have a video and stop your moaning.

Watch PCA 2010: Final Table Introduction on PokerStars.tv

4.25pm: Shulman doubles
Ryan D'Angelo started it, raising to 375,000. Harrison Gimbel re-raised to 1,120,000 and Barry Shulman pushed all in - about two million total. D'Angelo folded, but Gimbel made a mandatory call, even though he only had 5♥7♣. Shulman showed A♣Q♠ and Gimbel was a big underdog, once D'Angelo said that he had folded a pair of sevens. The board bricked all the way and Shulman doubled up.

_MG_9918_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Barry Shulman

4:20pm: Shulman's big slick flushed
Barry Shulman came in for a raise and Ben Zamani moved all-in for 2,655,000. Shulman snap-called with A♠K♥. Zamani meekly turned over A♦J♦. The 7♦5♠8♠ looked innoculous enough. Then, the 2♦ came on the turn. If you read the headline above, you know the suit if the next card. It looked like this: 3♦

Cue a happy Zamani.

_MG_9974_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Meanwhilie, Shulman's stack is in bad shape.

"No problem, honey," his wife said. "You can't win every hand. You still have chips."

4.15pm: D'Angelo shoves again, wins again
Ryan D'Angelo opened to 375,000 and Ty Reiman re-raised to 875,000 from the big blind. D'Angelo called. The flop came J♦7♠4♥ and Reiman bet 1,200,000. D'Angelo announced that he was all in, and Reiman insta-mucked.

4.10pm: Kicker trouble for Shulman
Ty Reiman raised to 420,000 in early position and Barry Shulman called from the big blind. The flop was K♦9♠8♦ and both players checked. But Shulman bet 300,000 on the K♥ turn. Reiman called. The river was T♠ and they both checked. Shulman showed 9♣8♥ for kings and nines, but Reiman had A♠9♥ and his ace kicker played.

4:05pm: Dems quads...
Harrison Gimbel came in for a raise to 360,000 and Ben Zamani called. The flop came down 3♥3♠Q♠. Both players checked. On the T♦ turn, Gimbel and Zamani checked again. When the river came out T♠, Gimbel bet 225,000 and Zamani quickly called. His pocket eights looked pretty puny against Gimbel's T♣T♥.

_MG_9859_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Harrison Gimbel

4pm: Gimbel shoves, wins
Harrison Gimbel raised to 360,000 from the button and Barry Shulman called from the small blind. Ben Zamani folded and so two of them saw the 9♥J♣9♦ flop. Shulman had a tickle, betting 600,000, but Gimbel announced that he was all in and Shulman folded.

3.55pm: g0lfa shoves, wins
Ben Zamani raised to 320,000 from the button and Tyler Reiman called in the small blind. Ryan D'Angelo announced all in and after Zamani called, Reiman asked for a count. It was about five million, which was too much for Reiman. He folded.

_MG_9892_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ryan D'Angelo

3.50pm: Slowdown
It took about five hands before we saw our first flop, and that came when Ben Zamani completed Tyler Reiman's big blind and Reiman checked. Reiman bet out on the ace-high board and Zamani folded. It's been a quiet restart to proceedings.

3:37pm: New level, new blinds, new chip counts
Here's how they look as they come back.

Tyler Reiman -18,840,000
Harrison Gimbel - 11,680,000
Barry Shulman - 6,300,000
Ryan D'Angelo - 5,115,000
Benjamin Zamani - 4,585,000

_MG_9739_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Shulman's supporters

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