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2010 PCA: The day 4 sprint

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgWhen we began Day 3 of the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure with fewer than 300 players, we already started looking forward to Day 4. Anyone who has watched one of these events before knows, it only takes so long to kill off a field, and we knew Day 4 would end when 24 players remained. So, when Day 3 ended with only 62 players left in the field, we got excited. Everyone did, really.

That's because today should--I repeat should--be a fast one. Going from 62 players down to 24 shouldn't take us but a few hours. That would give everybody--players, staff, dealers, and, yes, okay, bloggers--a chance to see something outside of the tournament room. What's more, it would almost guarantee we would make it to the big PokerStars party scheduled for tonight. We know for a fact that Kelly Rowland (remember Destiny's Child, yes?) will be headlining the event tonight. We also know Nelly is in the house this week (we saw him in the deli, prompting one Mr. H. Swains to freestyle "Nelly in the deli, Nelly in the deli!"), and well, there's always the chance he will sit in with Ms. Rowland. Then, in the most perfect of worlds--and, really, this probably won't happen--we might catch one more glimpse of guitarist Slash.

But that is just a wish list for the night. Before that, we must wait to see what Harrison Gimbel, Day 3 chip leader, does with his mountain of chips against the remaining players. You can see how he stacks up on our PCA Chip Counts page. If you take a look there, you'll see Team PokerStars Pros John Duthie, Johnny Lodden, and Florian Langmann made it through to Day 4. We'll of course be watching to see how the they progress, as well.


Johnny Lodden

As we have for the past several days, we'll be live blogging all the action today. Our blogging crew is guessing anywhere between three and five levels of play before we're finished. If you'd like to play along with our predictions, here's how your correspondents have guessed the level in which we will finish.

S. Young: Level 22
S. Bartley: Level 23
H. Swains, J. Giron, and L. Olofsson: Level 24
B. Willis: Level 25

Time to go to work.

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