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PCA 2012: Down to ten at PCA Women's Event

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgAfter eleven hours of play yesterday the PokerStars Women Live event ended Day 1 a little after one in the morning. The players were hoping to get to the final table of nine before the day ended but it wasn't to be. There was an all-in the next-to-last hand, but short stack Maria Panyak's luck was with her and she stayed to play on for Day 2.

Here is the list of today's ten:
Lauren Kling
Pallas Aidinian
Maria Panyak
Kathy Saraf
Claudia Csongei
Alexis Gilbard
Bree Goldman
Deb Young
Evelyne Roy
Anne Marie Lachapelle

From a field of 75 runners yesterday, it has been a long road for these ten to reach Day 2. Today's contenders include Lauren Kling, who placed second in last year's event and is a serious player with several large cashes to her credit. She leads the pack today with a large stack, but Kathy Saraf is very close behind her, along with Claudia Csongei.


Lauren Kling

Kathy doubled her stack in a pivotal all-in hand against Vanessa Selbst when Vanessa flopped a straight and Kathy made a full-house on the turn. Csongei is a satellite player from Hungary who is playing in her first live tournament. Some notables in the field today include Alexis Gilbard, a poker commentator with several cashes to her name, and Bree Goldman. Another interesting player to note is Anne Marie Lachapelle, a micro limit qualifier whose biggest cash so far was for $150. She has played for fun for several years but never in a live tournament. She is currently nursing a small stack and holding her own.

Play resumes in less than an hour today and the final table will soon be set. There is much anticipation at this point, as the final table will include the unfortunate ninth place finisher who will finish on the bubble with no cash. Here are the pay-outs for those that make the money today:

1. $25,460
2. $16,010
3. $9,460
4. $6,910
5. $5,090
6. $3,640
7. $3,270
8. $2,910

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