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PCA 2012: Gregg gets into trouble

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgI blame the break. You know it's the last hand of the level and that no-one's going to get involved unnecessarily as there's more important things to do, you know, like run to the bathroom, update your facebook status or jam some $6 pizza down your neck.

Was Anthony Gregg trying to take advantage of this when he clashed with Lee Goldman with just a couple of seconds left on the clock? If he was, it went terribly, terribly wrong. Goldman had opened for 170,000 from the cut-off and Gregg had called on the button. Goldman mad a continuation bet of 150,000 into the 9♠A♣9♣ flop and Gregg raised to 350,000 as the rest of the table were removing their mikes and leaving the table.

pca_day 5_anthony gregg.jpg

Anthony Gregg

The J♣ fell on the turn and Goldman checked it over to Gregg who continued his aggression with a 375,000 bet. Goldman slowly made the call with little more than 10 minutes left of the 15 minute break.

pca_day 5_lee goldman.jpg

Lee Goldman

The 7♠ hit the river and both players quickly checked and Goldman took the pot flipping T♣6♣ on its back for the third nut flush. It was good enough on the paired board and he raked in the chips to move up past 2,000,000. Gregg has an incredible poker face but as he left that TV table there was definitely a flicker of annoyance - mild irritation at the very least. As to whether it was end-of-level thievery gone wrong or a genuine hand that got flushed out we'll all have to wait until the PCA hits the small screen to find out.

Gregg, who has finished second in this event in 2009, dropped to 3,800,000 and in the early thrusts of the following level has continued to fall to 1,480,00 after getting it in pre-flop with king-high against Faraz Jaka's pocket aces. Jaka is riding high on 5,550,000.

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