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PCA 2012: Luca Pagano's lost cause

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLuca Pagano has a dilemma. Does he buy some more underwear or keep on the ones he's wearing today? He is flying high in chips and may want to keep his lucky undergarments, but if not he'd have to buy some more because he has not seen his luggage since leaving Italy last Friday.

"I got here on the 6th," he explained. "But my baggage did not. No one has seen it since."

He had flown with his girlfriend from Italy to Miami, and then on to The Bahamas, and although her bag rolled off the baggage carousel at Nassau, Pagano's was nowhere to be seen.

"The funny thing is we accidentally put our name tags on each other's bags, so although the bag with her name on is missing, it's actually my stuff that never showed up."

So is our suave Team PokerStars Pro buying lots of new gear here at Atlantis? "Well, I bought some fresh underwear, which I may now not want to take off because they have done me well today. Fortunately I was able to raid a PokerStars player bag for t-shirts and this hoodie, and I'm still wearing the same tracksuit trousers that I was flying in."


Luca Pagano

Delayed luggage is not uncommon here, but most turn up within 24 hours. If not show up, the luggage is normally located at least, so Pagano seems a little unlucky to have heard nothing.

At least today he has something to smile about. During the last level of play, he's sitting with around 135,000, and that's good enough for the chip-leading pack.

"It's been a good day, for sure," he said. "But I feel a little tired and will be happy to have some rest."

Just a shame he can't unpack and curl up in his 'I love PokerStars Blog' pyjamas.

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