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PCA 2012: Paradise Island prop bets

ept-thumb-promo.jpg Poker players love prop bets. They fill the time between events and can often be a great way to get out of it at the end of a festival, normally courtesy of poker playing friends who have enjoyed more success and are feeling liberally confident with their winnings.

Using some of our local knowledge we've put together a list of a few prop bets that are particular to Atlantis you may want to take on.


The loser has to sleep in here...

1. Race a side of Hush Puppies at Virgil's
Hushpuppies, as I was introduced to today, are a savoury cornmeal delight which are deep fried into a spherical, ring or oblong delight. Virgil's BBQ and grill house here at the Atlantis resort offers a starter plate of them for $12. I ate five and almost ruined my lunch. The entire plate consists of around 20 misshapen lumps.
Prop challenge: race a plate, first to finish wins

2. Race the Current
The Current is a mile-long circuit of tropical waterways, rapids and escalators which snake their way around the main water park section of Atlantis (marked Aquaventure on your Atlantis maps).
Prop challenge: get on your tubes and get paddling. No tipping allowed. Ejection by lifeguard counts as an instant loss.

3. Kalik o'clock
There are 40 bars here at Atlantis, so we've been reliably informed anyway, and that makes for a whole lot of watering holes which serve the wonderful local beer, Kalik. We at the PokerStars Blog are in no way, shape or form encouraging irresponsible drinking. No, it's the competition we're focussed on, the fact that Kalik is a surprisingly tasty and crisp lager does help though.
Prop challenge: Set an agreed number of Kalik's to be finished at 'Kalik o'clock'. Crank it up by racing between bars.

4. Seagrapes breakfast buffet challenge
Seagrapes is situated near the Beach Tower lobby and is the location of the all-you-can-eat $25 breakfast buffet. If you're a light eater this may not be the place the place for you. If you're a medium weight it's a great place for selection and if you're a big dog then this place is value town. For prop bets it offers quantity; pancakes, omelettes, sausage links, oatmeal, you name it, they've got it.
Prop challenge: Classic food prop, first to give up loses

5. King of Speedway
Hidden beneath the Coral Tower lobby is the Atlantis Speedway, a large radio controlled car track. Get your motor running.
Prop challenge: Radio controlled cars? On a track? What do you think...

And good news has reached us from player liaison Neil Johnson, the PCA bank has a $10,000 a day withdrawal limit, not a week as has been mentioned previously. Now you can really get your prop on.

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