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PCA 2012: Viktor Blom, mauled by the 'beast'

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg"Bill, you're a beast." This was Barry Greenstein to Bill Perkins after the Texan had dispatched Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom to the rail. Blom had made a typical aggressive shove on the river, and Perkins had made a, well, typical Perkins call. The thing about Perkins is that when he gets it right, he makes piles of chips. If he got it right more often than not, he'd be winning these high roller events. Right now, you can bet he's just happy to be up to 240,000 and the chip lead. He certainly seems to be having heaps of fun.

The fateful blow for Blom was without fanfare, in complete contrast to his victory in the $100,000 Super High Roller at the start of this epic ten-day PokerStars Caribbean Adventure festival. Then, the poker world made a very big noise indeed.


Peaky: Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom

The hand started innocently enough, with Greenstein raising to 1,050, which was three-bet by Blom to 3,200. Perkins made a quick call and Greenstein also made up the difference to make for some three-way action. The flop was 9♣3♠4♥, which was checked all round. On the K♥ turn, Greenstein checked and Blom bet 6,800. Again, Perkins made a quick call before Greenstein got out of the way. On the 6♠ river, it all went a bit mad.

"I'm all in," Blom said in a soft Scandinavian accent, pushing his remaining 43,357 over the line.

Perkins audibly yelped at that. He had towers of chips in front of him, a pile that was still impressive even when he separated out the necessary amount for a possible call. "I think you are probably bluffing me," he told Blom, who sat impassively. "I can see you are shaking."


Perky: Bill Perkins

Trouble with the shaking bit is that it could also have meant Blom was super strong. Mulit-millionaire businessman Perkins, who we introduced to you a little earlier, thought a little more, staring at the young Swede, before deciding his instincts were right. Without saying another word, he pushed his chips forward.

"Good call," Blom said sheepishly, turning over 8♠9♠ for second pair. Perkins had K♣8♣ for top pair, good enough for the pot, and good enough for a massive scalp of gelled Swedish hair. Blom departed quickly after a shake of the hand with Perkins.

"I knew he was bluffing, I told you he was shaking. You heard me, right?" Perkins said, as he stacked up his new loot.

Another chapter in the Blom story had been written. It's a fair bet that before the evening is over, Blom will morph into his internet shadow, and Isildur1 will be online playing high stakes PLO.

A short while before all this played out, Perkins was involved in another odd hand with Greenstein. Perkins had called Greenstein's pre-flop raise and then the both of them got in a mini-raising war with each other on the 3♣7♠6♠ flop which ended with Greenstein casually tossing in all his blue 5,000 chips. That was 40,000 total, leaving just a couple of thousand behind in loose change.

Perkins agonised for an age, standing up and staring at the board, trying to coax information out of Greenstein by firing questions at him. Perkins should have known that was never going to work. "If you tell me to call, I call," Perkins said. But then he added: "If you tell me to fold, I fold." Greenstein chuckled at the show, but gave nothing away. Perkins raised his hand up to get another look, getting a quiet reprimand from the dealer in the process, and took a drink from his water.


Perkins stares


Perkins thinks


Perkins drinks

Eventually he folded, slapping 4-6 on the table. "What did you have, Barry? Overpair. A set?" Again, no response.

This table is fun.

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