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PCA 2012: Whispering Rousso racking up chips

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgSome people have voices that carry, other do not. Sean Deeb is certainly in the first group, Vanessa Rousso the second. Deeb's chuckle can be heard from almost any point in a tournament room and, much like those eyes that follow you in old painting, it always sounds like it's just a couple of tables away.

It must be something to do with her pitch or accent but I can never decipher what the hell Rousso is saying. Not one word. It's all a soft jumble to me, perhaps it me, everyone at the table seems to be able to hear. I could be missing absolute gold but unless I clamber onto the table it's just not going to happen. She might be elucidating on the importance of four-betting light against Deeb or talking about what levels or rake are acceptable or not. I just don't know.

pca_day 5_vanessa rousso.jpg

Vanessa Rousso

What I do know is that her chip stack is moving in the right direction at the expense of Deeb and Sam Stein who are both on sub 40,000. Stein is the shorter having lost a small pot to Lady Maverick on a K♥6♥A♥3♣T♥ board with a raggedy ace to Rousso's A♣J♣. A less polarised board could have cost him more.

Rousso is up to around 130,000 and seems comfortable in her situation here with double bracelet winner JP Kelly stacked with 70,000 two seats to her right and Dan Shak - who for some reason always reminds me of Chevy Chase - one seat further. Rousso has won more than half-a-million dollars in live tournaments each of the last three years and she'll be keen to get herself into the black for 2012 with a solid score here. A min-cash in 16th will pocket you $58,020. Make the final table and you'll book a six-figure score and the High Roller champ will take $1,134,930. Here's a reminder of what they're playing for.

1. $1,134,930
2. $634,550
3. $380,730
4. $271,950
5. $217,560
6. $181,300
7. $145,040
8. $108,780
9-10. $79,770
11-12. $72,520
13-14. $65,270
15-16. $58,020

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