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PCA 2013: @katherinexhong second finalist in Photo Pimp Off comp

If history is any indication--and if popular music has taught us anything--pimpin' ain't easy. But this week at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, it may be easier than a lot of peopler realize.

The PCA and Team PokerStars Pro are hosting the PCA Photo Pimp Off, a contest to see who here can post the best Instagram picture during the week. For five days, members of Team Pro will pick their favorites, and the winner will get into a $1,000 PCA side event.

On the first day, @hiatullah won with this sweet pic. Now we can announce the second finalist.

Think you'd like to spend a moment or two on he beach with @katherinexhong? This is what she had to look at. It was Team Pro Angel Guillen's favorite of the day.


So, those are our first two finalists. Team Pros will pick their favorite for the next three nights. We'll announce the winner each day.

If you want to play along here at Atlantis, just use your smartphone to post photos on Instagram with the hashtags #PCA10 and #PhotoPimpOff while also mentioning @PokerStars.

Happy pimpin'!

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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