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PCA 2013: Katz gone as Seiver takes charge

Finally, an end to the stout performance of Cary Katz, whose tenacity took him through 97 hands of four-handed play before he was ultimate declawed by Doc Sands.

Katz's performance may not have been conventional, but it was certainly effective, and worthy of a hat tip. He may have held on to his stack too tightly when others might have chosen to move all-in, but in terms of results it worked like a charm, ultimately taking him as far as fourth place and a check for $543,800.

His departure must have felt like liberation to the others, who may have sensed they could now attack each other without the risk of accidentally busting in fourth place.
More significant than Katz's performance is that of Scott Seiver.

Seiver has now edged into the lead, after six hours in the lead for Doc Sands. Seiver has been the liveliest player at the table, taking on both Schulman and Sands. To watch him is to watch a gregarious and scruffy man, uncomfortable in a collar, relentlessly slogging away at any perceived weakness. Now he is reaping the rewards.

Scott Seiver

With players now on a 90-minute dinner break the second part of this final will determine whether he can continue to dominate. Will Sands be able to sweep back to the top of the chip counts? And Will Nick Schulman, now the short stack, find the necessary gusto to overturn his chip deficit and play back at them?

Play resumes on the PokerStars.tv live feed at 10pm ET.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter

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