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PCA 2013: Katz on a roll, into second

Forgive the dreadful pun, but it seems that Katz may have nine lives.

The businessman looked a dead cert to depart in fourth place, or should that be he has done for about two hours now. But since then he's turned a short stack into a slightly bigger stack, three times, overtaking Nick Schulman and Scott Seiver to move into second place.

For their part Schulman and Seiver have been battling each other for second place all day, with chip leader Doc Sands leaving them to it. But all the while Katz folded hand after hand, never fearing that his seven big blinds would be enough.

Cary Katz

Eventually he pushed with king-ten which Nick Shulman called with ace-nine. Schulman found an ace on the flop but with four outs to a straight on the river, he got there. This had come after he caught a nine on the river against Scott Seiver a short while before to double up.

The third time came half an hour later, again against Schulman, this time making do with a pair of fives in a race situation. The faces of his opponents said it all, turning from fun appreciation to polite irritation. They seem to be waiting for him to depart. The only problem is that he isn't, and the longer he stays the larger his stack becomes, leaving Seiver as the new short stack.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter

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