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PCA 2014: After a busy year things are about to get busier for Team Pro Cody

It's been an eventful year for Jake Cody. Last January he became a member of Team PokerStars Pro fulfilling a lifelong dream. Then, just months later, the news that he would become a father in 2014. In between all that he finished fifth in the EPT Grand Final in May.

That cash in May will come in useful, what with the price of strollers these days. Not that he seems at all perturbed at what will be among the most significant moments of his life - the end of the first part you might say.

"I guess it's making me think about life in a way, and moving on," Jake said. "It's made me think about my parents, when they were having me and what they were going through. I guess it's kind of brought us all closer together in a way."

Jake Cody in the High Roller event today

Cody grew up in Rochdale, an only child, a far cry from the intergenerational meal times enjoyed by his girlfriend Alex who grew up in Latin America, with aunts and uncles all part of the occasion. So for Cody the plan is for a big family, although he's not getting ahead of himself. "Alex wants to do it a bit more slowly than I do, I think."

They'll be other changes in the Cody household once their daughter is born. Cody, who currently lives in Leeds in the north of England, will be relocating to London, making the culture shock a little easier for Alex.

"She's not too impressed with the weather," said Cody of the notoriously unpredictable British climate. "She's lived most of her life in Miami, and Los Angeles and in Venezuela. When she first came to Leeds she described it as a 'frozen over hell'. It was the middle of February two years ago and it was snowy and rainy every day. She was like what the hell is this? She had no idea. She'd never seen it before."

For Alex it wasn't just the weather, but the game itself she had to get used to, a crash course in what it was Jake spent doing all day.

"When we first met when she was working for ESPN at the World Series," he said." She had no idea what poker was, she was just doing the production side of things for the show, she didn't understand the rules or how big poker is. She's slowly getting to know"

In the meantime Cody found a novel way to give her an introduction. "We play open-face Chinese together," he said. "it's kind of a good stepping stone."

So while the past 12 months have been about Team PokerStars Pro and preparations for pending parenthood, the next will be about putting that into practice. With the baby due in the Spring Alex heads off to visit family, while Jake plays in Edinburgh and Deauville.

"Then I'm going to go back middle of February and for the home stretch. Obviously I don't want to risk missing it at all and it could be early."

Then, back to the business of being a good player, and a good dad.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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