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PCA 2014: Rest assured, the office job still tops being a Super High Roller

Sunday is coming to a close, and with it the weekend. Inevitably thoughts turn to work tomorrow morning--the commute, the rushing about, the office politics, and a boss who demands the impossible, but never the probable.

It would be easy to think, while watching the Super High Roller event on EPT Live that a lifestyle more aligned to theirs would be preferable. But while they live in our world and move in our world, they're not really of our world. However hard we might wish to become one of them we must accept we don't operate under their rules. And thank goodness.

Philipp_Gruissem_Igor Kurganov_pca2014_shr1.jpg
Putting a brave face on the misery of Super High Roller life: Philipp Gruissem (left) and Igor Kurganov

Sure all appears well. Super High Rollers get along with everybody. In these early stages the mood is jovial as they compete to be first among equals in an atmosphere of mutual respect. There is no idiot in personnel or pedant in accounts to make their day a trial.

But would you really wish for that level of cheeriness? Without the general grind of having some jobs worth sitting opposite you, what would you have to talk about in the bar, or when you got home? Sounds like a nightmare to me.

It's now been more than a year since Scott Seiver last earned a six figure score

Then there's that relaxed appearance of theirs, whereby every day is a dress down day. You can even wear a vest if you want to, and no one will mark you down for promotion if you're not wearing a tie.

You'll no doubt agree that it's from this of which nightmares are made--the daily panic about what to wear and how to wear it, the dread of wondering whether your designed jeans are slung low enough, not to mention the sleepless nights troubled about whether your weight loss prop bet worked as perfectly as you'd hoped? It's a recipe for alarm that has for generations been dismantled only by a starched collar and a four-in-hand knot.

Then there's the endless shop talk. Actually it's generally encouraged at the table both during and after work, poker being a subject of which nobody tires. What's more poker players can do this without accusations of trying to impress the boss or the next layer of middle management, mainly because they have no boss.

But again, we're descending into the stuff of horror. No boss? A world stripped of order and hierarchy without a comic popinjay to bemoan behind their backs? No one to pat you on the shoulder each Friday to say "good job" and "get a second draft ready for Monday morning."

No back slapping for a Super High Roller: Sorel Mizzi (top) and Antonio Esfandiari (bottom)

But fear not, for there are some areas in which good old John Doe has the advantage over Messrs Mercier, Reinkemeier and Reiss. For at least you don't have to pay to go to work--in this case $100,000. Your job at the mall, or in accounts, is free of charge. Sure, you won't win potential millions, but there's that pension fund waiting for you when you get 45 years of work under your belt--maybe 50--and that's got to be worth it.

I think you'll agree the world of the Super High Roller is not for us. See you in the office tomorrow morning.

Follow hand-by-hand coverage of the Super High Roller event on the dedicated $100,000 Super High Roller page. Also watch the action live on EPT Live.
Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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