Platinum Pass Adventure: Fintan & Spraggy

Congratulations to Chris Martin for winning Fintan and Spraggy's Platinum Pass! He's in for a big adventure!

What happens when you take two people who barely know each other and tell them to spend hours every day playing poker and talking nonsense to each other? Pure magic!

Now what happens when you tell those two people they have the chance to give a $30,000 Platinum Pass to their viewers?

Pure madness!

In the same way that Fintan and Spraggy's daily show covers a variety of nonsensical topics while feebly pretending to be poker content, this giveaway will be as much about variety and nonsense as anything else.

Everything from fitness challenges to Photoshop contests will earn you a place in the giveaway. Each day on the stream there'll be a different challenge in place to earn a spot in the giveaway, so make sure to take part every day to maximize your chances of taking home the $30,000 package.

This will be a once in a lifetime chance for one of our Twitch audience to compete with the best poker players on the planet at the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship in the Bahamas in 2019.

Check in with either lad's stream for...well...something. We're sure it's something. It's something, right, guys? Guys?



Each week over the duration of 8 weeks (28th May - 29th July) there will be daily challenges on Fintan & Spraggy's Twitch and Social channels. Fintan & Spraggy will choose the winner of the challenge who get rewarded an entry to the final tournament which awards a Platinum Pass to the winner and tournament tickets to all other final table players.

Final Tournament on July 29

1st place: Platinum Pass
2nd place: Sunday Million Package - 23 x Sunday Million Tickets (that's all Sunday Millions for the rest of the year)
3rd and 4th place: Sunday Tournament Package - 2 x $215 Sunday Million and $11 Sunday Storm
5th - 8th place: Sunday Million Ticket

Daily Challenges

MONDAY: Photoshop Challenge (post pic on Twitter + tag Fintan & Spraggy)Photoshop Team Pros or yourself into famous poker movie scenes
TUESDAY: Win with a pair (post BOOM Player Link + this week's # on Twitter + tag Fintan & Spraggy)Win with a pair of AA - #wallaceandgromit
WEDNESDAY: Lookalike competition (post pic/video + tag Fintan & Spraggy)Impression of any well-known poker player/streamer
THURSDAY: Lodden thinks (comment under the Twitter post) "How many entries does Spraggy think we got for this entire challenge?"
FRIDAY: Fit Challenge (post video + #fitfriday on Twitter + tag Fintan & Spraggy)200-meter backwards run while pitching why we should pick you - #fitfriday
SATURDAY: "Hide the give-away" - Twitter Quiz - (comment under the Twitter post)Word association game
SUNDAY: All-In ShootoutAn all-in shootout!

Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

-- General PSPC T&Cs apply
-- All participants must have a account to participate in the online final online tournament
-- Players from France, Spain, Greece and Portugal are not eligible to participate
--- There are no deals allowed in the final online tournament

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