PokerStars Blog profile: Alexander Villegas

Alexander Villegas
Freelance Contributor
Hailing from the beautiful tropics of Costa Rica, Alexander Villegas got his start in the PokerStars Blog by counting chips for the Latin American Poker Tour in 2008.

Four years and millions of chips later, Villegas graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in journalism and became a freelance contributor for the PokerStars Blog. Villegas also freelances for a few other publications and has been covering the WSOP since 2010 in a never-ending attempt to pay off his student loans.

Based out of nowhere, Villegas is constantly on the road looking for new assignments and adventure. Aside from poker, Villegas enjoys reading, drinking, oceans and making people laugh.

You can learn more about Alex on his Google+ profile or his blog at