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December 28, 2008 11:29 PM

perky246 Was Wide Awake For Victory in $1 Million Turbo Takedown

On a weekend laden with free money getting tossed into the ring, why not join PokerStars' biggest monthly freeroll? For 5,000 FPPs you receive a seat for a shot at a prize pool worth $1 million and a $100,000 first place prize. Tonight's $1 Million Turbo Takedown featured 9,532 players that "bought-in" or worked the satellite circuit to reach the final nine shown below:


(Click image for larger picture)

Seat 1: pezi2000 (5,844,901 in chips)
Seat 2: BigDennys (2,745,539 in chips)
Seat 3: plattsburgh (1,939,168 in chips)
Seat 4: krissyb24 (3,374,825 in chips)
Seat 5: lexwilly (865,053 in chips)
Seat 6: Shogu (3,359,768 in chips)
Seat 7: joehenry (1,779,972 in chips)
Seat 8: perky264 (5,434,185 in chips)
Seat 9: GKnight00001 (3,252,589 in chips)

lexwilly had to make something happen early and often to get into the deep money at this final table. Something happened early that negated the often, as six hands into the final table with blinds at 60,000/120,000 ante 12,000 lexwilly found himself open pushing his remaining 1,051,053 from middle position with pocket sixes. He got action from perky264 in the cutoff with Ac-7c who called creating the nearly 2.4 million chip pot. Top two flopped for perky264 on the board of 7d-As-3c-Qc-5d leaving lexwilly hanging in ninth place for $5,500 from his 5,000 FPPs spent.

Three hands later plattsburgh, Shogu, and GKnight00001 got into a three-way hand that would leave one person in eighth place. All three checked the flop of 4s-Ks-Kh, and then on the turned 6s, GKnight00001 led out for 240,000 from the big blind. plattsburgh responded with a shove for 1.3 million and Shogu took some ninja cover as GKnight00001 made the call holding just As-3h for the nut flush draw. Seeing the flush draw and not a king made plattsburgh's pocket jacks (Js-Jd) very happy. But the river 3s turned that smile upside down as GKnight00001 held the larger flush and collected the 3.7 million chip pot while $10,000 real cash was shipped to plattsburgh for his eighth-place finish.

Short on chips with ever-growing blinds means you must push when you get a chance. joehenry took that chance when the table folded to his button while holding just 361,972 chips (only three big blinds). perky264 folded in the small blind while GKnight00001 could make a math call with any two, but actually held a decent Ac-Ts. Unfortunately for joehenry he did not have the live cards he was hoping for with Th-9c. A flush board for both players ran out 4c-Kc-Ah-6c-2c but GKnight00001's nut flush toppled the nine kicker flush for joehenry. Slaying another dragon, GKnight00001 knocked off his second opponent and joehenry received $15,000 for his seventh-place finish.

Shogu managed to increase his short-ish stack after netting a nut flush against GKnight00001, knocking him off his steed for once in a 5.1 million chip pot. BigDennys also tried to get out of the short stack hole by putting a squeeze play on perky264's 319,500 chip raise from the cut-off and a call by GKnight00001 on the button. A push of 2.4 million chips from the big blind with hopes to collect the 933,000 in the middle went south in a hurry for BigDennys' Ah-6h as perky264 had 6 million chips behind after making the call with As-Qh. Queen on the flop of 3h-Qs-4c left BigDennys gasping for some runner-runner skillet combo, but the Kc and Jh on the turn and river left BigDennys searching for a grand slam breakfast in sixth place but with an extra $20,000 to tip the third shift waitress with.

Chip deals sour quickly when we just can't all get along. While five-handed the remaining players got the chip-chop numbers but couldn't form a circle of friendship large enough to split up the remaining prize pool. So, onward they played until pezi2000 found himself calling the all-in push of GKnight00001. Both players formed a 5.4 million chip pot with GKnight00001 leaving only 341,523 chips behind with the blinds at 90,000/180,000 and ante of 18,000. Ac-Jh for GKnight00001 was well ahead of pezi2000's Ah-7s as a battle of the zeros was won by the gallant GKnight00001 when the board produced 6d-5s-6c-2h-6h and sent pezi2000 home with $25,000 in fifth place.

krissyb24 was the thorn in the side of the deal talks and that proved to be a costly decision as he got short-stacked with 3.4 million chips and blinds at 90,000/180,000 ante 18,000 decided to pushed those chips from the big blind eliciting calls from button perky264 and small blind GKnight00001. With 11 million chips in the middle both perky264 and GKnight00001 checked down the board of Kh-Qd-Ad-Jh-9d to reveal GKnight00001's pocket black jacks for the set. krissyb24 mucked his hand without showing and was awarded fourth place, good for $32,500.

Shogu would gain some chips for GKnight00001 with a Ac-Kc vs. Ad-6s showdown that chopped into GKnight00001's stack and gave Shogu 8.3 million chips with the blinds escalating to 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000. Three-handed poker would be played for over 30 hands until GKnight00001 took a couple of nicks to his armor and was blinded down to 2.3 million when perky264 raised to 489,500 from the button and GKnight00001 responded from the small blind with a three-bet to 1.4 million. perky264's final answer? Let's play. They formed a 7.7 million chip pot, Kd-Jh for perky264 and Ah-2h for GKnight00001. GKnight00001 looked well on his way back to the round table with the 6c-6h-5d flop, but was sent to the dungeon as the Jc fell on the turn and no ace 9c on the river. $40,000 to save a fair maiden was transferred to our third-place finisher GKnight00001.

perky264 would start heads up play with 19.5 million to Shogu's nine million as the two had some wiggle room to play for a while and still no deal in place. The two traded blinds for over 20 hands, but perky264 got the bigger pots as he sliced at the ninja's stack until he pushed all-in from the button with 4.7 million chips left. perky264 with 23.7 million had enough to safely cover and made the call with Kd-Qd. With As-3c for Shogu the race was short and sweet for this month's $1 Million Turbo Takedown champion. 5h-Kc-2c gave perky264 a big lead but three aces and four fours were out there for Shogu to collect the 9.7 million in the middle.

The ninja left in a cloud of smoke after the 6s and 9d fell on the turn and river handing the victory to perky264.

Here's the final money tally with no deals, perky264 snagged the entire $100,000!

December $1 Million Turbo Takedown

1. perky264 $100,000
2. Shogu $60,000
3. GKnight00001 $40,000
4. krissyb24 $32,500
5. pezi2000 $25,000
6. BigDennys $20,000
7. joehenry $15,000
8. plattsburgh $10,000
9. lexwilly $5,500

November 30, 2008 11:19 PM

All Highs, No Lows: Higote Wins the November Turbo Takedown

5,000 Frequent Player Points can buy you many things in our VIP store, such as SilverStars are able to get a $50 VIP Reward Bonus for those FPPs. But, wouldn’t you rather have $100,000?

Most people would.

The $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown is a complete freeroll for those wanting a whole lotta something for nothing as those 5,000 FPPs can get turned into some serious cash as a total of 4,000 players took home at least $90.00 tonight. With 9,746 taking the starting line tonight, you only had to beat a little over half the field to cash! The nine remaining after the six hours of carnage were going home with no less then $5,500. Again, no buy-in, just playing your favorite SnGs, MTTs, and ring games could net you these potential bankroll changing amounts.

Here are those lucky nine for tonight’s Turbo Takedown which was set after cnew27 said “see you later” when his Ad-Td out ran Gameo’s pockets sixes to set the final table below:


click for larger image

Seat 1: RCT355spyder (2360680 in chips)
Seat 2: Buckyaw (3248891 in chips)
Seat 3: koolie222 (3950401 in chips)
Seat 4: rivermanl (3161454 in chips)
Seat 5: DJTACO (1922851 in chips)
Seat 6: Bulldogs2002 (3042670 in chips)
Seat 7: abschnitt (5067119 in chips)
Seat 8: Higote (3019153 in chips)
Seat 9: cnew27 (3464781 in chips)

The first big pot of the final table went to DJTACO who’s pocket sevens were too much for the big slick of Bulldogs2002 and the four million chip pot was shipped after the 9c-4c-5d-9s-Qh board ran out. Bulldogs2002 covered by 762,819 but with the blinds at 60,000/120,000 ante 12,000 he would need to make up some ground quickly. Just three hands later he tangled against DJTACO again, but this time there was no race as Bulldogs2002 held the pocket sevens but DJTACO held pocket kings which held up on the Td-6s-5d-Qs-Ad board. Its not the $100,000 he wanted but $5,500.00 will buy a bone or two for Bulldogs2002’s ninth place finish.

Action, action, action, six hands later koolie222 raised from the small blind to 420,000 and rivermanl in the big blind re-raised to 1.1 million. koolie222 responded with a 4-bet all-in and rivermanl found an easy call with pocket kings (Kd-Ks) but his tournament life was on the line as koolie222 flipped up Ah-3c and covered by 1.3 million. The all-club 2c-8c-Jc flop extended more outs to koolie222, the 6h turn was safe, but the 7c river sent the Supernova Elite rivermanl home for the holidays in eighth place. The $10,000.00 for rivermanl will help him recoup those 5,000 FPPs in about 15 minutes.

As stated, the action did not stop there as four hands later it was cnew27’s turn to make something happen when abschnitt limped on the button into his big blind. Higote in the small blind got out of the way and the flop came down 9d-5c-Qc. A bet of 320,000 by cnew27 was min-raised to 640,000 by abschnitt. “2.6 million chips” was the response by cnew27’s 3-bet and abschnitt made the call with slowplayed black aces. The bet by cnew27 was a value one, as he flipped up top two (9c-Qs). abschnitt would need a five or one of the last two aces to reclaim the lead, and he got it as the 5h fell on the turn. The rivered the boat with the Ad provided salt in cnew27’s wound. For the post flop bad beat, cnew27 took home $15,000.00 in seventh place.

Losing with the best hand when the chips go in is always tough to take. koolie222 found himself staring down an all diamond board of 9d-8d-Kd while facing a bet of 840,000 from Higote. With 2.8 million chips left and blinds at 70,000/140,000 ante 14,000 he shoved with his set of nines and Higote made the call with As-Qd leaving just 330,000 chips behind. The flush filled with the 7d on the turn, but koolie222’s boat did not. Right decision, wrong result nets $20,000 for koolie222 in sixth place.

Higote found himself sitting with a decision after completing the small blind and facing an all-in 2.4 million raise by RCT355spyder with the blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000. Calling was almost half his stack, but it was the right one as RCT355spyder flipped up 7d-Tc to Higote’s Qs-Th. The board 2h-5s-9h-Qh-Kc did not produce a suckout as RCT355spyder crawled out with $25,000 in fifth place money.

Call it ESP, call it poker savant, but call it a win for abschnitt as there was heavy betting between him and DJTACO as abschnitt 3-bet DJTACO from the small blind to one million and DJTACO made the call to see a flop of 2h-Qh-Qc. Bet 600,000 from DJTACO, min raise from abschnitt and another flat call. Turn brought the Js and two checks from the players. A 4s on the river prompted a 1.9 million chip shove from DJTACO, abschnitt sniffed out the rotten meat under the cheese, sour cream, salsa, and lettuce to find an ace high bluff, which made his pocket three good for the 8.3 million chip pot. DJTACO took $32,500.00 in fourth place for a new turntable with a side of tortilla shells.

The very next hand abschnitt found himself all-in as he shoved his newly acquired 8.2 million chips into the middle on the button with the blinds bumping up to 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000. Higote in the small blind also found two cards he liked, as he made the call leaving just 423,365 behind.

Higote: Ah-Ks
abschnitt: 6d-6s

They were racing for serious money as the difference between second and third was $20,000. The race mostly ended on the Tc-2s-Kd flop, leaving abschnitt with just two outs as Higote's pair of kings took a big lead. 4c and Jd on the turn and river left abschnitt to watch the 17.4 million chip pot ship to Higote and $40,000.00 in third place money came his way.

Heads-up play between Higote and Buckyaw started out with the following chip count:

Higote: 17,767,007
Buckyaw: 11,470,993

Buckyaw would get the first double-up as he raised from the button to 600,000 and got a call from Higote to see the flop of Jc-Ad-Ac. The 800,000 chip follow-through bet was also called by Higote as was the 1.2 million turn bet by Buckyaw. The 7.9 million chip river shove by Buckyaw was also called as Higote was left to look at Buckyaw’s flopped trip aces against his pair of three with the nut flush draw that didn’t get there. This swung the chip lead to Buckyaw 21 million to Higote’s eight million.

Higote would get those chips back when his pocket kings would survive Buckyaw’s flop push at a 5h-4s-3d board. Buckyaw flipped over 8d-5d for the top pair but got no further help from the 6h and Kd and Higote would take the lead 19.3 million to Buckyaw’s 9.8 million.

Over forty hands later Higote would end the back and forth heads up battle when Buckyaw took a swipe at a flop of 2s-3c-Js board with 8s-9s and his remaining six million chips. But, Higote was going nowhere with his two pair (2d-3d) as he made the call with the small suited connector that connected. 7c produced a few more out but 5h locked up the $100,000 and November Turbo Takedown win for Higote, as Buckyaw fought hard but came up a spade short in the end taking home $60,000 as the runner up.

Here are the results below:

November $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown Results
1. Higote $100,000.00
2. Buckyaw $60,000.00
3. abschnitt $40,000.00
4. DJTACO $32,500.00
5. RCT355spyder $25,000.00
6. koolie222 $20,000.00
7. cnew27 $15,000.00
8. rivermanl $10,000.00
9. Bulldogs2002 $5,500.00

October 27, 2008 12:24 AM

The Elite Have A New Member: Elitesauce Wins October's $1 Million Turbo Takedown

Time once again to make something for nothing as 5,000 Frequent Players Points (FPPs) will earn one lucky (and/or skillful) player tonight $100,000 simply for “buying in” with FPPs. With eight players getting over five figures this evening its well worth the time invested in satellites if you do not have 5,000 FPPs lying around. 8,634 players got here any way they could from the penny players up to the Supernova Elites and nearly half of them, 4,000 to be exact, went home with at least $90.00 tonight.

The $1 Million Turbo Takedown once again is paying out big money for those FPPs from your hard work on the tables and after six and half hours these final nine players will be taking home the biggest slices of that $1,000,000 pie.

Here’s how the final table shaped up:


(Click on image for larger size)

Seat 1: fatimato (566306 in chips)
Seat 2: Gefallener (4637248 in chips)
Seat 3: ukom777 (4996824 in chips)
Seat 4: elitesauce (1773932 in chips)
Seat 5: greener_tree (5842055 in chips)
Seat 6: el10delajuve (640128 in chips)
Seat 7: Hip O'Crazy (4047941 in chips)
Seat 8: Big Pig 63 (2123232 in chips)
Seat 9: MikeG5 (1274334 in chips)

el10delajuve wasted no time in finding a double up. With the blinds for the final table starting out at 35,000/70,000 ante 7,000 he took his black pocket jacks (Js-Jc) all-in pre flop against the big stack of ukom777 and managed to win the race and double up to 1.3 million in chips.

On a short stack and needing a double up, fatimato decided to min raise from UTG to get those juicy blinds while only holding 655,306 in chips with blinds at 40,000/80,000 ante 8,000. But, Big Pig 63 had big ideas and pumped it up to 400,000 in the small blind after it folded around to him. Faced with a decision for all his chips fatimato took the plunge with Jd-Qc and found himself behind Big Pig 63’s Ah-Th while creating a 1.4 million chip pot. The two pair on the board of 6d-5c-5s-6h-7c helped no one as Big Pig 63’s ace kicker won the hand and fatimato exited with $5,500.00 in ninth place.

elitesauce opened in middle position for 270,000 with blinds escalating to 45,000/90,000 ante 9,000 while holding nearly five million in chips and Big Pig 63 decided to give him some action by calling in the big blind. After flop a flop of 9h-6s-5d Big Pig 63 checked and elitesauce bet 360,000 as Big Pig 63 oinked back for a check-raise all-in for his remaining 1.5 million. Not fazed by the big bet, elitesauce calmly called with his red aces (Ah-Ad) as Big Pig 63 was left holding only a pair of fives with 4d-5s. The aggression backfired on the barnyard favorite as the board ran out Ts and 7c to give the 3.7 million chip pot to elitesauce and sent Big Pig 63 back to the holding pen with $10,000.00 for his eighth place finish.

el10delajuve found a pair of kings in his hand in the cutoff, perfect for the short stack with only 720,512 chip left and blinds at 50,000/100,000 ante 10,000. He correctly open-pushed while Hip O’Crazy found enough sanity to isolate him on the button with his pocket pair of fives (5h-5c). Leaving 4.3 million behind, Hip O’Crazy had enough to take the hit, but sometimes crazy works as the board ran to his advantage as a four flush hit the river on the board of Ah-Jd-4h-7h-Th. The bad beat story was worth $15,000.00 for el10delajuve in seventh place.

Big pair, meet bigger pair. Gefallener found himself on the wrong side of that equation after 3-betting greener_tree’s 875,000 chip UTG raise on the button as the blinds got out of the way. greener_tree responded with a shove for his remaining 5 million in chips. Gefallener made the call with his pocket jacks (Jh-Jd) only to see the bad news in the form of greener_tree’s pocket kings (Kc-Kh). The board ran out without any face cards 3h-8d-8s-9d-7s and Gefallener received $20,000.00 in sixth place.

After several hands which saw slices of greener_tree’s chip lead go to ukom777’s pocket aces and another slice for MikeG5 river four flush while dominated Ad-5c versus Ac-Qs The hand kept MikeG5 in the tournament long enough to be a part of the deal talks as the players checked with the PokerStars staff to discuss deal. The players decided to draft a new book on poker negotiations in the chat box for nearly ten minutes, but they still fell through as greener_tree was not willing to deal.

When greener_tree knocked out ukom777 in fifth place it looked like an even better decision to drop the chop talks. Picking up pocket kings (Kh-Ks) UTG again while raising to 485,000 with blinds at 90,000/180,000 ante 18,000 greener_tree was looking for action and found it with ukom777 who shoved for 5.5 million from the small blind with missus slick (Ah-Qh). The board 8d-Jd-6h-2d-4c put out a diamond flush possibility, right color, wrong suit for ukom777 as he earned $25,000 in fifth place.

Deal talks remained silent while MikeG5 got in his remaining 1.5 million chips in the middle from the small blind with blinds still at 90,000/180,000 ante 18,000 having only elitesauce in his way for the 342,000 sitting in the middle. After a slight pause, elitesauce took his Ad-7d to war making the call while leaving three million behind. MikeG5 found himself behind with Kd-5h and did not improve on the 8s-2d-2c-9c-8c board. Fourth place was worth $32,500.00 to MikeG5 as chop talk began again.

After several offers from greener_tree using his double stack chip lead on Hip O’Crazy and elitesauce as the bargaining weight, they came to an agreement:

greener_tree $84,000
Hip O’Crazy $48,000
elitesauce $48,000

As with all the big Sunday tournaments, an amount was set aside for the winner. So, after the deal was broken these three played on for the remaining $20,000 of the prize pool.

greener_tree had to be smiling wide after the deal was cut as he made nearly $44,000 when his lead was chopped into after several three-handed play. His final hand came with blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000 as Hip O’Crazy folded from the button and elitesauce came in for a 750,000 from the small blind. greener_tree pushed his remaining 5.7 million chips as elitesauce called and covered by 1.9 million.

greener_tree: Qh-Jc
elitesauce: Ad-Ks

The flop of 5c-Qd-7h turned the advantage to greener_tree for the 12 million chip pot, and the 3h on the turn left elitesauce looking for six outs. Team PokerStars pro Barry Greenstein’s book “Ace on the River” came in handy here, as the ace of spades hit on the river sending greener_tree to play with his newly minted $84,000 from the deal for his third place finish.

The final two would start the heads-up match for the remaining $20,000 nearly even with 14 million for elitesauce versus the 11 million for Hip O’Crazy with blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000.

The heads-up match would be a series of blinds steals by both players for nearly twenty hands then Hip O’Crazy snagged a seven million chip pot post flop to take 16 million to 8 million chip lead for five hands until the following big hand turned the tides towards the winner:

elitesauce completed the additional 150,000 chips from the button as Hip O’Crazy liked his cards enough to raise to 2.1 million. elitesauce then 3-bet all-in to 11.8 million and Hip O’Crazy made the call leaving two million behind.

Hip O'Crazy: Ac-Td
elitesauce: Th-Tc

The dominating lead pre-flop would not be overturned as the board ran out 6h-8d-Qc-Qh-Jd giving elitesauce the 23 million chip pot and a 11:1 chip heads-up clip lead with the blinds at 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000. After doubling up two hands later, Hip O’Crazy would succumb to elitesauce’s enormous chip lead as he called elitesauce’s button push with four million in chips with 8d-Qd and found himself dominated again against elitesauce’s Qh-Js. As the board turned, it made the river interesting by putting up two diamonds: Ks-9h-7d-Kd, but no diamond nor an eight on the river as the 6h fell and elitesauce showed who was the 1337 (that’s elite for those not up with geek lingo) player in taking home the extra $20,000 for being this month’s $1 Million Turbo Takedown winner!

Join us again next month and see if you too can turn 5,000 FPPs into a possible six-figure score!

October $1 Million Turbo Takedown Results
(based on three-way deal)

1. elitesauce $68,000
2. Hip O’Crazy $48,000
3. greener_tree $84,000
4. MikeG5 $32,500
5. ukom777 $25,000
6. Gefallener $20,000
7. el10delajuve $15,000
8. Big Pig 63 $10,000
9. fatimato $5,500

September 28, 2008 11:31 PM

mirror99 wins $1 Million Turbo Takedown, goes out on top

Sunday’s $1 Million Turbo Takedown provided all of rollercoaster-like thrills one would expect from a tourney with such a unique structure. The 5,000-FPP buy-in attracted 10,742 players to come out and take their shot at that $100,000 first prize. Indeed, just making the top 4,000 guaranteed everyone at least a $90 payday. But with ten-minute levels and rapidly-climbing blinds (particularly during the first three hours), those 3,000 starting-chip stacks began to look small very quickly.

Eliminations came at a rapid clip. At the one-hour break, 6,452 players remained. Player sacc316 assumed the chip lead for a while during the second hour, and by the end of Level 9 the cash bubble burst. With 6,742 eliminations in 90 minutes, that meant more than 75 players hitting the rail per minute! It would take less than half an hour to lose another 2,000 players and reach the next pay jump. At the two-hour break, 1,690 players remained, with goleafsgo96 at the top of the leaderboard.

By Level 15, early chip leader sacc316 would be gone (in 1,250th) and the field shrunk to 1,000. At the four-hour break, goleafsgo96 was out (in 151st) and less than 100 remained. With 50 players left, Johnnina had built a large chip lead, moving up past 2.8 million, almost twice what second place toreyoops had. As the field whittled down to 30, Johnnina still had the lead, though WhooooKidd had started to gain ground. Just as he was about to take the chip lead, WhooooKidd took a big hit in a strange hand versus mirror99. Action had folded around to WhooooKidd who put in a standard-sized raise from the button. Then mirror99 shoved all in from the blinds for almost 1.4 million. WhooooKidd called, showing Ad-Jd, and was surprised to see mirror99 turn over Kd-2s. Surprise quickly turned to indignation, though, when a king flopped and WhooooKidd couldn’t catch up. With the help of that 2.8 million-chip pot, mirror99 would be chip leader with 27 left.

Johnnina would be back on top with 18 left, with mirror99 in second, and WhooooKidd sneaking back into contention in 5th. However Johnnina would lose most of that big stack when pocket sixes failed to outrun HooBangin’s Big Slick in an all in confrontation. Chip leader for much of the early evening, Johnnina would be eliminated short of the final table in 13th.

Not long afterwards, HooBangin would knocked out CockneyCall in 10th. CockneyCall had shoved all in from the small blind with pocket fours, but HooBangin was waiting for him in the big blind with Ks-Kh. The cowboys held up, and thanks to that hand HooBangin would take the chip lead to the final table:


Seat 1: moozzer22 -- 2,909,024
Seat 2: toreyoops -- 2,241,046
Seat 3: WhooooKidd -- 3,591,293
Seat 4: doucheburger -- 2,480,322
Seat 5: eldie2 -- 4,101,418
Seat 6: mirror99 -- 3,991,362
Seat 7: matkillers23 -- 5,298,821
Seat 8: HooBangin -- 5,876,650
Seat 9: QTgirlE3 -- 1,736,064

WhooooKidd looked like a possible contender here to perhaps take down the Takedown, but he’d end up being the first player eliminated from the final table. After about a dozen hands at the final table, players had reached Level 42 (blinds 70,000/140,000, antes 14,000). HooBangin raised to 325,000 from middle position and WhooooKidd called from the small blind. The flop came 7h-4h-As. WhooooKidd checked, HooBangin bet 560,000, then WhooooKidd check-raised all in for a bit more than 3.7 million. HooBangin snap-called, showing 7s-7c for the flopped set, well ahead of WhooooKidd’s Ah-Qh. The turn was the 8s and the river the 2d, and WhooooKidd was out in 9th.

About 15 hands later, HooBangin would claim another victim, this time the player on his left, QTgirlE3. The table had folded to HooBangin who raised to 340,000 in the cutoff, and QTgirlE3 reraised all in for 1,126,064 from the button. The blinds got out of the way, and HooBangin made the call, showing Js-Jh. QTgirlE3 had Ts-Td. The board ran out As-7d-6h-9c-2s, and in this, the last hand before the seven-hour break, QTgirlE3 was bounced in 8th.

When play resumed, HooBangin had a sizable chip lead, with his more than 11.6 million putting him well ahead of his nearest foes, mirror99 (5.2 million) and matkillers23 (5.0 million). About 20 minutes later, eldie2 open-raised to 720,000 from the button, and matkillers23 reraised all in for 2,526,821 from the big blind. eldie2 made the call, showing 9s-9c. matkillers23 turned over Kh-Ks. Looked like a good chance to double up for mattkillers23, until the flop came 7c-4s-9h. No king came to rescue him, and mattkillers23 was out in 7th.

HooBangin would resume the role of table assassin soon afterwards by knocking out toreyoops in 6th. A series of raises and reraises meant toreyoops had his entire stack of 1.34 million in the middle with Qs-Jd, not such a good spot to be in against HooBangin’s pocket rockets. The flop came Ts-Ah-9c, giving HooBangin a set but toreyoops a chance at a straight. But the 7h on the turn and the Qc on the river didn’t help, and we were five-handed. Six hands later, moozzer22 had slipped below the million-chip mark, and decided to push all in with pocket fives. eldie2 called with As-Kh, and won the race when the board came 9h-Ks-4c-Tc-Td.

With four players left, HooBangin began pushing his advantage, and soon had 17 million chips -- more than half of the chips in play. eldie2 was nearest with a little less than 8 million, with mirror99 and doucheburger sitting on the short stacks. doucheburger would double up once through HooBangin, spiking a trey on the river to with with pocket threes against HooBangin’s pocket fives.

At that point, eldie2 proposed the remaining four talk chop, and just as the players began to discuss it, eldie2 would suddenly lose most of her stack to mirror99 in most unfortunate fashion. On a flop of Js-7h-Qc, eldie2 bet 750,000, mirror99 check-raised to 2 million, and eldie2 called. When the turn came the 3s, mirror99 promptly shoved all in for 2,472,316 and eldie2 made the call. mirror99 showed Td-Tc, while eldie2 had Ah-Jd. But a ten came on the river, giving the 11.2 million pot to mirror99 and leaving eldie2 with just 830,947. mirror99 would finish the job a dozen hands later when his pocket sevens outran eldie2’s Ad-Th, knocking eldie2 out in 4th.

doucheburger would double up again through HooBangin, bringing the three remaining players’ stack sizes closer to one another. The subject of a deal was proposed anew, and negotiations began.

1. mirror99 -- 12,582,473
2. HooBangin -- 12,280,239
3. doucheburger -- 7,363,288

A “chip chop” was quickly agreed upon by all three players (see details below), with $20,000 left on the table for the eventual winner. Shortly afterwards, mirror99 began putting the pressure on both of his opponents with his frequent all in reraises forcing them to fold. By the time the eight-hour break rolled around, mirror99 had increased his lead with 17.74 million, to HooBangin’s 8.49 million and doucheburger’s 5.99 million.

During the break, mirror99 revealed that this was something of a momentous tournament for him, not just because of his success today.

mirror99: kinda funny - i made a commitment that this would be my last game of online poker - i have had the most outrageous luck - nice way to go!

Others lol’d, then two hands later, it was all over.

On the first hand back, mirror99 raised to 2 million from the button, HooBangin reraised all in from the small blind, and mirror99 called. HooBangin showed Ah-7h, while mirror99 held Ad-Qc. The board came 9d-3d-5c-2d-8c, and HooBangin was out in 3rd.

Then, on the very next hand -- the first of heads up -- doucheburger open-raised his last 5,508,801 from the small blind/button, and mirror99 called. doucheburger turned over Kh-7s, well behind mirror99’s Kd-9h. The flop of Jc-5h-7d was good for doucheburger, bringing him the needed seven. But the 9s gave the lead back to mirror99, and the Jd sealed it. Nice way to go, indeed!

Congratulations to mirror99 and all of those cashing in today’s $1 Million Turbo Takedown.

PokerStars $1 Million Turbo Takedown Final Table Results:
(amounts reflect three-way chop, leaving $20K for eventual winner)

1. mirror99 -- $83,426.69
2. doucheburger -- $53,709.34
3. HooBangin -- $62,863.97
4. eldie2 -- $32,500.00
5. moozzer22 -- $25,000.00
6. toreyoops -- $20,000.00
7. matkiller23 -- $15,000.00
8. QTgirlE3 -- $10,000.00
9. WhooooKidd -- $5,500.00

July 27, 2008 9:24 PM

Welcome to Valuetown: riffery wins the Million Dollar Turbo Takedown

With everyone showing up to the final table with more then 20 big blinds and a slow structure this is sure to be a lengthy battle for an incredible prize pool that is completely funded by Frequent Players Points (FPPs). Only grinding out those FPPs on the cash, sit and go, and multi-table tournaments will get you into this massive event. 11,962 either bought in with the 5,000 FPP entry fee or managed to weave thru the many satellites that are offered daily to reach this event that paid out in 4,000 places with $100,000 going to our winner tonight. A tough hand of KK vs. AA for sjemmy from Rotterdam and our final table of nine was set.


Seat 1: riffery (4893590 in chips)
Seat 2: HipsterDufes (1801996 in chips)
Seat 3: kipa58 (5752600 in chips)
Seat 4: roybaauw (4932239 in chips)
Seat 5: nsewell4 (7700895 in chips)
Seat 6: gambler2k4 (2240724 in chips)
Seat 7: jitterbug777 (1868552 in chips)
Seat 8: Badboy Orrie (3107026 in chips)
Seat 9: papa333 (3588378 in chips)

Riffery made the first big move of the final table after tabling pocket Kings to dominate nsewell4’s AKo. After a board of blandness, riffery’s newly acquired nine million chip stack was good enough for a solid lead over second place kipa58 early in the final table with blinds at $50,000/$100,000 ante $10,000. Almost like watching a well oiled hockey power play, the disks of money were moving swiftly across the felt for nearly the first hour of the final table the chips merely shifted from side to side as riffery’s stack was depleted a little, then roybaauw who got several chips from riffery placed those newly acquired chips in the stack of gambler2K4 and HipsterDufes on back-to-back all ins preflop.

Sometimes the best hand pre-flop does win but takes a little while longer to get there. Riffery’s under the gun raise was called by roybaauw while everyone else got out of the way. A flop of Qd 3s 6s got riffery to check to roybaauw who calmly put out a $600,000 chip bet leaving $2.8 million behind. Aggressive the entire final table riffery answered with all-in shove for his chip leading stack of $7.4 million. But, roybaauw saw thru the huge check raise and found his QcJs well ahead of riffery’s AcJc. The seven of diamonds on the turn left just three cards to dodge, but roybaauw’s agility to dance around those outs on the river wasn’t good enough as the Ace of the diamonds spiked and added to riffery’s chip lead. $5,500.00 for FPPs is points well-spent by our ninth place finisher roybaauw.

Gambler2K4 was slowly acquiring chips in the first hour as he called raise from kipa58 with KcQc. The 2s Kd 7s flop found no one’s attention as they both checked. The Queen of spades on the turn gave Gambler2K4 top two pair, and when kipa58 checked to him a $400,000 bet went into the middle. Kipa58 answered with a check-raise all-in which gambler2K4 quickly called only to see the one-outer on the turn hit for kipa58’s pocket queens. Still alive with two kings left in the deck, gambler2K4 watched the four of diamonds fall and left us with ten grand in his bankroll for poker, craps, roulette, or whatever gambler2K4 chooses to make his next wager on while finishing in eighth place.

The massive stacks of kipa58 and riffery pushed the other players to jockey for position among themselves. HipsterDufes tried to breach the solid wall of chips having riffery on his right and kipa58 on his left by push his remaining $1.8 million in chip with blinds at $80,000/$160,000 ante $16,000 into kipa58’s big blind. HipsterDufes’ Kh9h wasn’t thrilled to see the call sign flashing as kipa58 turned over pocket threes for a race. Two hearts on the flops looked great, but a closer look told a sad tale as the three of hearts gave kipa58 a set of threes and a commanding lead. No flush filled on the turn and river and HipsterDufes will have an extra $15,000 in seventh place to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Out of the shorter stacks nsewell4 has made the biggest moves to challenge the big stacked players to his right. His efforts were helped after racing pocket Tens versus the all-in from Badboy Orrie (Boston Bruins fan in the Netherlands perhaps?) who held AKo. A coordinated flop of 6s 7h 8d helped no one, two of spades on the turn had nsewell4 looking further up the pay scale, and the Queen of clubs on the river sent Mr. Orr flying to the ice but alas no goal this time as in a highlight reel shot shown time and time again on Sportscenter. Badboy Orrie gets $20,000 for his efforts in sixth place tonight.

Dancing is not a forte of mine, but Jitterbug777 literally tap danced his up the pay ladder with steals and catching a few double ups with his short stack. All songs end eventually and the sweet footed Jitterbug777 had to face the music with big slick versus kipa58’s pocket twos all-in pre flop with his remaining $1.5 million in chips and blinds at $90,000/$180,000 ante $18,000. With a board of 9c Js Jh Qs, Jitterbug had several outs to counterfeit kipa58’s deuces but the 3d hit the river and his great short stack play earned him $25,000 in fifth place.

With less then ten big blinds papa333 found Ah6h in the small blind pushing his remaining $938,396 in chips with only riffery standing in his way of gathering some much needed chips pre-flop. But, the cagey riffery held pocket fours to make the easy call. Much like the previous bust-out hand the pocket pair withheld a minefield of outs as 5h 3h 8s was laid out on the flop. But, papa333 could not find any help to give the kids in his hand on the turn and river. $32,500 in fourth place money is good for a year or two of college for papa333’s kids at home, depending on the new dorm room costs of course.

Then the two big stacks became one. Several preflop raising wars broke out during three handed play with kipa58 coming over the top of riffery and visa versa. Finally riffery decided to stand up to the other chip bully and they played the biggest pot of the tournament after some preflop betting and all the money into the pot on the turn of 7c 8d 7d Th

Riffery: Qs Qc
Kipa58: Kh Td

Riffery dodged the trips and two pair outs on the river and banked the massive $21 million chip pot. Later they would tangle again, but this time the money went in preflop as kipa58 shoved his remaining $6.4 million in chips holding AJo and riffery made the call with pocket tens. It’s the night for pocket pairs as riffery’s hand held up and he would take a 6:1 chip advantage into heads-up play against nsewell4. The third place finisher, kipa58, will enjoy $40,000 for his play tonight.

With blinds at $150,000/$300,000 ante $30,000 nsewell4 managed to double up off riffery and chopped his large chip lead down to 2.5:1 but riffery’s constant button raises and re-raises have made this heads-up battle seemingly one-sided. One stretch saw the chip leader take down nearly ten hands in a row with only two of those even seeing a flop. Riffery’s aggression would gain all the chips lost during the double up, and then some while expanding his lead to a 10:1 margin.

Nsewell4 was down to his last $3 million in chips while finding big slick all ready to do battle as he shoved his remaining chips against riffery’s big blind. Riffery called with KsQc but the huge chip lead could take the wound. First aid was not needed as the flop showed 6s Qd Th turning nsewell4 into the player needing three outs. The inside broadway straight never filled and Nsewell4 will receive a sizable $60,000 as a consolation prize. Showing once again that aggression wins tournaments, riffery goes to valuetown and receives $100,000 for his PokerStars Million Dollar Turbo Takedown win!

PokerStars $1 Million Turbo Takedown Final Table Results

1. riffery (Netherlands) $100,000.00
2. nsewell4 (United States) $60,000.00
3. kipa58 (Latvia) $40,000.00
4. papa333 (United States) $32,500.00
5. jitterbug777 (United States) $25,000.00
6. Badboy Orrie (Netherlands) $20,000.00
7. HipsterDufes (Canada) $15,000.00
8. gambler2k4 (United States) $10,000.00
9. roybaauw (Netherlands) $5,500.00

June 29, 2008 10:09 PM

dickson007 wins June Turbo Takedown

Upon reaching the final table of a tournament with over 10,000 runners a player is usually looking at a decent payday. But, how often are you staring at a possible $100,000 win from a freeroll? The Turbo Takedown lets anyone with Frequent Players Points (FPPs) to turn their points into some serious cash. A multitude of satellites from the 50 FPPs MTT to 1,000 FPPs Sit and Gos to reach the 5,000 FPPs buy in for this tourney are available at all times. 4,000 players enjoyed turning their FPPs into at least $90.00 and the final nine are assured $5,500.00 for their nearly eight hours of work.

With dav3477’s shortstack going down in tenth place, the final nine was set.


Seat 1: 2 irmaos (4174965 in chips)
Seat 2: dickson007 (5854383 in chips)
Seat 3: stortv (3686318 in chips)
Seat 4: iupeli (6372889 in chips)
Seat 5: cRRusher (2077120 in chips)
Seat 6: hustler730 (2307848 in chips)
Seat 7: Chaesi (4635706 in chips)
Seat 8: YWEplay (1597058 in chips)
Seat 9: Bratcat (1051713 in chips)

With blinds at $70000/$140000 ante $14000, the short stacked Bratcat was the first to seek a double up, and found it against 2 irmaos when Bratcat picked off the re-steal with A2o versus Q9o for 2 irmaos. The board brought a bunch of broadway cards but none that changed the preflop advantage and Bratcat was back in contention.

Bratcat wasn’t done there, with a few preflop steals he chipped up enough to be able to do some real damage. On two consecutive hands he sent players to the rail. The first victim was stortv who found AQo on the button and raced off his chips versus Bratcat’s pocket eights. With a 2d 8c 4h, stortv was down to a runner runner wheel to escape the flopped set. A king on the turn gave stortv $5,500.00 for his ninth place effort.

The very next hand YWEplay thought his pocket jacks would provide a much needed double up while one off under the gun, but found himself well behind the pocket queens of Bratcat. A set for both players by the turn left YWEplay hoping for the miracle jack on the river. Unfortunately the river card was not paint but $10,000 for YWEplay’s eighth place finish should boost his hourly poker earnings.

Starting dead last in chips meant Bratcat just had a little more work to do. By eliminating the eighth place finishers he wasn’t finished. Pocket nines are a favorite for certain 11 time World Series of Poker bracelet holder, and while making quads versus seventh place finisher iupeli, Bratcat might learn to like them as well. Another victim of AQo at the final table, iupeli quickly found himself behind a flopped set on a Kh 8c 9c board needing running cards for a straight, the turn brought no life and the fourth nine on the river just rubbed it in. The aussie iupeli can feel good about the $15,000.00 he gets to take home for his seventh place finish. Maybe he can join a fellow aussie and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem in next year’s WSOP?

The extremely aggressive 2 irmaos found himself staring down a sizable call for his remaining three million in chips. A button raise from Bratcat, 2 irmaos called in the small blind, only to have dickson007 fire out a squeeze push from the big blind. Bratcat got out of the way and 2 irmaos made the call. His pockets eights would usually be a decent starting hand while down to six players, but dickson007’s pocket queens made a sizable mountain to overcome. With the board running out without changing the preflop advantage, 2 irmaos took in $20,000 for his 5,000 FPPs in sixth place.

After Bratcat cooled down a bit, it was Chaesi’s turn to take some chips and dash some dreams of the $100,000 payday. With blinds at $100,000/$200,000 antes $20,000 and only ten big blinds left hustler730 tried to steal Chaesi’s big blind from the small blind with KTo. Chaesi’s A4o was enough to make the call as hustler730 did not have an extra king or ten up his sleeve when the board ran out in Chaesi’s favor. $25,000 in fifth place will help hustler730 find a new car bring his ladies around in.

cRRusher only found a few spots to play at the final table, and with pocket tens on the button it looked like a great spot to take some chips off dickson007 raising behind. Pocket Aces are tough to get a person to fold preflop, and cRRusher’s preflop disadvantage versus dickson007’s rockets did not find a third ten on the board. Adding five figures ones bankroll is always nice, the $32,500.00 banked by CRRusher’s fourth place finish should help him enjoy a couple more MTT’s at PokerStars in the years to come.

All good things come to an end, bachelor parties, a cool drink poolside while in Vegas, and for Bratcat a run of cards at this final table. A board of 8h 3d 4c 3s and facing a three million chip raise of his 1.25 million chip bet from dickson007 while holding a third trey in his with Kc 3h dreams of a double up were probably dancing around, until after his shove and a call by dickson007 showed him the bad news. The fourth trey was sitting in dickson007’s hand with an ace kicker. No king on the river for Bratcat meant $40,000 for third place and a $34,500 improvement from his starting final table short stack.

Heads up play between Chaesi and dickson007 started fairly even in chips with dickson007 holding 17.7 million to Chaesi’s 14 million. Dickson007 initiated chop talks but Chaesi had no reply and the two traded chips for a while about ten hands. After the chip trades and another attempt at chop talks, dickson007 decided to use some tricks from Q’s laboratory and won the final five hands of the tournament. Taking two hands preflop, then another post flop, dickson007’s nut flush made on the river in a 17 million chip pot left Chaesi with 3.5 million in chip and mucking his cards as fast as the interface would allow.

Chaesi received QJo on the button the very next hand and with blinds at $150,000/$300,000 antes $30,000 he shoved his remaining chips into the pot. Dickson007 turned over A9o after quickly calling, and an ace on the flop quickly chilled the coin flip, but a ten on the turn would open up straight possibilities that were closed just a quickly by the 5 on the river. Chaesi will be able to take his $60,000 for second place back to his small town in Switzerland while dickson007 is this month’s Turbo Takedown champion!

While you could use those FPPs for the great merchandise from the PokerStars FPP store, I think dickson007 is glad he used 5,000 of them for a few hours of cards and the $100,000 that come with being the last one with chips.

Here are the final table payouts. Congrats to all 4,000 players who cashed!

1. dickson007 - $100,000.00
2. Chaesi - $60,000.00
3. Bratcat - $40,000.00
4. CRRusher - $32,500.00
5. hustler730 - $25,000.00
6. 2 irmaos - $20,000.00
7. iupeli - $15,000.00
8. YWEplay - $10,000.00
9. stortv - $5,500.00

May 25, 2008 11:52 PM

Schmidl89 wins May Turbo Takedown

It’s the type of turbo tournament you don’t see every day. The buy-in is Frequent Player Points. The prize pool is a whopping $1 million. First place comes in at a cool $100,000.

When PokerStars tried out the Turbo Takedown earlier in the year, there were a lot of folks who thought it was going to be a one-off deal. When it was over and done with, the players begged to see it again. This month, PokerStars decided to add the Turbo Takedown to its monthly line-up of big money tournaments.

Sunday was a huge day at PokerStars. In all, PokerStars guaranteed more than $4 million in prize money over the course of the day. Twenty-five percent of that guaranteed purse was locked up in the Turbo Takedown. Twelve thousand players entered. The top 4,000 players walked away with cash. The final table players were guaranteed no less than $5,500—more than a dollar for every Frequent Player Point it took to enter.

Here’s what the final table looked like as the final nine convened to fight for the $100,000 first prize.


Seat 1: jolan (3837770 in chips)
Seat 2: Stompato (3142875 in chips)
Seat 3: nevada_nl (1535572 in chips)
Seat 4: Schmidl89 (4676163 in chips)
Seat 5: LFmagic (3235038 in chips)
Seat 6: Pokerguden (6539700 in chips)
Seat 7: biggboss120 (3544949 in chips)
Seat 8: stonz0steel (4312826 in chips)
Seat 9: L_Sprewell (5175107 in chips)

The chip stacks were still deep enough at the top of final table play that players played for around an hour before the first player busted out. In the meantime, thanks in part to making quad aces for a 4 million chip pot, jolan jumped out to a commanding lead. Nearly an hour into final table play, jolan had more than 11 million chips. It didn’t last forever, though, when his pocket sixes fell to Pokerguden for a 7 million pot.

After an hour, it came to the point where someone finally had to go. After PokerGuden limped in with pocket sixes, stonz0steel pushed all-in with AQ. A six on the flop and no miracles to come and stonz0steel was out in 9th place earning $5,500.

Seconds later Stompato found the rail after getting all-in with AQ versus L_Sprewell’s K8 and jolan’s AK. Nobody paired until the river. That’s when L_Sprewell hit his eight, doubled through jolan, and knocked out Stompato in eighth place. Stompato earned $10,000 for his finish.

Flood gates opened, one-time chip horder jolan went to the rail in quick fashion. He got it all-in preflop with AJ versis Pokerguden’s pocket queens. The ladies held and jolan found himself on the rail, but $15,000 richer.

LFmagic departed just a few hands later. He got his short-stack in with KT versus Schmidl89’s KQ. Schmidl89 made two pair and LFmagic was out in sixth place, earning $20,000.

For the briefest of moments, players discussed a quick chop. Just as soon as the discussion began, though, it ended and play resumed five-handed.

At first it looked like players might lock it down again. Instead, nevada_nl pushed all-in with QT. Pokerguden quickly isolated with AK. He flopped his ace and sent nevada_nl out in fifth place, good for $25,000.

Next to go was biggboss120. Hard to say what he had, but he got it all-in pre-flop and couldn’t beat L_Sprewell’ s A9 on a [4s Js 2d 9h] [5c] board. For fourth place, biggboss120 picked up $32,500.

Three handed, the remaining players were rather evenly stacked. After playing for an hour without losing a player, the final table had lost six players in just twenty minutes. It took just a few more minutes for L_Sprewell to lose about half his stack after continuation-betting a 2c 9d 7h flop and folding to Pokerguden’s push. He stood a very good chance of getting it all back against Schmidl89, all-in pre-flop with KJ to Schmidl89’s KT. The board gave L_Sprewell two-pair, but gave Schmidl89 Broadway. L_Sprewell earned $40,000.

Heads up, Schmidl89 jumped out to an early lead. When the players hit a break, Schmidl89 had 23 million to Pokerguden’s 12 million. It only took ten minutes for Pokerguden to chip away and take over the chip lead. However, with every hand with 700,000 pre-flop, it was not a contest that was going to last forever.

Schmidl89 would not go away, however. He doubled up once when Pokerguden missed a flush draw. Then, flopped two pair and got paid off on it. He was the chip leader again, and he would not give it up.

The final hand was a monster. Schmidl89 came in for a standard raise, Pokerguden re-raised with pocket kings, and Schmidl89 called. The flop came Th 9d 2h, Pokerguden pushed, and Schmidl89 called with Qh Td. The board put out two more hearts, giving Schmidl89 the flush and the victory.

Here are the full final table results.

PokerStars Turbo Takedown Final Table Results May 2008

1. Schmidl89 Austria) $100,000.00
2. Pokerguden (United States) $60,000.00
3. L_Sprewell (Spain) $40,000.00
4. biggboss120 (Netherlands) $32,500.00
5. nevada_nl (Netherlands) $25,000.00
6. LFmagic (United Kingdom) $20,000.00
7. jolan (United States) $15,000.00
8. Stompato (France) $10,000.00
9. stonz0steel (United States) $5,500.00

If you missed out on the action this month, fear not. The PokerStars Turbo Takedown will be back at the end of June. Between now and then, FPP satellites will be running and give you a shot at one of the biggest ROIs in online poker.

May 7, 2008 10:27 AM

Turbo Takedown back at PokerStars

No matter who you are, if you're a poker player, you're always looking for that big score. Everybody has different ways of finding it. Some players grind out their cash over a period of many years. Some players get it all in one big tournament.

PokerStars is now offering its players a chance to hit the big score in just a matter of hours.

After a successful trial in February, the PokerStars Turbo Takedown is returning as a permanent monthly fixture in the tournament schedule.

PokerStars players will only have to put up 5,000 Frequent Player Points for a shot at a first prize of $100,000 and a total prize pool of $1,000,000. If the last Turbo Takedown is any indication, it won’t take long to get to the money. Last time, the bubble burst less than two hours after the start of the tournament.

In February, top honors went to German PokerStars player mombasi, who won $200,000.

One interesting feeature of the Turbo Takedown is that it’s not all about the big win. It's also about making it a lot easier to win some real cash. PokerStars is paying out 4000 places and limiting the tournament to a maximum of 12,000 players. So, a minimum of one in every three players will cash.

The Turbo Takedown will take place on the last Sunday of every month at 14:30 ET, starting on May 25th. Satellites start from as little as 10 Frequent Player Points and are running around the clock.

February 17, 2008 8:28 PM

Mombasi bashes through Turbo Takedown field

The $2 Million PokerStars Turbo Takedown seemed to come out of nowhere. Just a week before it was set to play, it popped up on the PokerStars software and offered just about everybody in the PokerStars community a chance to play for some of the biggest money of the day.

It was a concept rarely seen in the world of online poker: A buy-in with no dollar sign in front of it and a prize pool that grabs the attention of the highest of rollers. No surprise, it attracted nearly ten thousand players to the virtual felt on a Sunday afternoon.

The structure was an interesting one. It started fast and then gradually got a bit slower. The bigger the prizes, the more poker there was to play. It made for a final table that started just seven hours after it began, but left the players with some room to breathe.

Here's what the final table looked like when it began.


Seat 1: Karsten85 (2298010 in chips)
Seat 2: mmmy17 (1602090 in chips)
Seat 3: mombasi (4108659 in chips)
Seat 4: D.Nowitzki (2448035 in chips)
Seat 5: TXSooner518 (4520003 in chips)
Seat 6: tobededope (3873262 in chips)
Seat 7: BleedBlue33 (2719149 in chips)
Seat 8: oakblack (1872790 in chips)
Seat 9: qbgoose (5358002 in chips)

Oakblack was the first of the final table players to find the rail. With the blinds at 50,000/100,000/10,000. BleedBlue33 came in for a raise to 222,222. Oakblack decided he was going to get it in before the flop and pushed for nearly two million more. BleedBlue33 called with AK, up against oakblack's AQ. Neither hand improved and oakblack went out in ninth place. He won $11,000 for his effort.

Next out was D.Nowitzki (no, not that one...). He got AJ all-in versus mombasi's pair of nines. Nowitzki bricked on all five streets and went out in eighth place for $20,000.

Mombasi took out the seventh place finisher, as well. He held AQ and got mmmy17 all-in with QJ. By the river, the both had straights, but Mombasi's was Broadway. Mmmy17 picked up $30,000 for seventh place.

Shortly thereafter, the sickness began. Karsten came in for a raise from the button and mombasi called from the small blind. The flop came out 9s2h3s and mombasi bet about 500,000 at it. Karsten pushed for another 1.5 million. Mombasi called with only A7. Karsten showed Q9 and was ahead all the way until the river...when an ace hit. Karsten finished in sixth place for $40,000.

Karsten's exit and chip gave mombasi a chip lead to be admired. He sat with more than $12 million chips, more than twice what anybody else at the table had.

With one sick beat out of the way, qbgoose likely felt great getting his chips in the middle with KK, especiall up against tobededope's AK. It was a short-lived taste of success. An ace on the flop crooppled qbgoose. Left with fewer than 200,000 chips, we was able to stick around long enough to stick to the pattern of busting to mombasi. For fifth place, qbgoose picked up $50,000.

If the Mombasi Busts the World Story is getting old, you may want to take a break, because just a few minutes later, he sent TXSooner518 out in fourth place. It was Q8 all in pre-flop versus TXSooner518's J9. A jack on the flop gave TXSooner518 the lead. A queen on the turn turned it around and TXSooner518 went out in fourth place for $65,000.

Three-handed play lasted a long while and broke the Mombasi streak. BleedBlue33 got his final 1.8 million in the middle with Q5. Problem was, he ran into tobededope's A3. An ace on the flop was enough to send BleedBlue33 out in third place. He earned $80,000.

Heads up, talk of a deal began. Tobededope held about 15 million to mombasi's 13 million. The players couldn't reach an agreement and it would soon become the mombasi show. Just a few hands later, mombasi flopped a set of deuces to beat tobededope's pair of fives. After that, it was over in just a couple of hands . Mombasi completed his table-thrashing and took down the $200,000 first prize.

Congratulations to all the players.

Here are the final table results.

1. mombasi (Germany) $200,000.00
2. tobededope (Germany) $120,000.00
3. BleedBlue33 (United States) $80,000.00
4. TXSooner518 (United States) $65,000.00
5. qbgoose (Canada) $50,000.00
6. Karsten85 (Germany) $40,000.00
7. mmmy17 (Brazil) $30,000.00
8. D.Nowitzki (Germany) $20,000.00
9. oakblack (United Kingdom) $11,000.00

February 10, 2008 6:47 AM

$2 Million PokerStars Turbo Takedown

turbo_4.jpgSometimes it's hard to figure out how to spend your Frequent Player Points. There are so many cool things you can do with them, it's hard to decide. This week, that changes.

This morning, PokerStars announced it will host the biggest tournament of the week on February 17, at 14:30ET. The no-limit hold'em event has a $2 million guarantee, and get can't enter with money. The entry fee is 10,000 Frequent Player Points.

Now, you may be of a mind to not drop 10,000 on one tournament. Understandable. There's a lot you can do with 10,000 FPP credits. PokerStars figured that out, as well. Starting today, you will be able to start playing qualifying satellites for as little as 10 FPP credits.

PokerStars has already posted the payout table on the $2 Million PokerStars Turbo Takedown page. First prize is an astounding $200,000.

That's right. Two hundred grand guaranteed first prize for an FPP entry.

Regardless of whether you make it to first place, you still stand a good chance of walking away with cash. PokerStars is paying deep in the Turbo Takedown. One in every three players will cash.

To register directly, click on EVENTS and SPECIAL in the PokerStars Lobby. Or, if you prefer, click on EVENTS, SPECIAL, and FPP SATELLITES to qualify for less.

Good luck!

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