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Liv Boeree final tables Women's Sunday as CzaRnaPL takes the crown

Last minute holiday shopping paused for two major PokerStars Women events; the weekly Women's Sunday $10,000 guaranteed & the penultimate PokerStars Women Caribbean Adventure satellite. Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree and friend of PokerStars Charlotte "SjLot" van Brabander sweetened the prize pool with $50 bounties on each.

Kami "DrKamikaze1" Chisholm enjoyed a holiday rush today. She earned a $3,250 PCA package and final tabled the Women's Sunday (more details on that below). Kami said she is looking forward to visiting the Bahamas but, "I have a lot to live up to" as she won the six-max Limit Holdem PCA event in 2010. Kami makes a point of playing as many Women's Sunday tournaments as she can: "I just love women's events. Even online everyone is so nice and polite!"

Today's pool of merry competitors edged out the guarantee:
Total players: 204
Prize Pool: $10,200
Paid finishers: 36

The first bounty went to monaPL of Poland who busted Sjlot with jacks over tens, good for $50. But the other bounty would not be captured easily.

Little more than two hours into the event, Liv Boeree had seized the chip lead, amassing much of her stack through a successful confrontation with ace-king and a blind vs. blind hand where she rivered a straight.

Boeree maintained that big stack throughout and the money bubble popped soon after. Booninc345 of Russia was the unlucky player to go, earning only coal when she lost to DrUkrop's pair of tens.

Liv continued to build her stack by handing out a poker player's nightmare: set under set. With ten big blinds under the gun, Lolas_Mamma limp-called Liv Boeree's shove and flopped a set of fives, not good enough to beat Liv's set of sevens.

In an interesting hand, Liv called a cut-off raise from the button with K♦J♦. The flop brought good news:

K♣ K♠ T♣

Her opponent, BorN_2_RuN1, check-called Liv's 1/3 pot bet. The turn, a Q♠ was checked through. The river was the case K♥, which BorN_2_RuN1 led for 5,500. Liv raised to 27,000 and got the call. Quad kings is a pretty good hand! BorN_2_RuN1 remarked, "Funny" & "You outplayed me." to which Liv graciously responded "You can't fold AA there."

CzaRnaPL's kings also topped OlimpiadAA's aces in a classic all-in pre-flop cooler that turned into a bad beat when a king hit the flop. That knockout brought us to the final table:


Boeree corralled her supporters on twitter to watch the excitement of the final table and kibitzers abounded as the eliminations began. Pointful92's K♥ A♦ crippled Orionovez's Q♦ Q♣ all-in pre-flop when the board ran out A♥ 5♥ 9♥ K♦ 2♣. Orionovez (Russia) went a few hands later ($193.80 for ninth). Alfaromea of Ukraine was next to go when she shoved A6 from the small blind into ganatodoAA's pocket deuces. Alfaromea received $255.00 for eighth place.

Pointful92 of Canada jammed K♠8♦ into Kami "DrKamikaze1" Chisholm's A♥ 5♠ in the big blind. The flop and turn looked good for the mixed games specialist still buzzed from her PCA win, 3♦7♠9♠A♠ but the T♠ gave pointful92 the flush, while Drkamikaze1 won $357 for 7th. "I am still looking for that elusive win in the Women's Sunday," she said.

Liv lost a big race to GanatodoAA and took a few other hits to become the short stack. She began a strong comeback when she went from seven big blinds to healthy in two big hands: First she called a small blind shove with Q5o and outdrew sia9999's T♠A♦. Then she jammed with KT into GanatodoAA's big blind to beat Q8o. Despite the progress, Liv was eliminated in sixth when she shoved T♦A♥ from the hijack and lost to CzaRnaPL's pocket kings. Liv earned $459 for her win while CzaRnaPL of Poland took down the prized bounty.

Sia9999 of Greece was next to go, nabbing $591.60 for fifth place.


CzaRnaPL's carnage continued as she eliminated sibrikolibri of Serbia's pocket tens with king-nine. Sibrikolibri earned $867 for fourth. GanatodoAA, now short-stacked, was next to go up against the chip leader, but her Q♠ 9♠ fell to CzaRnaPL's T♠ J♦ when the board ran out K♠ 2♥ T♦ 8♠ A♦

GanatodoAA of Venezuela won $1,152.60 for her third place finish and CzaRnaPL began heads-up play with a huge six-to-one chip lead:


Pointful92 fought back with a double through with A♥T♥ over A♣5♣ but was still severely out-chipped when she min-raised to 8000 at 2000-4000. CzRnaPL called and the flop read: Q♣3♥Q♥

CzRnaPL checked, pointful92 bet 16,000, CzaRnaPL raised to 36,000 and pointful92 jammed for more than 180,000. CzaRnaPL called and showed pointful92's pocket jacks the bad news: Q♦ 8♦ for flopped trips. pointful92 of Canada earned $1,530 for 2nd place while CzaRnaPL won $2,085.90 for her victory.

There are many ways to get in on the Women's Sunday action. Take a look at the home page for information on daily satellites. And join us on Facebook for news and monthly freerolls, and Twitter for the latest information. Have a great holiday and see you next week!

Jennifer Shahade, a senior writer for PokerStars Women, is filling in for Jennifer Newell.

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