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PokerStars Women: Mobile Summer Pinterest Competition

PS Women logo.jpgSummer and ice cream seem to go together. This also applies to gelato, frozen yogurt, or your refreshing summer treat of choice. Now think about the best bowl of ice cream that you can make. It might have several flavors side by side - or even mixed together - and some chocolate chips or crumbled candy. The best summer treats are often the ones mixed with everything good in one place.

Bring on our new summer competition. We are combining several of our favorite pieces of technology and social media into one bowl, and it's going to be delicious!

"Have a Beautiful Summer with Mobile" is our way of welcoming you to our new Pinterest page, asking you to join us on Twitter, and wanting to see how you're all using the exciting and popular new PokerStars Mobile app.

What we want is pictures of your "beautiful summer" using the PokerStars Mobile app. Do you play on the bus or the train? Do you use the app while relaxing on the beach, at the pool, or on a rooftop soaking up the sun's rays? Maybe you play while at the Eiffel Tower or sitting next to the Trevi Fountain. Or even, possibly, while enjoying a summer cup of ice cream. Liv Boeree just happens to play PokerStars while riding on a bicycle, as shown here:

Liv Boeree Mobile App.jpg

The rule is that your picture must clearly show that you are playing PokerStars on your mobile device, OR you must be wearing something with the PokerStars logo, such as a t-shirt or hat, or perhaps holding something with a PokerStars banner. Then you must submit the photo in one of three ways:

1. Send to PokerStars Women on Twitter at @PokerStarsWomen using the hashtag #PSMobileSummer, and we will post it on Pinterest.

2. Email to us at PokerStarsWomen@pokerstars.com, and we will put it on our Pinterest page.

3. Pin it on any Pinterest board with the description #PSMobileSummer, and we'll find it and repin it on our page.

Make sure you include your PokerStars screen name with any submission, whether on Twitter, email, or Pinterest.

The competition will run from August 1 to 31, ending at midnight EST on the last day of the month. All female entrants with suitable pictures pinned on our Pinterest board will receive a ticket to a $500 women-only freeroll to be held on September 8. Weekly winners will also receive a PS Women goody bag, and the best overall photo of the month will win an iPad 2. Merchandise prizes and iPad are open to all entrants, regardless of gender. Winners will be announced on our Twitter account as the month progresses.

Be sure to check out all of our new Pinterest boards, including our PokerStars Team Pro photos, travel photos, and pictures of our famous PokerStars parties, as well as the entries submitted for this competition as the month progresses. And feel free to repin our photos!

Terms and Conditions:

• The competition is open from August 1 to August 31. No entries after this time will be accepted.
• To be entered in the competition, photos must be submitted to http://www.twitter.com/PokerStarsWomen and include the hashtag #PSMobileSummer and your User ID. Or sent to pokerstarswomen@pokerstars.com, also including your User ID. Or pinned on a Pinterest board with the description #PSMobileSummer and your User ID.
• While we will accept all photo entries, this competition is intended for women; therefore, the freeroll will be for women only, with gender verified by screen names. However, other prizes in the competition, including the iPad, will be available to all entrants regardless of gender.
• The competition is only open to people age 18 or older.
• Images of a sexual, racist, violent, or other offensive nature are prohibited from the competition. Any entrants submitting such a photo are held liable and are not supported by PokerStars or its partners.
• Images that exploit copyright law are prohibited, and entrants will be responsible for any ensuing legal action.
• The competition is run by PokerStars and not Twitter or Pinterest.
• Freeroll tickets will be credited to players in the week beginning September 3 and are valid for a women-only $500 freeroll on Pokerstars.com on September 8 at 14:00 ET.
• Weekly merchandise winners will be announced on August 10, 17, 24, and 31 with the overall competition winner announced on September 3. All winners will be announced via http://www.twitter.com/PokerStarsWomen.
• The main prize will be a white iPad 2 16GB Wifi.
• All merchandise prizes will be distributed to the winners within 30 days of the end of the competition.
• Prizes and freeroll tickets are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash value.
• The decisions of PokerStars' judging committee are final.

Liv Boeree Mobile App 2.jpg

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