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Why the PCA will be won by a woman

Poker players love a statistic or two, and we at PokerStars Women HQ love any stat that shows a women's success story.

The PCA is 10 years old next January, which gives good reason to consider its history. So I looked at results from PCAs past and discovered women were performing better year on year. I got so excited I opened my spreadsheet to number crunch. I liked what I saw so much I decided to present my findings to you all with charts and graphs.

Unfortunately my spreadsheet skills are not very good, so I used the pen on my desk to draw some graphs instead.

I now present to you three informative diagrams that prove;

  • Women are playing more PCA poker
  • Women are winning more cash when they play the PCA
  • A women is going to win the 2013 PCA main event!*

    *Well, maybe.

    I present to you my findings.

    Women have won more and more cash in the last three years of the PCA
    No women at all cashed in 2004, but women took home a whopping $617,500 in 2012. Women have cashed for a total of $1,321,156, with 22 women sharing that prize money.


    More women are playing PCA sats
    In 2004, in one day of PCA satellites just 41 women tried to qualify, but in this year's online qualifiers 12.8% of the players are women. That's lots and lots of women playing to win some sunny Caribbean poker.


    Women are doing better in the main event
    Women's finishing positions increased year on year for the last three years. Amanda Baker finished 38th in 2010, Ana Marquez finished took 10th place in 2011, and Xuan Liu was the highest placed female in 2012 with her 4th place.

    Which I think proves a woman will win in 2013. The graph can't lie.


    Well ok, maybe it can exaggerate a bit...

    So what does this mean to you as a PokerStars player? Well that depends on one of two things.

    Are you a woman?
    Great! There are plenty of PCA satellites running now, including plenty at the special 10th Anniversary price of $10.

    Are you a man?
    Hmm... Have you thought about playing Sunday Million satellites?


    See you in the Caribbean, girls!

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