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Women's Poker League: REBEKC retakes Division 1 title, annamfa gives WPL insight

League logo.jpgAnother exciting month is in the history books of the PokerStars Women's Poker League. June was a particularly eventful month as we REBEKC retake her Division 1 title after finishing second in another division in May. And she finished in eighth place in the $5.50 division this month, too. She seems to be the epitome of a dedicated and consistent player, striving each month to do her best in the WPL.

This month, we also saw the reemergence of some familiar names from previous months' top 10 rankings, like Bertie867, Popular Girl, and Alice4win. Vali therese made the top 10 of Division 1 after winning the $1.10 two months ago, so it was nice to see her back in the running for another top prize.

All of the women in the WPL are playing for the cash prizes each month, but they're also playing for seats in the year-end championship freeroll. The top player each month in the $.10 division wins a ticket, as do the top five players in the $1.10 division and the top 10 players in the $5.50 division. There's a lot at stake, and players like REBEKC surely know it.

Division 1: $.10 League

It was an exciting month in this division as REBEKC came out strong, already sitting in third place by the 20th of June. ZepFan13 was atop the leaderboard with Stellanna behind, but the latter took some hits as the next week passed. ZepFan13 stayed in first place going into the last few days, but jonjon869 made a run from seventh place to third with an eye on the top few spots.

But when the month was complete, it was REBEKC of Mexico in first place with 180 points from the 30 tournaments she played. After winning this title in April and finishing second in the $1.10 division in May, she was back on top in June. KOKIRITA of Argentina soared in the last few days of the month to jump into second place with 153 points from 30 events, and ZepFan13 of Canada had to settle for third place with 152 points for those 30 events.

Flag - Mexico.gif

While Mexico took the first place position because of REBEKC this month, four of the top 10 players hailed from Canada, with two from Russia and two others from Ukraine.

June Top 10:

1st place: REBEKC (Mexico) - 30 tournaments, 180 points = $100
2nd place: KOKIRITA (Argentina) - 30 tournaments, 153 points = $90
3rd place: ZepFan13 (Canada) - 30 tournaments, 152 points = $80
4th place: jonjon869 (Ukraine) - 25 tournaments, 150 points = $70
5th place: Zuberbulla (Russia) - 27 tournaments, 133 points = $60
6th place: Ganorb (Canada) - 25 tournaments, 128 points = $50
7th place: vali therese (Canada) - 26 tournaments, 122 points = $40
8th place: Nadya_1991 (Ukraine) - 27 tournaments, 121 points = $30
9th place: DBHPL (Canada) - 27 tournaments, 120 points = $17.50 (TIE)
9th place: nika828 (Russia) - 30 tournaments, 120 points = $17.50 (TIE)

Division 2: $1.10 League

It is rare to check in on the WPL mid-month and see one player dominating, only to see her remain in that position through the rest of the month. Mistica(PE) of Peru did just that, leading from the 20th on through to the end of June. Popular Girl started the month in second and did drop to sixth by the middle of the month, but kirbydreams stayed in third place throughout. Johorj jumped from seventh to second in only seven days to get into contention for the win.

The final numbers showed Mistica(PE) in that first place spot with 29 tournaments and 173 points. Anyta belka of the Ukraine surged into second place with 29 events but only 172 points, just missing the first place prize. Kirbydreams of Peru did hang on to third place, with 170 points for 30 events, while johorj fell into fourth for a still-respectable finish. Also, Nadya_1991 finished in the top 10 of Division 1 and Division 2 this month.

Flag - Peru.gif

This division was quite diverse, though Peru and Canada dominated with three players representing each country in the top 10. Ukraine had two representatives.

June Top 10:

1st place: Mistica(PE) (Peru) - 29 tournaments, 173 points = $250
2nd place: Anyta belka (Ukraine) - 29 tournaments, 172 points = $170
3rd place: kirbydreams (Peru) - 30 tournaments, 170 points = $140
4th place: johorj (Columbia) - 24 tournaments, 168 points = $120
5th place: naplovas (Hungary) - 30 tournaments, 162 points = $100
6th place: Nadya_1991 (Ukraine) - 28 tournaments, 160 points = $90
7th place: NoKnowing (Romania) - 30 tournaments, 142 points = $80
8th place: Bertie867 (Canada) - 21 tournaments, 138 points = $60
9th place: laimee (Canada) - 26 tournaments, 135 points = $50
10th place: CUTIE QUEEN (Greece) - 30 tournaments, 132 points = $35 (TIE)
10th place: Popular Girl (Peru) - 27 tournaments, 132 points = $35 (TIE)

Division 3: $5.50 League (special words from annamfa)

It was no surprise to check out this division of the WPL on the 20th to find annamfa in action. Annamaria is a regular player in the WPL, residing in Tatabanya, Hungary. She started playing poker five years ago and consistently improved, especially in 2009 with some instructional videos and online poker training. As she became a better player, she played the WPL and quickly fell in love with the $5.50 league. "They have the best games going on a higher level," she told us.

Annamaria consistently does well in this division because she challenges herself to continue learning and finds that this level suits her best. "Many people are not profitable in the long run because they are unaware of the fundamental concepts," she said. "You have to learn how to steal, resteal, squeeze, float, c-bet, use pot odds and implied odds, and so on." That keeps the screen name "annamfa" in the WPL games and often in the top 10.

As for annamfa, she made a run for the top 10 of this division again, sitting in fifth place on the 20th, but she fell to ninth place and then just outside of the top 10 at the end of the month. Meanwhile, WSBilly55 was in first place and sank to second a few days before the end of the month. Motittas quickly climbed to first, though, and stayed there until the end of June.

The final rankings showed Motittas of Peru in the top spot with 214 points for 28 tournaments, while WSBilly55 of Canada took second with 194 points for 29 events. Domblonde69 of Brazil took third with 180 points for 29 tournaments. Also, NoKnowing finished seventh in this division and the $1.10 league this month.

Flag - Peru.gif

Peruvian players took two spots in the top 10 this month, and Mexico also had two players in this division.

June Top 10:

1st place: Motittas (Peru) - 28 tournaments, 214 points = $500
2nd place: WSBilly55 (Canada) - 29 tournaments, 194 points = $300
3rd place: domblonde69 (Brazil) - 29 tournaments, 180 points = $220
4th place: Alice4win (Peru) - 30 tournaments, 174 points = $170
5th place: smiska*14*71 (slovenia) - 27 tournaments, 170 points = $145 (TIE)
5th place: Vialet56 (Russia) - 30 tournaments, 170 points = $145 (TIE)
7th place: NoKnowing (Romania) - 30 tournaments, 165 points = $130
8th place: REBEKC (Mexico) - 30 tournaments, 162 points = $110
9th place: blanckaa17 (Mexico) - 28 tournaments, 159 points = $90
10th place: babkatlapka (Czech Republic) - 30 tournaments, 156 points = $50

Information about the PokerStars Women's Poker League is provided on the home page, and current league standings are listed on the rankings page.

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