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Giant pink bunnies and why PokerStars Women exists

I'm lucky enough to look after the PokerStars Women department. This means lots of interesting work, although I did once have a nightmare about a giant pink bunny chasing me. He was throwing carrots and shouting, "Make women play poker!"

Mostly it's great, and thankfully the bunny wasn't real.

I've been asked to write monthly updates sharing news from PokerStars Women HQ, and I thought I'd start out by talking about why PokerStars Women exists. This is something I'm asked a lot, and sometimes people ask me in a grumpy way.

I get the point of the question. I mean, look at the poker table in the picture below. There are both men and women playing at this perfectly ordinary $0.50 PokerStars table.

Random Table.jpg

The players are dealt cards and they get the same two random cards whether they're male or female. The cards don't care whether the players are wearing trousers or skirts.

When the players act on their cards, they make a decision to check, bet, or fold, and all have just the same decision to make whether they're male or female.

The players win or lose hands. It's impossible to tell whether the winner or loser in each hand is male or female. Do you think suslik_65 is a man? Is hand219 a woman? We don't know. Does it even matter?

It's very clear that poker is exactly the same for men as it is for women.

So I will reveal that there are two women at the table in the picture. Does that change the way you look at it? We still don't know who those two women are; we all agree that they play just the same as the seven guys.

I think it does change something. At PokerStars Women, we think it's the whole point. I sat here thinking, "What? There's only two?"

This is the reason that PokerStars Women exists.

It doesn't matter that men and women get the same cards.

It doesn't matter that men and women play the same way.

It doesn't matter that we don't know who's a man or woman at an online poker table.

What matters is that there are only two women at that table of nine.

We want there to be five.

Five is my favourite number.

This is the reason that PokerStars Women exists. This is all we care about.

Evil Rabbit.jpg

You know the giant pink rabbit in my dream? He threw his last carrot and yelled , "So why does PokerStars Women even exist?"

I told him, "Because we want five women at every poker table!"

That shut him up.

Then I woke up and went to work.

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