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Hot or not? Take this quiz to find out!

So you think you're pretty good at poker and you're not afraid to say it. You regularly win your weekly poker game with friends and have racked up a few wins online. Time to ante up and see if your assessment of your skills is spot on or if maybe you need a tune-up. Click this link at PokerStars PokerSchoolOnline (PSO) to see if you're ready to rock the big game or should stay in the micro leagues for a while longer.

(Full disclosure: I passed the first round with flying colors, but on the second assessment, I missed more than I thought I would. Do you notice I'm not showing my score here? There's a reason for that. Time to go back to the basics for me!)

PSO quiz.JPG

But maybe you're not ready to boast about your poker prowess yet and are struggling to get up your nerve to play at all. PSO has lots to offer you and the multitudes of other players like you. Everything - from basic rules and hand rankings to figuring pot odds - is available at the site. Beginning players and tournament pros alike can learn something from the lessons and quizzes offered at PokerSchoolOnline.

And where else can you go to get poker lessons from some of the best players in the world for absolutely zero dollars? That's a bargain even for a penny pincher like me.

The quizzes are one of my favorite things and are an easy fun way to learn more about the game without breaking a sweat, since no one needs to see the score except you. If you ace it, however, it's totally worth a brag or two. In addition to quizzes, there are a lot of other ways to learn the game or improve your skill set.
There are videos covering everything from the absolute basics to advanced techniques taught by some of the best in the game, like Chris Moneymaker, who takes your through a WCOOP $10,000 High Roller session.

In addition to all this, there is a very active community with blogs, a forum where you can discuss all your questions and bad beats, and even a league to get some real practice under your belt. If you advance in the tournaments, you can win tickets to live tournaments. Even better, there is also an opportunity to win a private coaching session with Andre Coimbra if you enter the contest that's currently underway.

Coimbra PSO promo.png

There is too much available on the site to discuss at one time, which means we will be covering other features and topics in the weeks to come. The next topic will focus on playing style and position, so stay with us for that to do some fine-tuning on your game. Be sure to check back with us for that topic and many others as we explore some of the great things that PokerSchoolOnline has to offer.

As a sample of things to come, check out this great video that walks you through how to play a short stack by Team Online's Grayson Physioc.

And for all the latest in promotions, news, strategy, and everything that's going on in the world of PokerStars Women, see our home page.

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