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Talonchick offers Omaha advice, courtesy of PSO

Since this is Omaha Week at PokerStars, we thought it would be a good idea to track down some advice on the game from an expert. And since Adrienne Rowsome (talonchick) is our resident expert on the subject and is also a member of PokerStars Team Online, we turned to her for advice. It wasn't hard for us to find her (you can find her just as easily, for that matter), since she has a Q&A forum on the subject at PokerStars' PokerSchoolOnline.

Imagine chatting with Adrienne about Omaha and getting her opinion on how you played a recent hand, one that has been keeping you up at night. Or maybe you're a beginner at Omaha and need to know some of the basics. Adrienne can help you out with both of those. And consider for a moment -- isn't it better to pose those questions to one of the top players in the game rather than the player at your weekly poker game who took you out last week with that sneaky hand?

Adrienne answers lots of questions like these, along with detailed hand analyses, at the online Q&A every day. And unlike that sneaky player at your home game, she will tell you how to get your money in with the best hand, and when not to.

Adrienne Rowsome PCA1.jpg

For example, take a look at part of Adrienne's response here to a basic strategy question posed recently by one of the players at the forum. Do you think you could ever get this kind on detailed response chatting with a pro outside a poker room? Not likely. From that sneaky player in the home game? Never.

"You certainly want to go for the high hand . . . as much as possible . . . but you want to be certain that your hand can also win the low. Play two-way hands. People often talk about split pot games with a bit of disdain because the pot is always split. I think they are looking at their hands wrong. You want to find those hands that can scoop. So usually the high hands you go for are hands that can make nut flushes and nut lows (ex: Ah2h6cKc) and avoid hands that can't (ex: 5c7h9cTh)."

This example illustrates what we love about online forums. They give you examples, not just theory, so that the next time you play, you will remember not to play that 5,7,9.

So check out the forum now and learn more about Omaha and all its variants, particularly the thread at PokerStars PokerSchoolOnline with Adrienne. She also talked about her love of Omaha and gave some tips in this article.

Due to public demand and the increasing popularity of Omaha, PokerStars Women has set up two women-only Omaha tournaments that will run weekly. Every Thursday, there will be a $5.50 Women's PLO at 15:00 ET, and Sundays will feature a $1.10 PLO at 15:15 ET. Put your new game skills into practice in these new events!

For details on Omaha Week at PokerStars and why you should be playing Omaha, see this post from Lee Jones.

And finally, for more about Adrienne and updates on all of the women at PokerStars, see our PS Women home page.

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