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The Sundae Million - Ice cream style

As it's the holiday season, I decided to invent a poker recipe for sunny days. Here's how to make a Pokerstars Ice Cream Sundae Million:

PokerStars Sundae Million


Ice cream of various flavours, perhaps chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
Jelly (optional)
Whipped cream
Wafer biscuits
Sprinkles and sweets
125g dark chocolate
¾ cup cream

1) Take the ice cream out of the freezer to soften; it's better if you let the Sundae Warm-Up.

2) SCOOP the ice cream into your bowls. I would recommend no more than 6-max scoops in various flavours, but there is no limit.

3) Next, add your fruit. My favourite is strawberries; if you use bigger fruit you will need to need to hold'em carefully as you chop them into pieces. Ordinary Daily Big fruit like pears or bananas is a good value bet for an everyday dessert. Alternatively, exotic pineapples or mangoes will create a Caribbean Adventure! Once you have chopped your fruit, put it all-in the bowl and fold into the ice cream.

4) If you feel there are too many Steps in this recipe, feel free to skip this one, as jelly is optional. If you are going to make jelly, the easiest way is to use the microwave. I Micro Millions many things and can recommend melting jelly this way. There can be some variance between brands, but it usually takes around three hours to set.

5) I can guarantee a delicious chocolate sauce by melting chopped chocolate and cream in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. If it looks like it might burn, take the pan off the heat straight away. Beat your melted chocolate and cream until mixed. Bad beating can make the sauce lumpy, so tilt the bowl, and use a swirling whisking action to ensure you turn melted chocolate and cream into glossy brown sauce.

6) You will be able to create a prize pool of sauce by trickling it gently over the back of a spoon onto the sundae. It is APPT to lick the spoon as a treat!

7) Your whipped cream goes on next, just flop a spoonful on top. It's important to leave room for this. Sometimes I get pot committed to a big stack of ice cream and fruit, and I can't add-on any cream. So I wanted to give you a heads-up to leave plenty of room for the cream.

8) Now, it's time to decorate the Sundae. Major effects can be achieved by using a mixture of cream and a bounty of candy and sprinkles to decorate the dessert. Stud your sweets into the whipped cream. Chocolate buttons work well, as do nuts or chocolate chips. Then, for a Grand Final gesture, I always add a wafer biscuit. Eureka, your sundae is made! You won't find a more delicious ice cream in any VIP club or restaurant!

Sundae Million.jpg

9) If you want a second chance to eat your PokerStars Women's Sundae, why not Zoom straight to a second helping with an alternate sauce? A Hot Turbo fast sauce can be made very easily by melting a Mars Bar with a little double cream; this hot choc Sundae goes down like a Storm.

10) A Happy Hour or two later, you may even be ready for a third helping! You may need to rebuy ingredients, but don't worry. Give yourself a gold star for your fantastic cookery skills. Just sit, and go get a cool summery drink to wash it down. Call your friends and tell them you are now a Sundae Million champion.

Happy eating!

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