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SCOOP 2012: By George! Lind is hyper

SCOOP logo.gifI am not a psychiatrist. I am not a psychologist. I have no medical training whatsoever outside of a class in infant CPR which scared me away from children for several months. That is a long way of saying, I cannot, with any degree of medical certainty, diagnose PokerStars Team Online's George Lind III with any sort of attention deficit disorder. But, if there was ever a time to offer a lay opinion, this is it.

George Lind recently won his first Spring Championship of Online Poker title. He did it in a Stud-8 event (as chronicled in this Exile on Main Street-themed recap from Paul McGuire). It was the sixth time he played a SCOOP Stud-8 tournament in his life. In the five previous runnings, he had a runner-up and third place finish.

So you'd think Lind would be really, really focused on the title. Instead?

"I was 6-12 tabling hypers throughout the final table," he said.

For the uninitiated, the hypers of which he speaks are hyper-turbo sit & go tourneys. They are SNG crack, and in some jurisdictions considered a Schedule-1 amphetamine. Lind eats them or breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously, if McGuire was looking for a Stones tune in a Lind recap, he might have picked "Mother's Little Helper."


George Lind, crazy like a fox

Keep in mind, Lind did this while playing a Stud-8 final table--the kind of tournament where paying attention is sort of a big deal. I've played my fair share of Stud-8, and for people like me (read: sort of slow on the uptake), if I'm not watching every card that comes off the stub, you might as well just take my chips and call me a cab. And then ask the cab driver to run me over.

Lind? While he was freaking winning a SCOOP event, he was playing up to a dozen hyper turbo SNGs at a time.

The logical question is this: how much could Lind legitimately be expected to win in the hypers if he's actually winning the SCOOP event?

The unexpected answer: Lind profited $80,000 in the hypers and 76,000 VIP player points that day.

As I said, I'm no doctor.

Two years ago, Lind took third in the very same event. He's a man who has a brain that can flip switches faster than most people can find the switches to flip.

"It's nice to have a chance to improve on that in such a big field tournament," he said. "I'm really happy to finally get a SCOOP title after winning Player of the Year in 2010, but not actually winning an event that year. It's definitely nice to get a watch to go along with my 2010 POTY trophy."

As of this morning, Lind held the top spot on the low buy-in leaderboard. If he can manage to keep his head in the game, the payoff could offer a little more than pride.

"I'm hoping to win that PCA package with a consistent final few days," he said.

Consistency? How much consistency can Lind possibly have if he's dozen-tabling hyper tourneys?

Well, a lot apparently.

*Consult your physician before beginning any sort of Lind regimen. Side effects include trouble sleeping, motion sickness, and not having enough places in your house to hide all your money.

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