PokerStars Blog introduces Adam "STUDstood" Roberts

stud-thumbnail-v1.jpgThe PokerStars Blog is proud to introduce a new offering this week. Adam "STUDstood" Roberts will be featured here weekly on Fridays. He introduces himself below.

by Adam "STUDstood" Roberts

Hi, my name is Adam Roberts. I have been a world ranked stud poker player for many years in both cash games and tournaments. Numerous articles have been written about me in various magazines with regard to my success. In only 20 or so tournaments entered, I have made final tables in six different stud high and stud 8 or better events between 1994-2001.

PokerStars has been spreading multiple and continuous games in my at those limits, as well as some smaller ones as well. PokerStars also offers a weekly 7 card stud 8 or better tournament with a buy-in of $215. It begins at 1:45pm PDT every Saturday and has a guaranteed prize pool of $5000.

This column will be my weekly blog. It will cover various strategies in all the stud games, as well as answer any questions, comments, and suggestions which you may write to me with.

My nickname at PokerStars is “STUDstood”, and my avatar there is a photo of me winning a WSOP tournament bracelet.

Feel free to contact me further at

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and seeing you at the tables.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Strategy