PokerStars Strategy: How to crush Zoom (micro and up)

Zoom poker is fast. The name's a bit of a give away. You can auto-fold before the action is on you and you'll instantly be transported to a new seat at a new table with a new hand against a new bunch of opponents. It's all new, including the edges that you can find in the strategy.

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One of PokerSchoolOnline's tutors, Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders, suggests that there are a couple of easy but very important changes that you can - and should - make to your game when you're at the Zoom tables. They are... They are... They are on the video below. Yes, we could summarise them but, hey, if you want something good we're going to make you work for it. And by 'work for it', we mean watch a video. It's a tough life.

If you're after just a snippet of a video, a tasty tactical tip, then the video above might not be the one to watch right now (but don't click away, we've included something more bite-sized below). But if you do want to see more PokerStars strategy videos then click through to the PokerSchoolOnline channel of There's plenty of clips and sessions that will help you raise your game.

Now for the snippet. Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin gets himself into a tricky spot at the PCA against Todd Hunter in this 'Sweat the hand' clip. What would you do? Call? Fold? Flip a coin?

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