PokerStars Strategy: Negreanu, Nanonoko, Veldhuis, Hellmuth and Laak open up

Have you ever watched one of those big televised hands and wondered what was going through the player's head? We had, so on The Big Game we made sure to ask.

It's all well and good watching Phil Laak pull some crazy move or seeing Daniel Negreanu try to chirrup his opponents into submission, but we all want to know what they're actually trying to achieve. Is Lex Veldhuis just calling that check-raise with king-high because, hey, he's Lex Veldhuis and that's what crazy Dutchman do? You'd suspect not (although not be 100% surprised if that was the case).

negreanu_big game.jpg

Daniel Negreanu: do you know what I'm thinking?

In this 'Editor's picks' video you see five great hands with analysis from the pros playing the hand. And remember, as ably demonstrated by Laak, it's important to admit to yourself when you think you've just played plain bad, "I shouldn't have bet in that spot. It was bad poker. I got lucky."

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