PokerStars Strategy: PLO with Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip (and more Phil Hellmuth explosions)

We like to cover our bases on the PokerStars Blog. You want hard facts and poker tuition? You got it. You want glib remarks and behind-the-scenes clips of Phil Hellmuth losing the plot? We're happy to deliver. Find below two sterling examples. First, the warm-up: Hellmuth and co with some Too Hot for TV action from The Big Game, then some great introductory PLO tuition from Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip of PokerStars Team Online.


The face behind the Scottish accent

Dale 'Daleroxxu' Philip is a member of PokerStars Team Online. You can read his bio here.

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Rick Dacey
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