PokerStars strategy: Raymond Wu on a roll

At the time of writing (9 November, 2012) Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu was going deep in the ACOP Main Event. Wu is top ten in chips with 38 players remaining and 22 spots paying. The winner will receive HKD $4,240,000 (approx $547,000) as well as a big shiny trophy. Suffice to say, Wu knows what he's doing which is exactly why you should watch the video below, particularly if you're interested in becoming a low stakes cash game grinder.


Winning ways for Wu

Wu's on a roll at the moment having won the ACOP Deepstack Championship at the beginning of the ACOP festival for HKD $419,800. You can follow his ACOP Main Event progress by clicking here for live coverage.

And in case you're not feeling the need to brush up on your full ring skills and just want a little entertainment we can do that too. There's a great 'Best of the Big Game' episode to watch featuring lots of your favourite heroes (and some anti-heroes too).

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