PokerStars strategy: Selbst explains why you don't show

strategy thumbnail.pngVannesa Selbst is one of the most respected poker players on the planet. A fine mind, a winning smile and a voracious appetite to win have led to enormous tournament success for Selbst over the last few years

A huge $5,463,252 in live tournament winnings, two NAPT titles and as many WSOP bracelets just go to show that the Team PokerStars Pro is real contender deserving of her status. So why, knowing all of that, would you not heed her advice when she tells you that showing your cards is just a plain bad idea. Typical of Selbst she explains how she would exploit it (and that means exploit you). Watch the video and next time you want to flash your one big move, don't. In the words of Gandalf, 'Keep it secret. Keep it safe.'

strategy_vanessa selbst video.jpg

Don't be reeled in by the smile, she's a ruthless poker machine

That clip is from the Everything Poker series that can be found on the Everything Poker section of PokerStars,tv. If you feel you're above taking advice from Selbst (no-one is) then there's plenty of more detailed poker advice that may be found on the PokerSchoolOnline channel of from a whole host of Team PokerStars Online grinders.

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Strategy