Tips and tricks for Zoom poker

ps_news_thn.jpgIt's been just a couple of weeks since PokerStars removed the beta tag from Zoom - the fast-paced ring game where your opponents change every hand - and Zoom's popularity continues to grow. We asked Team PokerStars Pro Martin Staszko for a few of his Zoom tips. Here is what he had to say after becoming familiar with ZOOM and adapting his strategy for the game:

1) Don't fold in the small blind automatically. Many players in the big blind will set auto fold on and you can get the pot just by min-raising them. Make a note on these kind of players. These steals can be vital to improve your non showdown winnings.

2) When sitting on the big blind, and someone in the cut-off position or on the button is raising, check their steal percentage and fold to 3bet percentage; if both numbers are high, three-bet them very light. This can be applied when you are in the small blind as well.

3) If your opponent raises pre-flop and he doesn't continuation bet, bet 100% of the time - he will fold almost all the time. By not continuation betting, those people act like they are sticking a big billboard on their forehead saying, "I'm done with the hand."

4) If a tight player four-bets you and your three-bet percentage is fairly normal, you can be almost sure your QQ is no longer good.

5) After you double up, you can decide to leave the table and join another Zoom table again with 100 BB- it may be good idea if you are not experienced enough playing 200+ BB stack.

6) A check-raise is particularly powerful against good regulars. If you call them down pre-flop with a pocket pair, check, let them continuation bet and check-raise them, no matter if you hit or miss. This is even more profitable if you decide just to call their three-bet pre-flop as the pot/reward of this action is much bigger.

Try some of these the next time you tackle a Zoom table. Remember, everyone else is looking to do the same thing as you - win big and win fast - but with these tips, you may just come out on top.

To learn more, visit the Zoom poker home page.


Martin Staszko
@PokerStars in Strategy