Duhamel uses three-way pressure to topple Mercier and Katchalov

Jonathan Duhamel wasn't crowned World Champion for nothing. The French Canadian proved he owed the stones to make some big bluffs on The Big Game and owned a couple of other tournament greats in doing so. Both Jason Mercier and Eugene Katchalov are forced to fold the best hand (both with two-pair) when Duhamel follows up his strong line on a wet 9♣T♣Q♥ flop with $26,500's worth of aggression on the J♠ turn. Using Mercier and Katchalov's strength against the other (and with a re-draw to the nut straight), Duhamel battens down the hatches and gets his polarised bluff through.

This should not necessarily be used against players at the micro stakes tables who are liable to call you whatever the texture of the board...


Duhamel at the PCA 2013

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Rick Dacey
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