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Let's face it, we've all been there; the bad beats, the misreads and the times where we got our chips in good when we thought we were ahead only to find our opponent turns over a 'ludicrous' starting hand for the bankroll-denting nuts. But were they all bad beats? Was our opponent's hand as crazy as we first thought after review or have we been the victim of our own mistakes all along?

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'What was he thinking?'

If you've ever owned a car or a bicycle there's a good chance that you've had a puncture at some stage. It leaves you deflated and not able to get to where you want to be. It's much the same with poker, but you have got to accept it and deal with it. It's part of life however much you don't like it at the time. Getting a bad beat or a river suck-out is as much a part of a poker player's life as that flat tyre and you need to learn to deal with this. Experienced poker players understand this really well. They look at the long-term results instead of being 'results-orientated' and getting tilted about one particular hand. Solid poker players also spend a lot of time thinking about hands they have played, analysing every move, every bet and decision they made as well as the ones their opponents have made. This analysis is the key to improving your poker game.

Fronting up, moving forward
It's easier to blame something or someone else instead of admitting your misfortune may have been your own mistake, but how do you know if the hand you just lost was the result of a bad beat or if you simply played it poorly instead? Well, the answer to that is simple: analyse it or, even better, have it analysed for you. The internet is awash with poker forums where you can post your hands and have other poker player's comment on how you played. You'll get plenty of good advice but also there's a danger that you'll get some bad advice also.


Use this, take advice, get better, win more

One of the best places on the internet to have a poker hand analysed is at PokerSchoolOnline. The reason for this is that once you post your hand for review in the Hand Analysis section of the forum you are guaranteed to have your hand reviewed by one of the site's professional poker trainers giving you a quality review of your hand each time. There's an easy-to-use 'Hand Replayer' where you can copy and paste your PokerStars hand history to have it played out in the forum making it easy to see each decision you made.

Why you should post your hand at PokerSchoolOnline
• You'll get a reply from a trained professional every time.
• There's an easy-to-use Hand Replayer to post hands with.
• It's completely free! That's always good, right?
• All poker games and variants are covered in the Hand Analysis forum.
• You'll join one of the largest online poker communities on the internet.

So what are you waiting for? Get posting your poker hands for review today and take that first step on the road to improving your poker game!

Paul Jones, aka royalraise85, is a moderator at PokerSchoolOnline and won the PokerStars World Blogging Championship in 2012.

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