PokerStars Strategy: Getting value the Mercier way

An alternate title: Why checking back when you hit is a bad idea

You've three-bet with K♣T♣ and get called by the original raiser, an aggro loose so-and-so who is liable to get involved with all kinds of hands. The flop is 5♠5♥7♥. You bet and get called. You're almost certainly behind at this point. Sure, there are a few drawing hands that could be behind at the moment, but not many.

The K♦ drops on the the turn. Now you're probably ahead, but will barrelling the turn leave you value-cutting yourself against a five (unlikley), in a horrible spot if a heart falls on the river (possibly) or pondering a tricky decision if check-raised (certainly, but only if you are check-raised which isn't going to happen that often).


Dario Minieri: winning smile (if not winning pots)

What will definitely happen if you check back is that you'll give a free river card, you'll not extract value out of unbelieving players and that you'll reduce the amount that you can bet on the river. None of those are good situations. And if you're a player capable of bluffing all three streets? Then you stand the chance of getting well paid off.

The video below shows how Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier does it to an unbelieving Dario Minieri.

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