PokerStars Strategy: John Juanda gets owned by Bruno 'Kool Shen' Lopes

The EPT TV shows have to squeeze in a lot of poker action, condensing hours of play into just 48 minutes. But that does mean that you get the pick of the bunch when it comes to big names and crazy hands. This one is particularly good because, well, how often do you see John Juanda getting played for a fool? The hand you're looking for is at 12:30 so skip to that if you're short on time, or watch the whole thing at your leisure.


Jojn Juanda

Juanda is one of the best tournament players around and sits 7th on the all-time money list with $15,113,770 in live cashes. To his credit, he takes the hand well when Lopes shows his hand. Given his record, maybe Juanda's chips are worth more than everyone else's. We'll not pass judgement on the hand, but it should certainly get your brain cells working.

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Rick Dacey
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