PokerStars Strategy: Learn with Lodden

Does anyone know what Johnny Lodden thinks? No, probably not but it doesn't stop plenty of players having a go at guessing what's going on in his head. The game even has an officiated mention on Wikipedia (see, 'Lodden thinks'). If you watch this first session of Johnny playing the Sunday Warm-Up you'll get to find out several things that he thinks.

1) That he's happy getting it all-in on his first hand.

2) That he likes to sound little melodies while he's trying to work out playback software.

3) That he's never going to fold a big draw.

4) That he really, really doesn't like people squeezing all-in when he's got a medium pocket pair.

It is slow-going at times as Johnny tries to click through the action but there's still some eye-opening parts to see. Click the video below to watch Johnny in action.

So, you think you're gonna squeeze me, ya...

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Strategy