PokerStars Strategy: Phil Ivey shows how small mistakes can blow up

Let's face it, the likes of Phil Ivey are a breed apart. They've won millions, have mastered stares that can turn marines into blubbing bundles of nerves, and approach poker in a way that's not easy to break down. It's all circles within circles upon levels within circles. In other words, when they play at the poker table, particularly against other online wizards, how can anyone actually break down their play?


You gonna try to analyse MY play?

Now that we've dispensed with that disclaimer: let's break down Ivey's play... Okay, let's not, but let's take one big lesson from big Phil in this PCA 2013 $100,000 Super High Roller clash. Any and every mistake can snowball out of control.

"So stupid, I am," said Ivey, which are not words that you're going to hear often from Ivey.

Was the mistake defending loose? Was it check-raising the turn? Was it getting out of bed that morning? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself. Just don't think you're right about it until Phil tells you, but know that Phil will never tell you. Circles within circles within circles...

Ivey bust out just six places before the $228,960 payout, while David 'doc' Sands went on to finish runner-up to Scott Seiver for $1,259,320 (and you can read about here).

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Rick Dacey
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