To slowplay or not to slowplay?

Flopping the nuts is great; however, a lot of players really struggle with getting the most value out of the hand. Questions arise as to whether it's better to smooth-call an opponent's raise or should we re-raise instead?

In this new edition of Poker Bites at PokerSchoolOnline we hear the thoughts of Ike Haxton, Felix Schneiders and Tyler Frost from Team Online on a hand played recently by Tyler in a 200NL full ring cash game.


He's dealt a marginal hand holding King, Jack of hearts so let's see how the hand plays out.

So, Tyler hit the Royal Flush, we don't see that every day! However, the most important aspect we need to learn from this hand is whether or not we got the most value from it? Would you have played it differently? It certainly leaves us with a lot to chew on.

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