ZOOM strategy with Randy "nanonoko" Lew

If you want to do something special or unusual and achieve an ambitious goal that really sets you on fire when you think about it, you have to be prepared to change. Otherwise just look back at the last five years of your life and... well, expect more of the same.

Here at PokerSchoolOnline many of us share an idea, a wish, and a dream to be a consistent, long-term profitable poker player. And not just pocket-change profitable. I'm talking living-the-dream profitable. It's easy to entertain this wish, this pleasant idea, this daydream and keep it tumbling around fruitlessly in our heads. But to actually turn, what is for many just a fantasy, into a paying-the-bills reality requires mental effort and the will-power to change. To change our viewpoint, change our comfortable habits, change our thinking, and change our actions.

And those actions are physically insignificant in online poker - clicking a mouse or tapping a screen doesn't take a lot of effort. But the long-term financial implications of those hundreds and thousands of insignificant little clicks and presses are truly life-altering. If we get it right. If.


So what if... what if a young guy still in his twenties who has made millions from, and holds a world record in, online poker could walk us and talk us through his thinking processes as he plays actual hands? And what if those hands were from what I think is the fastest and most engaging form of poker, ZOOM?

How would you play those hands? How does he play them? Why does he play them that way? Can you get into his mind? Can his mind get into yours? When you next play will you do things differently? There's one way to find out.

The man I'm talking about is Randy 'nanonoko' Lew. He has done it and is doing it. And at small stakes, too. He has a mind and a way to convert thoughts into clicks of a mouse or taps on a screen. So do you. Challenge yourself to change so that you begin to think like a successful pro.

Here's a link to Randy's First Video in this new weekly series, only at PokerSchoolOnline or you can watch it here.

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