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jdtjpoker follows WCOOP win with Super Tuesday title (10/4/11)

Super Tuesday logo.pngThere were 352 entrants for this week's $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em event, which meant a jump of two dozen players over last week's Super Tuesday total. That made for a total prize pool of $352,000, again more than twice the event's $150K guarantee. The top 45 finishers made the cash, with $68,112 reserved for the player ending with all the chips.

Four representatives of Team PokerStars participated this week, three of whom failed to cash. Alexis "J0hnny_Dr@m@" Zervos, challenger to Team PokerStars Greece, went out in 218th. Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth of Team PokerStars UK & Ireland went bust in 202nd. And Johnny Lodden -- who also participated in the EPT London High Roller event on Tuesday -- went out in 127th.

That left just Max Lykov of Team PokerStars Russia to represent the home team, and Lykov was still hanging around with a below-average stack when the bubble finally burst a little over five hours into the tournament.

With 45 left, Andre_Hansen led the way with over 106,000, Joseel2008 was next with about 98,000, and mad.afurble third with a little more than 96,000.

Lykov would hold on a while longer before finally succumbing in 30th place, good for a $2,288 return on his investment. In his final hand, the Russian reraised all in with A♠K♥ after an open by jdtjpoker and the latter called with 4♦4♠. The small pair held, and Lykov was out.


Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov

At the six-and-a-half-hour mark just 18 players remained, with mad.afurable on top with about 219,000, Andre_Hansen next with almost 181,000, and grekos1981 with a little over 144,000.

Almost an hour later they were down to 10, with jdtjpoker in first with over 360,000, followed by none other than Shaun Deeb with about 320,000. tunnny2 sat in third with 252,000.

Deeb would soon lose a chunk of that stack, however, to pod2000, in a hand in which the pair went back and forth through the turn as the board came 2♥K♣T♠J♣, with pod2000 shoving at the sight of the jack and Deeb calling.

pod2000 had A♦A♣, but Deeb had a set of deuces with 2♦2♠. Then the river brought the Q♣, giving pod2000 a Broadway straight and knocking Deeb back under 150,000.

Deeb got some back right away, however, after experiencing some good fortune of his own to eliminate NigDawG in 10th. NigDawG had shoved his 15-big blind stack with K♥K♦ and Deeb called with J♠J♣. A jack flopped, NigDawG couldn't catch up, and he was out with a $5,280 payday.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: 777GADO777 -- 93,648
Seat 2: shaundeeb -- 166,776
Seat 3: Sir_winalot9 -- 132,832
Seat 4: grekos1981 -- 132,354
Seat 5: jdtjpoker -- 348,617
Seat 6: AELISTAS1987 -- 162,736
Seat 7: oaktree50 -- 81,544
Seat 8: pod2000 -- 397,849
Seat 9: tunnny -- 243,644

"i shouldnt hve gottin out of jacuzzi," chatted Deeb shortly after the final table began. He soon clarified, his explanation referring to that earlier bad beat versus pod2000.

"would of won have had 500k :(," he typed.

They moved through the first orbit, with pod2000 saying he found Deeb's location on Google Earth. "can see your jaccuzy," he cracked.

Deeb was out of the water, but soon back in the fire, getting involved in a hand versus the short-stacked 777GADO777.

With the blinds 2,000/4,000, it had folded around to 777GADO777 in the small blind who raised to 8,800. Deeb rapidly reraised all in, and 777GADO777 called with the 55,548 he had left.

777GADO777 had A♦Q♣ and Deeb Q♠4♠, but the flop came A♠2♠T♠, immediately giving Deeb the spade flush. The turn was the K♣, making the 6♥ river no matter and sending 777GADO777 out in ninth.

Shortly after the blinds were still 2,000/4,000 when Sir_winalot9 limped in from the small blind and grekos1981 checked from the BB. The flop then came 2♥J♦9♥, which was enough to provoke a much greater response from the pair.

First Sir_winalot9 bet 4,600, then grekos1981 raised big to 40,000. Sir_winalot9 then reraised all in for 88,292 total. grekos1981 had Sir_winalot9 covered by about 70,000, and quickly called.

Sir_winalot9 showed K♥3♥ for a flush draw while grekos1981 turned over 9♦2♦ for two pair. That big blind special held up as the turn brought the 7♠ and river the 3♦, and Sir_winalot9 was knocked out in eighth.

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On the very next hand grekos1981 found himself in another post-flop betting war, this time with oaktree50.

oaktree50 had opened with a 4x raise to 16,000 from UTG, and grekos1981 was the only caller from the button. The flop came J♣7♦9♣, and again fireworks soon commenced. oaktree50 continued for 24,000, grekos1981 raised to 48,000, oaktree50 pushed all in for 111,744 total, and grekos1981 called.

oaktree50: Q♦Q♣
grekos1981: 9♦9♥

Another made-to-order flop for grekos1981, whose set of nines put him way ahead of his opponent. The turn was the 5♦ and river the 4♦, and quickly they were down to six players.

The remaining players' stacks were quite deep -- the average was about 75 big blinds -- and so it wasn't surprising to see the pace slow a bit following that initial final table flurry. And, in fact, it would take a little over an hour for the next elimination to occur.

By that point the blinds had climed to 3,600/7,200 (900 ante). jdtjpoker was out front with over 653,000, with grekos1981 next with about 512,000. Meanwhile pod2000 had slipped to become the short stack with just a little over 101,000, behind AELISTAS1987 also short with about 118,000.

tunnny then opened with a raise to 14,400 from early position. It folded to AELISTAS1987 in the big blind who shoved all in for 117,610 total, and tunnny called. AELISTAS1987 showed A♠J♠ while tunnnyheld A♣K♠. The board brought five small cards -- 4♣5♦7♣3♥3♣ -- and AELISTAS1987 was gone in sixth.

Just two hands later the other short stack pod2000 open-raised all in from the button for 95,430 and Shaun Deeb called from the big blind. pod2000 had A♥5♠ and was hoping for an ace against Deeb's K♦K♣. But the board came 6♠Q♥4♦5♦Q♠, and pod2000 was eliminated in fifth.

The remaining four made it to the nine-hour break, after which grekos1981 asked if the others were interested in making a deal and Deeb quickly said no. At that point jdtjpoker was still ahead with 692,162, grekos1981 next with 441,005, tunnny third with 337,546, and Deeb fourth with 289,287.

It was about 20 minutes later that Deeb was opening with a minimum-raise to 18,000 from under the gun, then grekos1981 called from one seat over. jdtjpoker then reraised to 53,420 from the small blind, forcing a fold from tunnny in the BB. Deeb paused for a few beats, then shoved all in for 384,950 total, getting a quick fold from grekos1981. jdtjpoker immediately called.

jdtjpoker: 9♥9♠
shaundeeb: 5♥5♦

The community cards came A♦K♠6♥Q♠J♥, and Deeb was done in fourth.


Shaun Deeb

The remaining trio then decided to discuss a possible deal, and eventually the tourney was paused.

As terms were discussed, jdtjpoker -- who just won Event #48 ($1,050 no-limit hold'em) in this year's WCOOP -- enjoyed a commanding lead with 1,181,070 to grekos1981's 355,490 and tunnny's 223,440. The "chip chop" numbers were proposed (leaving $3,000 for which to play), and all three agreed. Soon cards were back in the air.

It was just the second hand after play resumed that jdtjpoker opened with a min-raise to 18,000 from the small blind, then tunnny reraised all in for 203,190 from the big blind. jdtjpoker called quickly, showing Q♣Q♥ to tunnny's A♣7♥. The flop came Q♠T♦2♠, promptly delivering a set to jdtjpoker. The turn was the 4♦, which meant the A♦ was of no use to tunnny who went out in third.

Heads-up play began with jdtjpoker sitting with about a 4-to-1 chip advantage with 1,411,260 to grekos1981's 348,740.

jdtjpoker soon chipped away at his opponent's stack, and before long grekos1981 was all in with 9♠8♠ to jdtjpoker's A♠6♠. A nine flopped, though, and grekos1981 survived with a little under 300,000.

grekos1981 grabbed a little momentum with that hand and soon pushed up over 450,000. He was back down to 378,658, though, when the following hand took place.

The blinds were at 5,000/10,000, and grekos1981 started things with a raise to 20,000 from the small blind/button. jdtjpoker responded with an all-in push, and grekos1981 instantly called.

jdtjpoker had an ace with A♣8♣, but grekos1981 had a bigger one with A♥K♦. Then came the flop -- 8♦9♠4♠. Suddenly the advantage had swung over to jdtjpoker, and after the 4♥ turn grekos1981 was down to a final card. The river floated down -- the Q♣ -- and the tourney had been decided.

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Congratulations to jdtjpoker for following up that WCOOP bracelet win with a nifty Super Tuesday victory and $67K-plus cash.

Super Tuesday results for 10/4/11 (*reflects three-way deal):

1st: jdtjpoker ($67,698.18)*
2nd: grekos1981 ($46,539.16)*
3rd: tunnny ($43,634.66)*
4th: shaundeeb ($29,040)
5th: pod2000 ($20,064)
6th: AELISTAS1987 ($15,488)
7th: oaktree50 ($11,968)
8th: Sir_winalot9 ($8,448)
9th: 777GADO777 ($6,160)

That's the news from the biggest tourney of the week online. For the biggest live event currently ongoing, be sure check the PokerStars blog for results from EPT London, for which both the Main Event and High Roller tourneys are starting to wind down.

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