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kabutze, Believer82 slice up field, chop 2/22/11 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.png "Time for the $1000 Super Tuesday on @PokerStars!" tweeted Andrew "foucault82" Brokos as the first hands of this week's event were dealt. "John Duhamel at my table," he added. "Now I can add him to the list of world champions I've played with."

Indeed, sitting across the virtual felt from Brokos -- one of the newest members of Team PokerStars Online -- was the reigning WSOP Main Event champion. Duhamel, readying for his appearance on PokerStars Big Game, was doing some tweeting his own. "Playing the 1k Super Tuesday on @PokerStars and other tourneys," reported the Canadian. "Getting my game sharp for tomorrow's filming!!"

A number of others joined those two for the Super Tuesday, with the total field reaching 377 players by the time late registration closed. That made the prize pool a cool $377,000 -- besting the $300K guarantee -- with the top 45 finishers due to split the rewards. And for the player finishing with all the chips, he or she was scheduled to earn $72,949.50 of that, barring any final table deals.

After an hour of play Brokos had vaulted into the top five in chips, while his tablemate Duhamel saw his chip stack slowly head in the opposite direction. Finally, near the end of the third hour, Duhamel was bounced by Keven "Stammdogg" Stammen.


Andrew "foucault82" Brokos, Team PokerStars Online

About an hour after that just 100 players remained, with only Brokos and Angel Guillen of Team PokerStars Mexico left to represent the home squad. At that point gray31 led the way, followed by Shankar825 and lilholdem954. Meanwhile, Brokos sat just inside the top 20, and Guillen further back with a slightly below-average stack.

Guillen would last about a half-hour longer before finally committing the last of his chips with A♠J♣ and hoping to outrun Nakkehai's pocket fours. But no ace or jack flopped, and a four on the turn meant Guillen was out shy of the cash in 56th place.

The tourney had just crossed the five-hour mark when they reached the money. At that point with 45 players left, UhhMee had moved in front, followed by huge.fishh and Jeremiah "Believer82" Vinsant. Brokos was still up there, too, in sixth place.

The field continued to shrink. Among those cashing as it did were Ketan "kbp33" Pandya -- who chopped the Super Tuesday just two weeks ago (with a$$ou) -- out this week in 39th (for $2,262), Danny "TH__D__RY" Ryan eliminated in 29th ($2,450.50) and Ozenc "ozenc" Demir knocked out in 24th ($2,827.50).

With 18 players left, lone remaining PokerStars team member Brokos had slipped to a below-average stack, but enjoyed a timely triple up following a big three-way all-in hand versus UhhMee and huge.fishh. Brokos had A♣A♥, UhhMee Q♠Q♦, and huge.fishh J♣J♦. The 9♥J♥Q♥ flop gave both of Brokos's opponents sets, but the K♥ on the turn gave him the flush, and a safe river card catapulted him over 200,000 and into second place behind Shankar825.

Brokos maintained that big stack for a while, but as the tourney approached the seven-hour mark a big hand arose between him and elitelive which would ultimately help ensure he'd fall short of the final table.

A series of raises before the flop saw all of elitelive's chips go into the middle and most of Brokos's, and when the cards were revealed elitelive had the advantage with K♥K♣ to foucault82's Q♥Q♦. The kings held, and three hands later AK87 knocked out Brokos in 15th place ($4,712.50).

Over the next 40 minutes Brokos was followed to the rail by Nick "gbmantis" Niergarth (14th) and UhhMee (13th), both of whom also earned $4,712.50, and Gugs990 (12th), F_H_E_S (11th), and AK87 (10th) who each took away $5,655. After seven hours and 40 minutes of action, the final table was set:


Seat 1: elitelive -- 477,514
Seat 2: Believer82 -- 96,712
Seat 3: WhatIsICM -- 131,034
Seat 4: edoiler -- 43,986
Seat 5: hitthehole -- 141,836
Seat 6: turataika -- 174,061
Seat 7: Jymaster11 -- 133,081
Seat 8: Shankar825 -- 436,417
Seat 9: kabutze -- 250,359

It would take about 10 minutes for the first elimination of the final table to come. With the blinds at 2,000/4,000 (ante 500), elitelive opened with a raise to 8,888 from under the gun, then the table folded around to turataika who called from the cutoff. Jymaster11 then reraised all in for 69,301 from the button, prompting Shankar825 to reraise over the top from the small blind for 134,232. Then kabutze shoved all in, too, from the big blind for 216,859.

Both elitelive and turataika quickly got out, but Shankar825 -- who had about 380,000 behind -- wasn't so quick to act. Finally Shankar825 made the call, showing A♣Q♦ to kabutze's K♦K♠ and Jymaster11's 7♠7♦. Five cards later -- 4♦2♣T♦8♠4♥ -- kabutze's kings had remained best, sending Jymaster11 railward in ninth place.

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They reached the eight-hour break with kabutze now the chip leader with eight players left. "Wanna deal?" cracked WhatisICM, at the time sitting in next-to-last place. "I take 1st, you chop the rest."

Hey, it was worth a shot.

The break over, it wasn't long before edoiler was open-shoving a stack of 48,384 from UTG and getting one caller in elitelive on the button. edoiler showed 2♠2♣, elitelive Q♠Q♦, and when the board came 5♠9♦A♦4♥T♣, edoiler was out in eighth.

The remaining seven battled into Level 31, where the blinds were 3,200/6,400, at which point elitelive opened with a raise to 13,900 from early position, then WhatIsICM reraised all in from a couple of seats over for 195,608 total. It folded back to elitelive who snap-called, showing A♥K♥ to WhatIsICM's A♦Q♣. The community cards came 5♠8♠T♥3♣7♥, and WhatIsICM was out in seventh.

On the very next hand, it folded around to turataika on the button who raised to 12,800. Shankar825 folded in the small blind, then kabutze made it 32,250 from the BB. turataika responded by pushing all in for 225,163 total, and kabutze called, revealing A♣Q♦, ahead of turataika's A♠T♦. The A♦7♦7♣ flop hit both, but turataika still needed help to survive. Neither the 3♠ turn or 5♦ river brought it, though, and turataika was gone in sixth.

With five left elitelive, kabutze, and hitthehole were all sitting between 400,000 and 475,000, while Shankar825 and Jeremiah "Believer82" Vinsant were both back at around 260,000 each. They'd moved to the next level (blinds 3,600/7,200), when hitthehole opened for 15,840 from UTG. kabutze pushed it up to 38,775 from the button, the blinds skedaddled, and hitthehole reshoved all in for 360,088. kabutze quickly called.

hitthehole showed 8♣8♠ and was in dire straits versus kabutze's Q♦Q♥. The board came 5♥T♠J♥6♣J♣, and hitthehole hit the rail in fifth place.

As they crossed nine hours of poker and the blinds reached 4,000/8,000, kabutze and Believer82 began to open up some distance between themselves and Shankar825 and elitelive. Then came a hand in which the two short stacks went to battle, with Shankar825 opening for 17,600 from the button and elitelive calling from the big blind.

The flop came T♠J♦7♦. elitelive checked, and Shankar825 bet 21,600, a little over half the pot. elitelive responded by shoving all in for 164,857 and Shankar825 -- with only a few chips more -- made the call. elitelive had gotten sneaky with A♥A♠, but had run into a worst-case scenario as Shankar825 had 9♥8♥ for a flopped straight. A deuce on the turn meant elitelive was no longer drawing live, and they were down to three.

Soon after that hand Shankar825 was opening with a raise once more, this time from the small blind to 20,000, and kabutze reraised to 51,550 from the big blind. Shankar825 reshoved all in for 371,404 and kabutze made the call. Shankar825 showed A♣9♦ and was looking for a nine or some other means to catch up to kabutze's A♠Q♥. But the board came K♠2♣5♣K♦K♥, and Shankar825 was out in third.

When heads-up play began, kabutze held about a 2-to-1 chip lead with 1,219,733 to Believer82's 665,267. The pair immediately began to discuss making a deal, and despite kabutze's significant advantage, both players were willing to chop the remaining prize money evenly. When the tourney was eventually paused the pair ended up deciding to do just that, leaving an extra $1,000 aside for the winner, and play resumed.

With close to nine-and-a-half hours of poker behind them, the pair took just two more hands to settle things once and for all. In the final hand, Believer82 raised to 17,555 from the button, and kabutze called. The flop came 3♦Q♠K♠. kabutze checked, then called Believer82's bet of 19,555. The turn was the A♥, and again kabutze check-called Believer82's bet, this time 39,000.

The river brought the 4♥ and kabutze checked once more. This time Believer82 fired 100,000, and kabutze responded by reraising all in. Believer82 called, showing K♣Q♣ for two pair, but kabutze's J♣T♥ made a Broadway straight, thereby earning him that last grand.

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Congratulations to kabutze and Believer82 for chopping the Super Tuesday!

Super Tuesday results for 2/22/11 (*reflects two-way deal):

1st: kabutze ($64,307.25)*
2nd: Believer82 ($63,307.25)*
3rd: Shankar825 ($41,470)
4th: elitelive ($31,102.50)
5th: hitthehole ($21,489)
6th: turataika ($16,588)
7th: WhatIsICM ($12,818)
8th: edoiler ($9,048)
9th: Jymaster11 ($6,597.50)

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