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mtvdeuem doin' it to 'em, earns $49K for 6/14/11 Super Tuesday win

Super Tuesday logo.pngSummer is approaching fast. Days are getting longer. Temps are going up. And the action at the virtual tables continues to stay hot as well, with another strong showing for this week's Super Tuesday.

The weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament attracted 265 entrants tonight, which meant the $150K guarantee was once again easily met. The top 36 finishers would divide the $265,000 prize pool, with the largest prize -- $54,192.50 -- due the one who could withstand whatever heat was generated by the other 264.

At the three-hour break registration finally closed, at which point 120 players remained. fly44 led the way with a little over 40,000, followed by a couple of other familiar names, a$$ou with nearly 32,000 and danskemann with about 26,000.

Among the representatives of Team PokerStars who entered, Team Pro Juan Maceiras had already exited in 162nd place, but three others were still with chips. Alexis "J0hnny_Dr@m@" Zervos, a challenger for Team PokerStars Greece, was there in 16th. Team PokerStars Pro Jude j.thaddeus" Ainsworth was in 64th. And Team PokerStars Online member Anders "Donald" Berg was right behind Ainsworth in 65th place.

However, both Ainsworth and Berg would depart during the next hour. Ainsworth became short, then ran A♥T♦ into chip leader's A♠K♥ to go out in 67th. Then Berg found himself committing his entire stack of 22 big blinds before the flop with 9♣9♦ against mtvdeuem's A♥Q♠. Both a queen and an ace arrived among the community cards for mtvdeuem, sending "Donald" out in 60th.

An hour after that they'd reached the five-hour break and were down to 39, just three shy of the cash. By then touchmynuts1 had moved in front with a little over 93,000, followed by Pappadegar (84,428) and limbolambon (83,408). Meanwhile, Zervos had chipped his way up into the top 10 and was sitting in eighth.

About a half-hour later the bubble burst, and soon the eliminations came in rapid order. The first nine to cash each earned $1,987.50: TopKat5757 (36th), Vekked (35th), treezer (34th), seba_lobo (33rd), platon33 (32nd), jalman69 (31st), ante_geia_AA (30th), Aduobe4 (29th), Gala_Terry (28th). Soon after two more hit the rail -- Halfrek (27th) and Vinkky (26th) -- each picking up $2,252.50.

That's when the run of "J0hnny_Dr@m@" came to an end. With the blinds 800/1,600, Pappadegar raised to 4,000 from late position, then Zervos pushed all in for his last 23,645 from the small blind. The big blind folded, and Pappadegar called, showing K♦J♠ to Zervos' A♠7♥. The flop came 2♣K♣6♣, pairing Pappadegar, and after the 7♠ turn and Q♠ river, Zervos was out in 25th, also good for $2,252.50.


Team PokerStars Challenger Alexis "J0hnnyDr@m@" Zervos

By the time they crossed the six-hour mark, six more had been eliminated, all also falling into the $2,252.50 payout range: Paffchen (24th), Bitoks (23rd), Iloveyz (22nd), krisss1 (21st), fly44 (20th), and EYEHAWK007 (19th).

Over the next hour the field was cut in half from 18 to the final nine, with dean23price pushing way out in front along the way.

A key hand during that sequence was one in which the numerically-named 26071985 had put in a raise from late position, dean23price shoved all in from the big blind with 2♠2♣, and 26071985 called with T♠T♣. A deuce appeared on the turn, spelling doom for 26071985 and winning dean23price the 137,000-plus chip pot.

The last nine to go before the final table were mcleod88 (18th, $2,915), icebeerkim (17th, $2,915), kroko 2008 (16th, $2,915), 26071985 (15th, $3,577.50), bally29 (14th, $3,577.50), LennanAlm (13th, $3,577.50), Puropoker123 (12th, $4,240), Respect82 (11th, $4,240), and limbolambon (10th, $4,240).

After six hours and 45 minutes of poker, the final table was set.


Seat 1: danskemann -- 73,774
Seat 2: Pappadegar -- 67,357
Seat 3: VENUSIGNA -- 138,215
Seat 4: DonQuicho416 -- 35,161
Seat 5: touchmynuts1 -- 243,671
Seat 6: busto_soon -- 241,489
Seat 7: mtvdeuem -- 115,874
Seat 8: vansi98 -- 58,470
Seat 9: dean23price -- 350,989

In one of the first hands of the final table, there was nearly an elimination when danskemann was all in before the flop with pocket eights against leader dean23price's A♥K♣. An ace flopped, but an eight came on the turn to save danskemann.

Commentary afterwards offered an interpretation of the hand's significance:

DonQuicho416: nh
danskemann: tnx
mtvdeuem: its gonna be a loooooooong game
mtvdeuem: :)
busto_soon: long game?
vansi98: yes
vansi98: very very long lol

Following the seven-hour break, three more players soon survived preflop all-ins -- vansi98, Pappadegar, and DonQuicho416 -- as if to confirm the prediction that this final table was going to take awhile.

Then came a hand in which touchmynuts1 opened with a 2x raise to 6,400 from middle position, mtvdeuem called from the cutoff, then danskemann shoved his stack of 81,356 from the big blind. touchmynuts1 reraised enough to put mtvdeuem all in, and the latter stepped aside, typing "sick" and "JJ."

Then came the flop -- J♦6♠6♣ -- prompting mtvdeuem to type "OMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOMG" as he watched touchmynuts1's 7♦7♣ eventually hold up against danskemann's A♥K♥. Take a look:

RSS readers click through to see replay

danskemann had finished in ninth, and mtvdeuem was left to wonder what might have been.

Table chat about the hand was still ongoing when five hands later vansi98 opened with a raise to 6,555 from UTG, then it folded around to mtvdeuem who reraised all in for 116,452 from the big blind. vansi98 called with his remaining stack -- just 7,000 or so less than mtvdeuem's -- and tabled the hand mtvdeuem had previously folded, J♣J♦. Meanwhile mtvdeuem had A♠K♠.

The board came 3♦5♠9♥4♣... 2♣! mtvdeuem had made a runner-runner wheel, eliminating vansi98 in eighth.

Soon the blinds were 1,800/3,600 when a short-stacked busto_soon raised from early position to 32,400, leaving himself just over 6,000 behind. It folded to VENUSIGNA who reraised to 61,200, prompting a fold from DonQuicho416, and busto_soon called. VENUSIGNA showed A♣Q♥, meaning busto_soon would need help with his K♥Q♦. However, the board came T♦4♠J♣6♠J♥, and busto_soon was knocked out in seventh.

They had approached the eight-hour mark with the blinds moving up to 2,400/4,800 when mtvdeuem limped in from middle position. dean23price, sitting to mtvdeuem's left, had slipped to 127,877 when he pushed all in, causing everyone else to fold. mtvdeuem quickly called, showing A♦T♠ to dean23price's 3♠3♣. The flop came 9♥Q♣K♠ and dean23price's pair was still best. The 4♠ on the turn was okay for dean23price, too. But the J♠ fell on the river, giving mtvdeuem Broadway and sending dean23price out in sixth.

With five left, DonQuicho416 held the lead with nearly 370,000, with mtvdeuem next with just under 330,000. VENUSIGNA was in third with almost 300,000, touchmynuts1 fourth with about 229,000, Pappadegar was last with a little less than 100,000.

Discussion of a deal arose, and after VENUSIGNA was given a little extra encouragement all five agreed to take a look at the numbers. The tourney was paused, but after 15 minutes of discussion the five were unable to agree over whether or not they wanted to consider "chip chop" numbers, and so play continued.

Soon mtvdeuem was minimum-raising from UTG to 9,600, then Pappadegar, next to act, shoved all in for 108,476. It folded back to mtvdeuem who quickly called, turning over A♦Q♠. Pappadegar showed K♥Q♣. The community cards came 8♦6♦4♦J♥2♦, giving mtvdeuem a flush and sending Pappadegar to the rail in fifth.

About a half-hour later, mtvdeuem had pushed out to a sizable lead with more than 715,000, with touchmynuts1 the nearest challenger with about 343,000, and VENUSIGNA and DonQuicho416 both below 150,000.

The blinds had moved up to 3,200/6,400 (Level 31) when mtvdeuem opened with a raise to 12,800 from the button. VENUSIGNA called from the small blind, and Don Quicho416 folded the BB. The flop came 4♥J♦K♥ and VENUSIGNA checked. mtvdeuem bet 12,800, then VENUSIGNA took a few moments before raising to 38,400. mtvdeuem instantly reraised all in, and VENUSIGNA paused just a beat before calling.

VENUSIGNA had K♦Q♥ for top pair of kings while mtvdeuem had the nut flush draw with A♥8♥. The 2♥ landed on the turn, giving mtvdeuem the flush and making the 3♥ on the river inconsequential.

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Just three remained. Short stack DonQuicho416 soon survived an all in with A♦K♥ versus leader mtvdeuem's pocket fives by making a straight on the river. "we all see it coming right," typed mtvdeuem afterwards, who still enjoyed a huge lead with more than 950,000 chips, with touchmynuts1 next with 283,503 and DonQuicho416 last with 134,252.

DonQuicho416 would soon lose most of that small stack, though, then was open-pushing the 26,607 he had left from the button. touchmynuts1 reraised all in from the small blind, forcing out mtvdeuem. touchmynuts1 had J♣J♥ and Don Quicho416 A♥7♦. The board came 3♥2♣4♠Q♠7♠, and touchmynuts1's jacks had held, knocking out DonQuicho416 in third.

Heads-up play began with mtvdeuem way out in front with 1,063,090 to touchmynuts1's 261,910. touchmynuts1 immediately asked about making a deal, but mtvdeuem said no. touchmynuts1 then closed the gap a bit and asked again, and after a bit more conversation the pair agreed to sit out and await a moderator to facilitate the discussion.

At that point mtvdeuem had 832,680 and touchmynuts1 492,320. Although deals were supposed to set aside at least $3,000 for which to play, that wasn't done here, with the pair agreeing to mtvdeuem getting $49,000 and touchmynuts1 $44,942.50.

The remaining prize money having been fully awarded, the pair agreed to go all in blind on the next hand. mtvdeuem had 9♠9♣ and touchmynuts1 K♠9♥, the board came T♦A♠2♠5♠6♣, and after almost exactly nine hours of play, mtvdeuem had all of the chips.

RSS readers click through to see replay

As mtvdeuem had predicted, the final table did take a while -- about two hours and 15 minutes, all told. But the wait was surely worth it to him.

Congratulations to mtvdeuem for winning this week's Super Tuesday, and to touchmynuts1 also for making it to a heads-up chop!

Super Tuesday Results for 6/14/11 (*reflects two-way deal):

1st: mtvdeuem ($49,000)*
2nd: touchmynuts1 ($44,942.50)*
3rd: DonQuicho416 ($29,945)
4th: VENUSIGNA ($22,525)
5th: Pappadegar ($15,370)
6th: dean23price ($11,925)
7th: busto_soon ($9,275)
8th: vansi98 ($6,625)
9th: danskemann ($5,035)

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