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Success for sukin12 in 5/17/11 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngThis week's Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament, drew a sizable field of 166 despite the still-going Spring Championship of Online Poker competing for players' attentions and/or bankrolls. That made for a $166,000 prize pool, exceeding the tourney's $150K guarantee. The top 27 finishers would get paid, with $35,690 due the one managing to collect all 830,000 chips.

No members of Team PokerStars came out for this one, many of whom were otherwise occupied in various SCOOP events.

After three hours just 64 players remained. At that point a couple of names we've grown familiar with at the top of SCOOP leaderboards over the last 10 days -- sukin12 and schNITzzel -- sat at the top of the counts, flollowed by Gala_Terry, schott96dl, and youaremelon.

By the four-and-a-half-hour mark the field had been trimmed to 28, one spot from the money. Aleseed was the unfortunate player to exit next, meaning the last 27 had made the cash.

Over the next 40 minutes, nine more players hit the rail, all earning $1,660 for their efforts: mace_piri (27th), lb6121 (26th), I'am_Sound (25th), PKaiser (24th), softcored (23rd), loooser17 (22nd), AELISTAS1987 (21st), bar-bar9999 (20th), and armenioz (19th).

It would take about a half-hour more for the final nine to be determined. For the next nine to go, RHITMAN07 (18th), Achiles12 (17th), and mrvogt (16th) earned $2,075; turataika (15th), Fred_Brink (14th), and youaremelon (13th) took home $2,490; and Shady Nick (12th), johnjoel1 (11th), and villepn (10th) -- winner of SCOOP Event #14-High ($5,200) just a few days ago -- each made $2,905.

The final nine was set.


Seat 1: 1BigAceHole -- 104,509
Seat 2: Gala_Terry -- 14,176
Seat 3: Sphinx87 -- 19,016
Seat 4: snake8484 -- 25,572
Seat 5: rivermanl -- 73,292
Seat 6: Godfatti -- 144,066
Seat 7: sukin12 -- 265,311
Seat 8: gregior -- 94,062
Seat 9: ADZ124 -- 89,996

After a little more than one orbit, the blinds were 900/1,800 when it folded around to Sphinx87 on the button who open-raised all in for 13,091, then snake8484 reraised all in from the small blind. rivermanl stepped aside, snake8484 showed A♥Q♣, and Sphinx87 A♠3♠. The five community cards came 3♣2♣T♦K♥J♠, and Sphinx87 was out in ninth.

Play continued for another 35 minutes, and the remaining eight had reached Level 24 (1,200/2,400) when sukin12 made a minimum-raise from the cutoff to 4,800. It folded to 1BigAceHole who shoved all in for 39,352 from the big blind, and sukin12 called. 1BigAceHole had A♥9♣ and was hoping his hand would hold versus sukin12's K♣5♣. But the flop came an unfortunate (for 1BigAceHole) K♠5♦Q♣, giving sukin12 two pair, and after the 4♣ fell no river could save 1BigAceHole, out in eighth.

On the very next hand, rivermanl made a raise to 4,800 from middle position, then ADZ124 raised to 10,595 from the button. It folded back to rivermanl who jammed for 47,566 total and ADZ124 quickly called. rivermanl had A♣Q♠ and ADZ124 J♦J♥. The five community cards came T♠7♣T♣9♠3♥, meaning ADZ124's hand was best and rivermanl was out in seventh.

A little later the blinds had moved up to 1,600/3,200 when Gala_Terry open-pushed from early position for 43,240 and got a caller in gregior from the big blind. gregior showed J♥J♦, Gala_Terry A♥9♦, and the board brought all low cards -- 4♥5♣7♠4♦6♦ -- sending Gala_Terry out in sixth.

The remaining five went to the seven-hour break. At that point, sukin12 was well out in front with 390,488, with ADZ124 the closest challenger with 145,522, followed by Godfatti (138,100), gregior (115,793), and snake8484 (40,097).

A few minutes after the players returned, a huge three-way, preflop all-in situation erupted involving chip leader sukin12, Godfatti, and snake8484. The hand began with the action folding to the short stack snake8484 on the button who shoved for 26,497. Godfatti called the raise from the small blind, then sukin12 reraised all in over the top, with Godfatti calling with the 141,290 he had left.

Cards on their backs...

Godfatti A♦Q♣
sukin12 T♠T♦
snake8484 Q♥7♣

The flop came J♠T♥7♦, giving sukin12 a set, Godfatti hopes to full a gutshot straight, and snake8484 just a lowly pair of sevens to ponder. The turn and river brought a couple of deuces, giving sukin12 a full house and eliminating snake8484 in fifth and Godfatti in fourth.


That hand pushed sukin12 up over 581,000 chips. However, soon ADZ124 doubled through the leader after catching a jack with A♥J♠ to best sukin12's T♥T♠, closing the gap a bit.

Shortly thereafter sukin12 opened with a minimum-raise to 7,200 from the button, then gregior pushed all in for 88,861 from the small blind. ADZ124 folded, and sukin12 called, tabling A♠T♣ to gregior's Q♦J♦. The flop came 6♠Q♠J♣, giving gregior two pair. The turn was the A♥, pairing sukin12. The river then brought the K♠, giving sukin12 a straight and sending gregior out in third.

sukin12 began heads-up play with 594,182, well ahead of ADZ124's 235,818. Excitement arose early when the pair got it all in following a flop of 7♦6♣A♣, but both held and two cards later were splitting the pot. Then sukin12 began whittling away at ADZ124's stack, pushing his opponent down to just 80,926 when the final hand took place.

sukin12 started with a minimum-raise to 8,000 from the button, ADZ124 shoved, and sukin12 called. sukin12 held A♠9♦, but ADZ124 had two live cards with J♠7♦. ADZ124 picked up more outs after the 8♥4♣T♦ flop. But the turn was the A♦ and the river the Q♦, and sukin12 had won.


Congratulations to sukin12, this week's Super Tuesday champion!

Super Tuesday Results for 5/17/11:

1st: sukin12 ($35,690)
2nd: ADZ124 ($25,730)
3rd: gregior ($19,505)
4th: Godfatti ($14,525)
5th: snake8484 ($9,960)
6th: Gala_Terry ($8,300)
7th: rivermanl ($6,640)
8th: 1BigAceHole ($4,980)
9th: Sphinx87 ($3,320)

Most weeks we're talking about Sundays and Tuesdays being the special days for tourney players. But during the Spring Championship of Online Poker, every day is special.

There's still a little less than a week to go in this year's series. Check out the SCOOP page for details!

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