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4/3/12 Super Tuesday: Wizowizo casts spell on final table, wins $73,027

Super Tuesday logo.pngTime once again for another rousing edition of the PokerStars Super Tuesday. Tonight's tilt featured a field of 495 runners generating a prize pool of $495,000 split among the final 63 players. When four players remained, they arranged a deal to carve up most of the remaining money. In the end, it was wizowizo earning the glory, along with just over $73,000.

Team PokerStars and notable cashers

Plenty members of Team PokerStars made their $1,050 contribution for tonight's Super Tuesday, but bragging rights would go to two members of Team PokerStars Online who made the money. George "Jorj95" Lind III (below) and Javier "El_Cañonero" Dominguez
made it into the top 63, but both players settled for a min-cash of $2,178. Their performance was better than Ana Marquez, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Toni Judet, Pius Heinz, Liv Boeree, Jude "J.thaddeus" Ainsworth, Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder as they went busto in early action.


Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad "earned" the honour of being bubble girl, finishing 64th. Players who collected some cash included Luke "LukeFromB13" Staudenmaier (13th), Aaron Been (22nd), Thiago "XTheDecanoX" Nishijima (29th), Mike "Gags30" Gagliano (42nd) and Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen (62nd).

Final table bubble

The average stack was over 60 big blinds, but the shortest stack of the ten players remaining held less than six as hand-for-hand play commenced. The blinds were at 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante as claudioney18 moved all in from the button for their remaining 22,000 chips with Q♠T♥. In the big blind, nenita02 found A♥2♣ worthy of a call. The board ran out K♦8♦6♥2♦4♠ to bring the field to one table. Here's how the stacks were situated:

4-3-12 Super Tuesday final table.JPG

Seat 1: gernas10 (391,991 in chips)
Seat 2: Joep "Pappe_Ruk" Van Den Bijgaart (119,500 in chips)
Seat 3: David "dave798111" Allan (175,987 in chips)
Seat 4: wizowizo (181,321 in chips)
Seat 5: Julian Herold (322,954 in chips)
Seat 6: arsen013 (289,090 in chips)
Seat 7: Adam "squee451" Sherman (444,819 in chips)
Seat 8: Alemao1973 (201,918 in chips)
Seat 9: nenita02 (347,420 in chips)

No magic for dave79811 (9th - $8,217.00)

Less than two months ago, David "dave79811" Allan claimed a Super Tuesday title, but knew he'd have his work cut out for him if he wanted another victory. However, their stay at this week's Super Tuesday lasted all of two hands. The hand started with gernas10 min-raising to 8,000 as Allan re-raised to 18,548 with A♣K♣. Julian Herold four-bet to 43,250 with Q♥Q♣. Gernas10 got out of the way but Allen shipped their stack into the middle as Herold called. This time the coinflip sided with the player in front as no help arrived on the J♠T♠7♠2♦5♦.

Alemao1973 turned out (8th - $11,137.50)

Less than ten hands later the final table field dropped to seven with the elimination of Brazil's Alemao1973. Gernas10 attempted to get involved in the first knockout, but this time it was a turn card that moved them from way behind to way ahead:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Arsen013 out of ammunition (7th - $16,087.50)

After two quick eliminations, play settled down as the next player sent to the rail wouldn't happen for over 40 minutes. Once again, gernas10 would take the lead on the turn to dispatch a player. The blinds were up to 3,200/6,400 with an ante of 800 as arsen013 shoved for just over 109,000 chips with K♥J♠. Gernas10 re-raised to isolate with A♦Q♥, as Pappe_Ruk folded, showing a king. Losing one of their outs didn't give arsen013 a good feeling on how this hand played out, but that changed when the flop came J♣T♣7♠ to take control of the hand. The turn brought the K♠ to give arsen013 two pair. Unfortunately for the Russian player, that meant gernas10 held a straight. The 6♣ on the river leaves half a dozen contending.

Squee451 squeezes gernas10, flushes Pappe_Ruk (6th - $21,037.50)

Back-to-back eliminations gave gernas10 plenty of chips, but Adam "squee451" Sherman would take a large portion of them in what turns out to be the biggest pot of the tournament, nearly 1,200,000 chips. Julian Herold led the action with a min-raise as squee451 3-bet min-raised to 25,600. From the big blind, gernas10 4-bet to 60,800, causing Herold to fold as squee451 once again made a small re-raise, this time for 112,000 total. Gernas10 shoved for nearly 880,000 chips as squee451 called. Squee451 rolled over K♥K♠ as gernas10 revealed A♣K♣. The flop came K♦4♦2♣ to give Sherman a set of kings. No help for gernas10 as the turn and river bring the 7♦6♦ as Sherman holds a commanding chip lead.

Putting the newly acquired chips into action, squee451 sent Dutch grinder Joep "Pappe_Ruk" Van Den Bijgaart to the rail several hands later. Blinds are not at 3,600/7,200 with an ante of 900 as squee451 min-raises and Bijgaart shoves from the small blind for 87,721 chips with 4♦. Squee451 called with A♥Q♥, hoping to come out on the right end of the flip. The T♥7♥3♥ flop greatly reduced those worries as squee451 held the nut flush. Bijgaart needing the 6♥ and 5♥ to win, instead it was the 9♦ 8♥, leaving five alive.

Wizowizo master of flips, makes nenita02 go nite-nite (5th - $27,225.00)

Germany's wizowizo was a strong second to squee451 at this point of the final table. Eventually, they got into the act of collecting all of a defeated foe's chips to narrow the deficit to first. Blinds are up yet again, now at 4,000/8,000 with an ante of 1,000 as nenita02 minraised with Q♠Q♦ with about 123,000 chips behind. Wizowizo held A♦J♦ and set nenito02 all in, deciding to call. Another all-in situation where the lead changed on the turn as the board runs out 8♠7♥4♦A♠ K♦, leaving four players.

Four squared away after agreeing to a deal

It was the short-stacked gernas10 who started discussion of a deal as Adam "squee451" decided to look at the numbers. A host eventually arrived, giving the players an ICM deal instead of the usual chip chop option, a new feature for PokerStars. After some discussion on playing for more than the $6,000 that would be set aside in any deal talk, it was agreed that the two short stacks give back $250, meaning the winner would pocket an additional $6,500.00. All parties agreed to that arrangement, leaving the final numbers as follows:

squee451: 1,154,495 - $73,507.02
wizowizo: 726,964 - $66,527.66
julianherold: 314,211 - $54,100.15
gernas10: 279,330 - $52,562.27

Julian Herold unceremoniously eliminated (4th - $54,100.15)

Play resumed with players enjoying their scores, each locking up better than 3rd place money, as squee451 guaranteed a cash better than 2nd place would have paid. Julian Herold fell to the bottom of the pack with just over 183,000 chips as the blinds were now at 4,500/9,000 with an ante of 1,125.

A min-raise with A♠7♠ was met by a re-raise from squee451 to 40,500. Herold shipped their remaining chips, but wasn't happy to see squee451 show A♣J♥. It didn't get better when the flop came J♠T♦9♥. The turn brought the Q♣, leaving a king for a chop or an eight for a come-from-behind double-up. The river brought the 7♦, meaning just three remain.

Wizowizo retakes lead for good, closes out gernas10 (3rd - $52,312.67)

A series of three hands would move wizowizo from third to first, an advantage they would not relinquish. The biggest hands were against squee451, played out below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Wizowizo was now running away with the lead as gernas10 held a slight lead over squee451. Blinds are now at 5,000/10,000 with a 1,250 ante as gernas10 min-raises with A♠T♥, wizowizo re-raises to 50,000 holding Q♥Q♣. Gernas10 bumps it up to 115,000 as wizowizo sets gernas10 all in, prompting a call.

The flop came K♥K♦8♦, but it was the [qd[ on the turn that ended any doubt on who was winning this hand. The 4♦ on the river made the hand complete, giving wizowizo a nearly 5-1 edge over squee451.

Squee451 squeezed (2nd - $73,507.02)

Heads-up lasted about 25 hands, but the winner was hardly in doubt. Adam "squee451" Sherman tried hard, but could only get as close the gap to about 3-1 before wizowizo widened the lead once again.

On the final hand, wizowizo possessed over 2.1m of the nearly 2.5m chips in play. Action started with Sherman min-raising to 20,000 as wizowizo 3-bet to 50,000. Sherman re-raised to just over 313,000 chips with K♦9♥ as wizowizo called with A♠T♣. Wizowizo improved on the A♦4♣2♠ flop. Sherman picked up some outs when the K♣ hit the turn, but the river was the Q♣, concluding another Super Tuesday tournament.

Wizowizo earned about $500 less than squee451, but a win is likely to satisfy missing out on a few dollars.

April 3, 2012 Super Tuesday Final Table Results:

*Payouts reflect a deal made four-handed:

*1st: wizowizo - $73,027.66
*2nd: Adam "squee451" - $73,507.02
*3rd: gernas10 - $52,312.67
*4th: Julian Herold - $53,850.15
5th: nenita02 - $27,225.00
6th: Joep "Pappe_Ruk" Van Den Bijgaart - $21,037.50
7th: arsen013 - $16,087.50
8th: Alemao1973 - $11,137.50
9th: David "dave798111" Allan - $8,217.00

The 1st anniversary of the popular Sunday Storm takes place April 15th with a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool for a buyin of just $11. Even better, if you deposit $50 you get a free ticket! Details available here.

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